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Saturday 15 January 2011

CES Challenges DT card........Challenge 19

Good morning everyone how are you all? I reckon most are probably happy its a weekend I know I am lol.
Well its Saturday so we know what that means......yipppppp
This week its Sue's turn & she so nicely chose.....
No DP's
If you click on her name you can go shout at her lol. Only kidding altho most of us girlies, Sue included to be honest did kinda turn down in the mouth when we saw this we conquered, well sort of.
Well we managed anayway at the end of the was the end of the day as well lol.
I have used one of my fave stamps, I've only used her once it took me sooo long to get her cus she was always out of stock. The last time I did her mono, this time I have found my new fave colour so done her in that...........'Love Is Gone' by Ching Chou-Kuik

I went for white, all white I know we dont normally get on but it behaved last night & kinda did as it was telt. I am loving pink & brown at the mo I just love the 2 colours combined.

She has been coloured with Copics & the pinks have has some prisma added. I added the text next to her with a stamp I got the other day from here & I stamped it with 'Fired Brick' distress ink. I cut her out using a nestie & then I madea frame around her using nesties. The very top layer of the frame I cut out of a doily, I love the effect its given.....will be doing that one again lol.

All of the flowers are from Emma's the scrolls I made using a die & then added pearls to them.

The butterfly is from my stash & the lace is also from my stash...this was the only bit I had & its sooo pretty so I must find some more. The ribbon slider is from Emma's
Do you like my watermarks I've had them sooooo long but been too lazy to put them on how shocking is that?? Shame on me!!!

Last piccy I think I went overboard with them lol. This one you can see the doily frame I made better which apart from the image is my fave bit.
The sweet pea image is available from Crafts & Me & also Sweet Pea Stamps. I caught their January sale by the skin of my teeth & boy did I get some bargains......they arrived 15 mins ago.....just hope I get time to play with them this weekend lol.
This week the fabby prize is a choice of 5 Promarkers, now thats worth having a play!!!
Pop on over to here to enter those fabulous cards & also check out the other girlies cards they have made for you.
I'm off to link this up at Sweet Pea stampers cus their challenge is all white, how cool is that lol.
Thankyou soooo much for stopping by you know how much I appreciate it. Please enter my candy its there to show you how much I appreciate & love you all. You truly are the bestest!!!
Tatty Bye all you lovlies

Challenges I'm Entering..... - Embossing with a touch of Pink - Ring In The New (new doily frame, oldish stamp) - Cold & Frosty Morning (all white) - Something New (doily frame & small flowers)

Kenny K & Bearly Mine.......Its Electrafying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good evening all you lovely peeps how are you? Are you looking forward to the weekend? I know I am!!
I've had youngest off school today he had to go dentist yesterday to get his braces tightened so he has been up all night with pain & bleeding gums.....bless he never got to wear his new footy boots hopefully we will cheer him up tomorrow when we get his new trainers.
Anyway onto tonights card. Last week I coloured up an image for Kenny K challenge & ended up missing it & not having time so this week I was determined to enter. Luckily the challenge this week I can still use the same image. Over at Bearly Mine's 1st challenge is a fab sketch this challenge I really wanted to join in as I luuurrrvvvee Donna's MUST check them out if you havn't yet!!!
For KK hubby made me buy this image cus he says it reminds him of me with the long hair & I've nearly got exactly the same tattoo on the back.......I ain't got this outfit or boots mind, my long boots are plain black lol.
This is 'Carmen Electrafying' from KK & I tell ya I wish I did look like this pmsl, having 5 kids tend to play havoc with the body tho....strange that int it lol. Now to be honest I cant even remember what she is coloured with but I think its both Promarkers & how bad is my memory lol!!!

Here she is close-up & personal. I will put all links at the bottom of the post.

Its very rare I get to use my black card so I've enjoyed breaking it out. All papers have been distressed.
Isn't that tag in the corner lush, its one of my new stamps that came yesterday from Sir-Stamp-A-Lot & I inked it in Fired Brick distress ink & then embossed it with thick embossing powder then zapped it with the heat need an holster for this thing lol.

