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Tuesday 29 July 2014

Race For Life & Candy Winner

Hello everyone how are you all? Are we all enjoying this gorgeous weather? I am soooooo sorry I am so late with this post the weather has being so nice its been shameful not to spend time with the family.
We also took the family to Seahouses on Sunday, we all had a great day out & Natalie did nothing but giggle & laugh the whole day bless her lol.

Anyhoo's better late than never I am finally here with my Race For Life pics & of course the winner to that fantastic candy

Ok so the race was held at Newcastle Race Course & OMG I've never seen so many people, the crowd was huge & for the Race For Life event we actually had over 3400 women taking part that day was the biggest crowd they had seen. It was fantastic.
I have to admit we went to the car park & just walking from the car park.........I hadn't even gotten off it & I started to cry........seriously that was before seeing the thousands of bodies waiting to run to raise money for such a worthy cause. I was doing this for everyone who has suffered this disease & in memory of my dad, my brother & the rest of my family this disease has claimed. It came over me like a great big wave at the ocean & I suddenly felt so over-whelmed with emotion. I felt so many emotions as well, I felt proud but at the same time I felt so sad, sad for the reason we were there, the reason everyone was there, sad that the people I was also there for were not there with me in person........yes I know they would have being there inspirit, my dad especially but its so not the same. I wiped my tears & painted that smile back on my face & tbh once I saw how many people were there I suddenly felt extremly proud & let me tell you that smile was no longer painted on, the atmosphere was amazing it really was. The day started out quite dull & overcast but still very warm & humid, however about 3 quarters through the race the sun shone bright........& boy did it heat up even more lol.
I will show you some pics that my hubster & youngest son took.

This one my younest took before the race to try show the magnitude of how many were there, it shows half of them lol. Of course Metro Radio was there who were brilliant & they were there at the finish line to give every single runner a high 5 as they passed that line...........they stayed right until the last one passed that line as well. They were awesome!!
There was a speaker from Cancer Research to tell us what they are concentrating more on this year as the cure rates are extremely low, one of them was Lung cancer. During the speeches lots of people cried, yes & me yet again. There was also a minute silence in remembrance of all those that has sadly lost the fight.

Ok this one you need to read the little story I am going to tell you cause this woman is awesome.
Ok if you look at the pic above & there is a little speech bubble with Hi in it, well the remarkable lady standing there had breast cancer last year, she suffered a very hellish year & 6 months ago looked like near death. However she is now in remission & she wanted to enter Race For Life & she thought she was entering the 5k race..............only to realise a LONG time after that it was actually the 10k race she was doing. She did it though & came through that finish line with a smile on her face. I bow to her, she's awesome. The 10k race finaihed an hour before the 5k race began.
There really were som many ladies there, all shapes & sizes & ALL really was an awesome day & all my family really enjoyed it.
When the sound went off to start, I think it took nearly 10 minutes for us to even reach the start line that was just that many people there lol, but we were going to set off & do this..........
Time to give Cancer & kick up the butt!!

This is a banner hubster made the night before to hold at the finish line lol.........bless him isn't he awesome mmwah, loves you loads babe. Smeg is obviously what we call our Megan at times.

Here is Megan & myself not long before the finish line, yep feeling very hot, sweaty & knackered lol. Yes we wore bright pink tu-tu's for a bit of fun lol. 
However we had a good race, we kept up the banter, we even had a was great.
Although it was more like a cross country, it was not a track & at points due to very bad rain throughout the night it was thick with mud & very slippy. How our tu-tu's stayed pink & didnt end up very brown from us falling on our arses I dont know lol.
We had been given large foam hands at the beginning, which let me tell you made your hand sooooo damn warm lol.
This is us after the finish line with Natalie & Payton holding our foam hands lol.( Payton usually does not use a pushchair anymore but with these crowds we didnt want risk it, plus we knew it would be a long day for her.) We were given medals, thats what I am holding up, a bottle of water, a tube of Primula Cheese lol & a cakey-bready thing which I've got in my hand cus I'm desperately wanting some sugar in my body lol.
Here's our little Arjay who was just waking up, he slept through most of it bless him........think the excitement was just too much for him lol.
Here's my gorgeous Natalie with the foam hand & my eldest had re-positioned the fingers so it became a thumbs up. 
The day was great, the feeling of proudness was just awesome but what was best was when each of my family hugs me & said how proud they were. That feeling I will never forget & even now whilst typing this I have tears in my eyes remembering that day, that moment...........
Seriously peeps this really was an awesome day with fantastic people. We ended the day back at mine with a BBQ for everyone & I think it was late that evening before we packed up & called it a day.

