My Lovely Friends

Sunday 29 July 2012

Hi my lovelies

Hello my lovelies how are you all? Hope you are all having a lovely weekend, hope you all have a relaxing one.
I know I was meant to put my card on that I made & a piccy of my new truck. Unfortunately my art program I use will not work so my hubby decided to remove it then re-install a new version.....easy enough right............wrong my dvd drive wont accept any cds of any kind. It wont read them it doesnt even just sits there like its on a permanent vacation, lazy bugga it is lol. So my laptop has to go to PC World to be fixed...........luckily its under guarantee still so wont cost me....phew. Anyhoo it means I'm without a lappy for however long it takes them I will try my best to answer emails but it will be from Craigs Ipad which I dont like using so my response may be slow lol. When my youngest comes back from staying at his brothers I will try borrow his laptop to try get on & do some posts. So I may be dissapearing just for hopefully a day or 2 lol.

I have tho managed to find 2 pics on my laptop of the truck they are not great pics so once my laptop is working fully again I will pop on a better one but here is my gorgeous beasty baby I absolutely love it!!!!! Click on pics to enlarge.
Isn't she a beauty, I'm really sad as well I look through my bedroom window in a morning to see if shes still there & still really mine lol...........well I worry it could have been a dream, its still sinking in lol. Isn't my hubster just the most perfect guy, mmwah loves you with all my heart & soul darling xxxx

The front garden is currently undergoing a facelift Craigs Arthritus is getting worse so he struggles to cut the lawns front & back so as we dont use the front we are going to gravel the whole lot & also use it for extra parking. You see the black van in the background, that is what I normally drive as its converted to allow Natalie's wheelchair be rolled staright in & clamped down. The windows in the van I add tinted for Natalie's privacy when we go on long journeys & need to change her nappy after all she is 20 now!!

Anyway my lovelies I will go now but I also wanted to say thankyou soooooooo much for all your kind messages it really means soooooooooo much to me & I will be round to visit you all asap.

Tatty bye my sweeties, take care loves ya loads mmwah