All papers of course are from Bearly Mine Designs
Card was made using A4 card from Paper Mill Direct....all card is from here.
Doily & black dewdrops are from Crafty Emma's Store
Flowers are from Wild Orchid Crafts
Tag is from MSE Romance Sentiment set from Sir Stamp-A-Lot
Hat pin was made by me using Czech glass crystal beads.
Thats it peeps I'm off to bed as I'm soooo tired I seem to have been on my feet all day today flitting about here there & everywhere. Thank you soooo much for stopping by I loves ya all & I will be calling by to see you in the morn. Dont forget CES Challenges tomorrow so will be back with a card then.
Take care & keep smiling. mmwah

Challenges I'm Entering.... - Use A Tag (top corner is a tag)


Thursday 13 January 2011

Anyone For Simply Latte..........Thank You

Hello my dear friends how are you all doing? I hope you are all well. I've been busy with DT work but I've gave myself an hour off to make a quick card with a Sugar Nellie I already had coloured up. I've used one of the Simply Sassy range but its one I havnt used yet.....I'm still working my way through them lol. Mr postie has been nice to be yesterday & today & brought me 4 packages I ordered.......yes its compulsive to buy crafty stuff especially in the sales.....altho LOTV wasn't a sale actually the only sale I got was Sir Stamp-A-Lot lol & I got a big box of stuff from them.
Anyway onto my card I'm not sure what challenge this fits as I didnt really make it for any challenges it was just for fun......I brought new digi papers today its the 1st time I've used this store but I fell in love.....I will let you see for yourself.....
'Luv A Latte' Sugar Nellie from the Simply Sassy range. Hubby got me about 8 of these SS stamps for crimbo I've broke out my 3rd now woo hoo but I cant actually find this one in the store so instead I will just give you the link to the

She has been coloured with Copics I am soooo loving these if Promarkers did the finer softer nib like copics do they would be sooo much better these are fab for small areas where Promarkers can be somewhat thick altho I still like my promarkers.......better be quiet now cus I can hear them getting upset ssshhhh. It was about a week ago when I coloured this image so cant remember the colours unfortunately.

The 'Latte' stamp in the bottom corner is from 'Sir Stamp-A-Lot' which came yesterday I got it mainly to go with this stamp to be honest. The thankyou text is also a stamp from there. Now the papers apart from the 2 corners I've only used 2 papers then I added the 2 corners 2 buttons from my button jar with some pink & white Bakers Twine in which I got from here which also came today & then the 2 stamps. The papers are from Nitwit Collections & they are a package digi set called 'Affection Collection' which is just gorgeous & you dont just get papers....actually pop over & take a peekskie but be warned you may be tempted to buy a few sets cus you end up spoilt for choice!!!

Well thats it from me I will say goodnight as I'm off to bed. I would like to welcome my new followers, I will pop by to see you tomorrow. I'm so sorry today I am a bit behind with my commenting had a few appointments then had to go buy Jake some football boots for tomorrow of course he has seen some trainers as well so he is wanting them on Saturday lol.........I dont remember costing my parents this much money they certainly did not spend £50 on trainers for me.......if I had asked my dad for that....well I cant put on here what he would have said but I will give you an idea.....he was a geordie but living in Stoke-On-Trent & he was a winder for british coal working at Florence & Hem Heath coal you can imagine what sort of thing would of prob come out of his mouth lol. Anyway Jackanory here is away to bed but I promise to come visit each & everyone of you tomorrow morning once I've got Natalie off to is taking Jake at mo cus I've got a bad elbow so it hurts to drive at the min :0( apparently the doc says I've got tennis elbow.....I dont blooming play....its wayyyy too much exercise is he wise!!! So I've come to the conclusion its crafters elbow.......I had it last year & ended up having a rather large needle inserted into the elbow & the worst part was........would you believe....I got NO lollipop!!!! SHOCKING I know!!!
Well my lovelies I think I've bored you enough so I'm trotting off noo but thank you soooo much for stopping by you know how much I loves ya & appreciate you mmwah THANKYOU a billion times xxx
Huggles xxxxxxxx

