My Lovely Friends

Saturday 31 December 2016

Happy Birthday

Hello everyone, hope you have all had a wonderful christmas. We certainly have & its been the best one we have had for many years as well.......lots & lots of laughs. Lots of big full bellies too as I went all out this year. Good job we are starting back the gym on the 3rd January........we need to lol.
So today is my eldest son's birthday..........yep 26 years ago I lay in hospital on New Years Eve after giving birth to my premature son by emergency he is a father of 2 & a fully qualified plumber & gas engineer & engaged to a fabulous young lady who has become my daughter & he really couldnt have picked anyone better.........I am extremely proud & extremely thankful.

Ok so I made 2 cards, 1 of me & dad & 1 off his sister & brother. Now remember I dont make many male cards, yes I know I need make more but I love foofiness lol.
Ok here is the card off me & dad.....
Yes hanging shirts lol......he wanted money like he usually does to be honest & I wanted to do something different for a change.........

OMGoodness these took me ages.......I am not an origami kinda person, so to make shirts out of £10 notes was fustrating to say the least......its not like I could cheat & cut the paper to make it work hubster would not be pleased me doing that lol.
This is the inside, yes with 2 more shirts.  Not sure if I will be making this sort of card again lol....they also kept going skee-wif on the hangers everytime they moved.......all in all this card took me 4 hours!! Yes 4 hours for a male card........ I'm used to taking 4 hours for you see foofy noooooooooo lol.
However he did absolutely love the card when he received it today & didnt want to take the shirts off lol...........see its like a good money saving idea isn't it.
All papers & badges & tickets etc are all Pion from Noor Design UK.
£10 notes are from my purse & hangers & twine are form my stash ;-)

Ok so the next car is for a true car lover........thats what me & my 2 sons car lovers. So much so that if I had to choose between cars or crafts..........well it would be cars!!
What better car is there than a BMW..........the answer to that is none....unless its an Aston Martin then I reckon I could be pursuaded lol.
My eldest son's favourite car is BMW, he loves all german cars but his favourite is BMW & his last 2 & his current car are BMW's.......his son was even born in one lol

So I made a card like the BMW badge........I lurve these cars & I mean lurve. 

The lettering is not the same as a BMW but this was the only letter die I had & it was only after I finished making the card that I realised I could have cut the letters out on my silhouette doh!!!

Yes I know BMW doesn't have happy birthday going across the middle but this is limited edition ;-)

Ok I'm gonna go but will be back tomorrow with my post for Noor Design challenge goes live tomorrow peeps.

So I wish you all a fabulous night whatever you are doing.
Tatty bye big hugs to you all
Vicky xxx