However the next day I suffered badly & I have suffered all week & being really ill & in a lot of severe pain, thank goodness for Morphine lol. I've done 1 bit of crafting which was my Magnolia card the other day..... & I managed yesterday to do a little bit for my DT card tonight. Also I do have a card I made nearly a month ago for a GDT & didnt like it so replaced it with another one.............which I will post sometime in between DT work this week lol. I am hoping to craft tonight though as I am feeling some what better now, not 100% but I'm never that anyway lol, also I have a few bits of unfinished work for DT projects due.
However even though it made me ill for a week we are going to do it again next year. Yes I'm ill for nearly a week after but compared to what other people who suffer this disease have to go through its nothing. There is all different types of cancers & each one affects differently but I've seen the worst one & what that did & believe me I would suffer for a lot longer than a week if it meant it stopped people suffering & worst dying. Its a small sacrifice to pay...............

............ok talking about paying lets get onto the candy winner, yep long post I know lol. I thought when I first set the candy up & talked to sponsors ect that £2 was a fair amount, its so small even for those who dont have a lot of money. I certainly dont have a lot of money but £2 is a loaf of bread & I thought it was giving a loaf of bread away.............however sadly some people thought otherwise.

However there are a small amount of people who donated, who supported me & gave to one of the most worthy causes I know.............when it comes to saving peoples lives there is nothing more worthy, whether its cancer, kidney, heart..........the list goes on. I have supported & donated to I dont know how many in blogland, kidney, heart, cancer ect...........I kinda hoped it would be the same & I would raise lots of money. Thankfully though even though I didnt raise a huge amount, down to thousands of people donating & supporting others just in the north east just for the ones attending Newcastle racecourse on the 20th July we all raised over £490,000 which I think is totally amazing.

Now before I announce the winner to the amazing candy I have a few public thank yous to make.

First off all I would like to thank my amazing sponsors who donated & helped me put together this amazing candy, I know if it had been free there would have been 100's entering lol.
So a HUGE MAHOOSIVE thank you no particular order.

Thank you so so much for your kindness towards a worthy cause, from the bottom of my heart I really do 'Thank You'.

Also I would like to say a HUGE HUGE HUGE thank you to everyone that sponsored me & donated to Cancer Research, you have no idea how much it touched me, each & every donation. Each & every message, email & comment made tears come to my eyes, some made me cry as I know the pain that some of you are going through or have gone through. Tbh the pain never really goes away, you just learn to live with it, you learn to mask over it. I dont know how many times hubster has put his arms around me because I'm bubbling my eyes out because of the pain that you are or have gone through. I've also had lots of happy tears just thankful that not only have you sponsored me but you are donating to help fight one of the worlds biggest killers. So truly, deeply from the very bottom of my heart I thank you a million, billion, bjillion (something me & hubster say when we saying our loves yous, sloppy stuff lol) times, you are all pure gems & I treasure your friendship I really do.

Ok now for the winner, in one way I hate this part as there can only be one winner. If I ever win the lottery though you can expect a very big parcel to your door ;0)

Okie dokie so the winner is performed by Mr Randomorg himself is............
drum roll please as this is an amazing prize........

Well done sweetie, if you email me please & I will sort out your uber fabulous prize.

Thank you again to everyone I really wish I could send you all something as it really has meant so much to me, you have touched my heart forever mmwah.

There is still time to donate through my page if anyone would like to donate. Just click on my Give Hope badge in the sidebar.

I will be back later with a DT card & hopefully my blogging will be back to normal.........allowing for good weather as well lol. Well we all have to make the most of nice weather & family time dont we ;0)

Thank you for sticking by me lovelies, you all totally rock!!!!!!!!!!!


Rainey's Craft Room said...

Well done Vicky for running the Race for Life so lovely to see some of the pictures of your day. Each donation no matter how small will help in some way to bring an end to the suffering and you have played your part in this.
Congrats to Debra for winning the awesome candy too.

Irene said...