Tuesday 11 January 2011

Promarker tones

Hello peeps well I'm finally here with my 1st tutorial. I didnt realise doing a piccy one would take so long to be be prepared for lots of piccy's lol.
I've broke my tutorial down so I'm showing you skin today & then I decided to show you how I do a dress showing creases. However I chose the wrong stamp really so I cheated & rather than starting again with another image I just adapted this one for you cus I can still use it for a will see what I mean lol.
Please bear with me as this is my 1st tutorial & I have only been colouring for about 7 months so I'm no where near expert. I have no colouring skills what-so-ever this is just how I do it. I have been e-mailed a lot asking about my colouring which is why I've done this 1st.

This is the card I use, or should I say 1 of them as I do use a few. This one which I will put the link for at the bottom is 1 of the best I have found & the one Emma stocks is a good one, again will put links at the end of post.
I use memento ink when using Promarkers or Copics. I use Stazon when using distress inks or H2O's. I chosen a Tilda stamp today. In the background you can see 2 types of stamping block, 1 obviously is acrylic & the other is the CC usually depends on the stamp I'm using of which 1 I use but its mostly the big acrylic 1. You can either cut your image into the shape required with a nestie or just leave it in a square til after you have finished colouring then decide what you will do. To be honest it sometimes depends how I'm feeling when I'm colouring as the result of the colouring will sometimes determine what I do with the image.

2 different images one which I cut around & another I cut in a nestie shape then inked the background. When I'm ill or in a lot of pain I colour to help take my mind off the pain lol then store the images in a plastic tub......which I then sometimes forget about. These 2 were coloured over a week ago lol.
Cutting around the image is ideal if your card bleeds or if you go over the line. You could also create a shadow around the image to hide going outside the line or use a blender pen to erase it as such. Remember to go from out to in when doing this with a blender pen & just do bit at a time & allow to dry in between cus if the card gets too wet then it will bleed no matter what card you use.

When I'm colouring Tilda I always use the same colours on her skin, other images I will change the odd 1 or 2 colours depending what the image is. I always start off with all the skin.....I dont know why lol.

For the skin I use...
Apricot, Oatmeal & Blush.
For the cheeks I use.....
Sunkissed Pink & Baby Pink

I start off with Apricot around most of the face to create the shadowing....obviously this depends where you want your light coming from. Mine is just gonna be straight ahead. I dont go all the way around as its the hair creating the shadow.

Once I've gone around with Apricot I then move onto Oatmeal & just lightly move inwards on the face. Dont go over the Apricot too much cus you dont want to lighten it. You are creating a bit more shadow just lighter. I normally work with little flicks from the middle of the Apricot its mainly just to start the process of blending the 2 colours together. I hope this is making sense lol.
Next I move on to the cheeks, altho sometimes I do the cheeks after doing all the face....depends on the image & what Look I want. I do the cheeks depending on the image so for Tilda I do more rounded. I start off with the sunkissed pink 1st.
Sometimes I will just stick to sunkissed.
Next I use the baby pink to rosey up the cheeks but not going all the way to the edges of the sunkissed pink.
Its hard to show up both pinks on camera.

I then going over all the face in Blush using small circular movements. I dont go over the apricot & oatmeal to much just lightly to blend all the colours together so there are no lines. The colours blend into the next one so it looks natural as possible.
I use the same 3 main colours for the rest of the body using the Apricot & Oatmeal to create the shadowing & then finishing with the blush. I only usually do the face once I find that a second coat is not needed. If you do think you need a 2nd coat I always wait til it dries cus it does darken slightly once dry & so it could be that you would of been happy with the end colour. Also you always want to try not to wet the card too much as it will cause bleeding.

I will show you how I colour the dress, like I said I have chosen the wrong stamp but didnt realise til after I had done the skin lol. For the dress I'm going with blues....
China Blue,
Denim Blue
& Powder Blue
So imagine there isn't another layer underneath & the top layer is the whole dress lol. I do like to make things hard dont I. 1 day I will do a video tutorial lol.
For the dress I start off with the darkest which is the China blue & just go around the edge to show where any shadowing would be.

The next colour to go on is the Denim blue to create a lighter stage of shadowing. Again I go over the previous colour lightly so as not to lighten it just merging the 2 colours together.

I then again in small circular movements blend it all together using the lightest blue which here is the Powder blue. Usually I always work with 3-4 different shades of 1 colour starting off with the darkest creating shadows.

Onto the bottom of the dress I start off again with the China blue & go around where I think there would be shadowing, ie creases & folds etc.

With the Denim I then create the 2nd stage of shadowing. Now this is where the piccy looks weird I havn't lost my mind dont worry lol. With the denim I also want to create the ripples that you would get in a dress......the natural flow of....not quite sure if I'm saying the right word but you will know what I mean by the next piccy lol. Where I think the material will dip to create this ripple effect I put a thick line going from the edge of the dress to round about the middle. Remembering to also lighly go over the China blue to merge
the colours.

Finally I go over the whole of the dress blending in all the colours with the Powder blue. The ripples at the top I've gone over 1 in the Powder blue & the other I've left some white showing so you can see both effects. These are the parts of the dress getting most light.

Here is the final piccy of this tutorial. Can you see how the lines created the shadows on the dress to make the ripples appear. I'm no good at explaining things......its a good job I'm typing cus my arms & hands would be everywhere trying to show actions instead pmsl.
Well I think you have suffered enough now....I know I have!! I will do another tutorial on the hair in the next day or 2.....I will find a nice stamp for that. If you got to the end then well done to you & I am so sooo sorry if I've bored you lol. Please tell me what you think I've never done a tutorial before. I am not an artist in any shape or form, I have no qualifications this is purely my way of colouring.
The shops where you can get this card from is Crafts & Me & I get large packs of 100 sheets from
Sir-Stamp-A-Lot. Emma also does fab card for PM's & Copics which you can find here & are available in 2 different thicknesses. All of the card I use is also fab to print out digi images onto. I use an epson printer & compatible inks (not epson ink) & have no problems with ink..... to be honest a lot of time I colour onto it straight away I dont wait for drying or sealing the ink or anything. 
Thankyou so much for looking at my tutorial if you have any questions or would like more info on anything then please dont hesitate to e-mail me & I will do what I can to help you.
Hope to see you again I appreciate all your comments, they mean the world to me.

Willow Holding Baby

Good evening peeps I'm just doing a quickie post before I hop to bed.
I've done a quick card using another of my new stamps & following a sketch......
This is 'Willow Holding Baby' from WOJ which hubby got me for crimbo from Crafts & Me. I have followed the fab sketch here which I will be using again. All papers are Websters Pages.

I have painted this with Distress Inks........yes painted can you believe lol. I havnt done it for that long I've gone a bit rusty not that I was experienced in the 1st place I think this is my 3rd or 4th image I've done with inks.

Can you see the blue dummies inside the flowers I love these not sure where I got them from I've had them quite a while.

Blue safety pins are also from my stash & the ribbon gems. The butterfly was made using my Tonic punch.

Challenges I'm Entering.... -  New & Blue (brand new stamp & for new mum)
 Well thats it peeps what do ya think, have I broke my record for the speediest post??? lol. Well big hugs to you all for popping in I loves ya all mmwah.
Nighty-night peeps take care.

Monday 10 January 2011


Good afternoon peeps how are you all? First can I say a huge thank you for all your lovely comments on my previous post regarding my health it really meant a lot.......honestly mmwah!!!
Today I am showing you another of the newly released Digi images the lovely Teresa has here.
As soon as I saw this I fell in love with her....

This is 'Dusk' by Sara Burrier, isn't she just sooo pretty!!! She is coloured with Copics & Prisma pencils. I have also added glitter to her wings & the little rabbits. This could also double up for Easter, I love images that can be used for so many things.......digi's are versatality at its best. Next Monday I will have a tutorial for you showing what else you can do with all your fabulous digi images. I will also be posting my 1st tutorial either later today or tomorrow at the latest.
 I saw a brilliant card design on my fab teamies blog, Teri, she had a followed a tutorial & of course she left the link to go to it. So I thought I would have a go at this, its not as amazing as Teri's I might add but I hope you like it.