Thanks for this wonderful long update Vicki (you're looking great babe!)and one more time: you rock girl!!!! Congrats to the lucky winner of the yummy candy but most important is the huge amount that was raised on the 20th. It's still a long way to go but the day that the Drs can BEAT cancer is approaching and this amount will cerrtainly help a lot!!!

Hugs, Irene M

Laney said...

Well done Vicky and Megan!! My daughter and grandaughter also ran the race to which I am very proud, they are supporting my grandaughters friend who is also battling against cancer she is 14yrs old and such an inspiration as is all of her school friends if you would like to see her story you can find it here
Carrigan's Crew - Fighting for Polly its on facebook.
once again well done hun xx

Hlora said...

Oh, what a great day you shared with us!! Thanks!!

Dotty Jo said...

WELL DONE YOU! Big hugs, Jo x

Donna Mosley said...

WOW!!!!! WELL DONE Vicky & Megan, you are both amazing. I've been waiting to read about the race and what a wonderful post you have written hun. You must both be so proud of yourselves and deservedly so. Sorry to hear you've been ill afterwards Vicky, hope you get better very soon. LOVE all the photos and what a fab banner the boys had for you both. Huge hugs and well done again. Congrats to the winner candy too and thanks for doing it Vicky.

Donna xxx

KraftyKoolKat said...

Glad you all had a good even if it was tiring day. Well done to all the competitors.


Unknown said...

Many congratulations Vicky and well done on completing it! It is an amazing experience. You're right, £2 is nothing to most of us, but there is a bit of donator apathy I think! Well done Debra on the MASSIVE prize! I thought you were going to split them between 4!
Hugs Emma x

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Well done Vicky and Megan, you did so well you should be very proud of yourselves. Your post brought tears to my eyes. I was so sorry that more people didn't donate. Quite frankly I was amazed but then some people only enter candies in the hope of winning and are not true supporters. Well done to Debra, enjoy your awesome prize. xx

Cathy Lee said...

Totally cool, Vicky. Sounds like it was worth it all.
Luv and Hugz,

Craftin Suzie (Susan Wykes) said...

Well done Vicky! You did amazingly well and should be very proud of yourself! Hugs Susan x

Debs said...

Mahoosive congrats for completing the race Vicky - you should be so proud of yourself.
Fabulous photos - thanks for sharing.
Well done to Debra - I'm sure she will have a ball with the fabulous prizes.
Take care
Debs xx

Sandra H said...

Hi Vicky, So pleased all went well and that the money raised was great l see lots of support too! many congrats to your winner and thank you for sharing this lovely post take care x

Marie-Anne said...

It's fantastic to read your story. I'm so proud of you did the race! Next year I'll be sponsoring again, thats's a promis.

Congratulations Debra enjoy your price.


Blankina said...

Vicky it was a long post ! Great pictures of the race, sorry you were ill afterwards and that not many people have donated.
Congratulations to the candy winner,
Hugs Blankina

Wendy Nicola Jackson said...

So lovely to read your wonderful post Vicky, you really are an inspiration. It was lovely to be able to share in some small way in your amazing venture. I'm so sad you have suffered so much the week afterwards however and send thoughts of healing and big hugs your way. Lots of love, Wends x

Mary said...

You did a great job!!! God bless you!!!
Have a nice day, liefs Mary

Sue said...

Well Done to you and Megan, I think you are truly amazing. Thank you for sharing all the details and photos about the day. It sounds like it was very emotional for all concerned.
I am sorry not more people donated but you still did really well.
I hope you recover soon.
Take care, sending you big hugs
Sue xx

JenniferD said...

Well done on your Amazing Race and I am possitive every cent counts and you have helped make a difference! Congtatulations! I am so sorry it has taken you so long to get over it and hope you and fit and well soon Lots of Hugs Me

Shazza said...

well done, It's a great atmosphere isn't it. I did it last year. Such a worthy cause, you were most welcome to my donation. I know too any people who have been cursed with this disease.
big hugs and congrats to your winner xx

Lynsey said...

Well done Vicky, you did so well! Sorry to hear you were so poorly afterwards. I hope you are feeling better now.
Hugs Lynsey x

Unknown said...

First of all; well done for completing the race. You looked awesome in the pink tu-tu's! Thanks for sharing the day with us in words and pics; I appreciate how emotional it must have been for you. It's wonderful seeing and hearing about how many came together for this great cause. I'm glad I could contribute in a small way.

Hugz, Sandy
Owner & Operator @Live & Love Crafts