This is thw whole thing closed & tied shut by a ribbon.

This is it open & of course you can take the card out.....

Of course I had to do my fave style of card which is the easel card. I have made this for my princess Natalie, her birthday is not until June but as soon as I teamed the papers up with this image I knew who I was making this for.

The tag I made my self on my lappy & printed it out & then edged the edges in Vinatge Photo distress ink, every bit of card got edged in this ink including tags & flowers lol. The gem scroll is Basi Grey & its available here. The strip across the middle is punched out using my MS punch. The large pink gems are from my stash.

This is to try show you the glitter.

This is the top of the easel. In the top right corner is a fabulous freebie tag from the lovely & talented Michele
Dont forget the challenge over at Crafts & Me Challenges where our challenge is 'Tearing', go on let yourself go wild or you can go subtle, we dont mind at all. Also pop yourself over to Crafts & Me Store to get these fab digi's, have a browse while you are there so you dont miss out on the rest of the fabulous items Teresa has.
Well thats it from me thank you so much for stopping by & looking at our creations & I hope we have inspired you in some way.

Challenges I'm Entering....

Bye-D-Bye peeps

Sunday 9 January 2011

My Pink Woods...........

Good morning all you lovely jubbly people, how are you on this fine day? I have been quite poorly & in quite a bit of pain the last 2 days, actually thats most days lol. My consultant rang the other day with results from my abdominal scan, apparently I have a sizeable cyst but its 1 of those that causes a lot of pain cus of also where it is......derrrr I could of told him about the pain I didnt need a doc for that lol. Anyway I've now got be referred to yet another doc to have that looked at & resolved before I can have any further tests done. He is gonna try rush it tho cus he doesn't want to wait to too long to do the other tests......yayyyyy thank goodness for that!! Anyhoo last night I was doing some behind the scenes work, ya know what I mean but then about midnight I had the urge to do 1 of my sweet pea stamps, I wanted to do 1 of the new ones I still had in a box!!! Of course once I coloured it I then noticed that In A Sweet Pea Dream you could enter 3 times & the challenge was ribbons & bows......well what did Mr Postie bring me seam binding ribbon & OH MY GOODNESS....I love this stuff!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!
This is 'Purple Woods' but my version lol......

Over at Friday Sketchers the fabby Jacque has done a sketch & its a fab 1, I will def be using this again!! Hope they can see the sketch. As you can see my purple woods kinda turned 'Pink'. Yes the marianne die came out again for the image which I think frames her beautifully. The gem in the top corner I got for crimbo.

You can get here from Sweet Pea or Crafts & Me which is UK based.
She is coloured with Copics which I am totally loving & a smidge-in of Prisma on the pinks. I have also added white sakura pen as you can see & touches of glitter in places. When I finished colouring her I wasn't certain about her but I made the card up & it just all flowed together....dontcha love it when that happens!!! I had it finished for 2 0'clock am which I thought was good.....for me anyway lol.

The flower I used my magnolia doo hickey, the bottom layer is the insides of wrapping paper & the top is just thin white card which got coloured with R20 Copic. They both got inked up with 'Vintage Photo' DI, glittered & then a button from my jar.

This is the lushious seam binding. I made a double bow & stuck another button in the middle. The binding comes in soooo many colours, Mine I got off Ebay but I do know that a few ribbon stores are selling it now. I brought £10 worth off Ebay in various colours but I'm off to price up larger quantities now I know I like it lol.

Well I'm off to take my man a cuppa in bed cus he has been up with me most of the night bless him. Actually everyone is still in bed, altho Natalie is awake lol, its just me & the dogs here on the sofa this morn lol.
I am off to link this card up. I hope you liked this one. I also want to thank everyone for their kind comments yesterday about my cards you are all wonderful & dont let anyone tell you are totally & truly AWESOME!!!!! mmwah.
Thank you for stopping by I loves ya for it & I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will be round to your place soon to see your latest wonderful creations, until then....

Challenges I'm Entering.........