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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

If you only do one thing this week PLEASE read this post & help PLZZZZZZ

Good evening friends 1st of all can I say a huge thankyou to everyone for the comments about Natalie's room they have meant a lot to me & to Craig. Natalie absolutely loved it honestly if you had seen her face I was nearly crying. You know them key moments in your life that you will remember & treasure with all of your heart forever....well this was one of them it was beautiful to see her so sooo happy. She may not be able to talk but do you know what a smile says a thousand words & when you see your angels eyes light up with so much happiness you know at that moment she is truly happy & she loves you.....
Onto this post now you might wanna grab a cuppa for this one cus it may be a bit long I will however keep it as short as I can but believe me it is VERY important that you read it.
Last night I went over to my very good blogging buddies blog to look at her latest post. The fabulously talented Meeshka (pop over to her blog she does the most fantastic colouring I've seen done with Promarkers) she was actually 1 of my 1st few followers along with the fabulous Crafty Emma (who was my 1st). Anyway she was posting a plea about a charity called Post Pals, now I've never heard of this but when I read Meesh's post I went straight over to look at the website. It is a website dedicated to children with diseases & illnesses, some curable some sadly not but they all love to receive mail, whether it be cards or letters or gifts....they appreciate just the fact you have took time out of your busy life to think of them & them only. Now as most of you know I have Natalie who relies on me & her dad for everything we have been told by doctors that she wont live a long life cus of how severe her disablement is & everything that she suffers with. We really do take 1 day at a time & appreciate every single extra day we get with her. We have lived with this for nearly 19 years I was actually 19 years old when I had Natalie & we didnt find out until 2 days after she was born when they discovered that she had had a massive bleed in her head about 3 months before I gave birth which caused 90% brain damage & was extremely ill. It got worse every single day for the following 4 weeks.....we dreaded each day what we were going to have to face. Try & imagine having to change nappies for 19 years day in day out constantly, feed your daughter through a hole in her belly cus she doesn't have an eating action in her mouth & so constantly chokes. She even has to have medication through her belly. She has to have meds to help her empty her bowels. She has no dignity, she has to rely on others to do something as simple as wipe her own nose to pull the quilt up in bed cus she is cold, to try & let people know what is wrong with her through her crys & screams..... One of my dreams was to have a daughter, to be her best friend, to buy her her first bra, to have her stealing my clothes & footwear cus I've stayed up to date with fashion, to go shopping with. Most importantly to see grow up, walk down the aisle & become a mother herself.......all of these tiny little things that everyone takes for granted I had stolen from me but do you know what she is my best friend maybe not in the way I wanted I cant sit & have chats with her but I can cuddle up & watch movies with her, I can cry with her & most importantly I can tell her I love her & kiss her cheek, this I treasure with all my can take everything I have from me but as long as I have my kids & Craig I will ALWAYS be content, happy & loved.
Now imagine someone telling you all of that is going to be taken away from you....your angel is not going to survive much longer. Imagine having to watch your child suffer with an illness & with pain that you can not even begin to understand. I've seen what cancer does to adults & children I've have lost a lot of family through this awful disease& still am having to watch a very close family member die with this disease. Yet still I cannot imagine what these families go through. Imagine what them children go through every single day, how they must cope how their families must cope knowing how their precious one is suffering......the problem is we cant imagine cus unless you have lived through something you never truly know the pain, anguish & heartache that is caused. These parents put in 25 hour days, they put all of their strength into this every single day no matter how hurt they feel no matter how lost or how weak.....they do it all for love...the pure love of their child!!! Post Pals is a charity that wants to bring a little happiness to these childrens lives after all the suffering they have to endure dont they deserve happiness & to think something as simple as a little card can really mean such a lot. I have been in contact with or left messages or comments to a lot of different charities in the Uk about Natalie & never even got a reply, no response can these charities say they want to help when they cant even make contact with a family with needs they have no right to say they understand when they have no idea a lot of people do it for their benefit to make them feel good. This charity thinks of the child, the one who actually needs the help please I am begging you to just now & again send a card to a child, send them a smile just to let them know they are loved, they are thought of & most importantly they are not alone!!! Here is a link to a boy called Mathew P who has just a few weeks left to live......please go over & read his story, I did!!
Here is the card I made especially for him today. After reading his story I know he likes the playstation & he's a Ben 10 fanatic so I went through my digi images & found the perfect image just right for Mathew & one that I had not used still. Now you know me & male cards well this has my heart in it!!!

Of course its a Mo Manning image......its just perfect I think. If you look closely at his watch I painted the watch face green the same as Ben 10. The sentiment I cut from the paper pack I used which I've forgot the name of I'm the top tho I wrote 'Ben 10' in gold gel pen.

He has been coloured with Copics, PM'S & Prisma pencils blended with sansador.

The buckle I coloured with a gold metalic promarker & then attached ribbon to each side & threaded it throught each side of the buckle so it looked more like a belt....its actually the 1st time I've done this or even seen it but I just wanted to do something different for Mathew. The card itself is made with A4 Kraft card & all the matting was done with the same card.

I also brought him a Ben 10 keyring of course you dont have to buy these children gifts just a simple little card is enough. I am not wanting to enter this is any challenge cus this is not for me but for Mathew to let him know he is precious, an angel & is loved & thought about......something to bring a little smile to his lovely face which then will bring a smile to his family even if its only for a minute at times like these minutes dont count......but seconds do & that is huge.
I am so so sorry if I've droaned on I feel so passionate about these things. Me & hubby have had no help for nearly 19 years.......we had to wait 5 years for a wheelchair cus her notes got lost & then they forgot about her. Her tube in her belly for feeding took 8 years to get for 8 years at 3 times a day we had to put a tube down Natalie's nostril down the back of her throat & into her stomach so that we could feed her or give her meds.....sometimes it made her nose bleed. It also caused her to bestared at constantly when she was out & about with us. Yes we were offered a nurse at first but we are her parents, we wanted to have Natalie she didnt ask for any of this....we will do whatever we have to & tho its not easy at times I wouldnt ever trade my life...... This is what a parent does for the love of their child. Look at your children,nieces, nephews, cousins, granchildren.....look at them & think to yourself how it would make you feel just knowing other people care, other people are there for you & you are in their thoughts daily......wouldn't you want to know that someone somewhere cares enough to send just a little letter or a little card.
Come on crafters it may not mean a lot to you but it will mean the world to the family who receives it.
Thankyou a billion times if you have read this whole post I truly appreciate it with all of my heart I really do, you totally rock & I love you all. Crafters really are the most kindest people & I know we can put a lot of smiles on a lot of faces.....even if its just for 1 minute.....that is 60 whole seconds....count it & see just how long it really is......time is precious!!!!!!!!
On a lighter note I have posted 2 pics of Natalie with her new tv one is her smile altho she has her hand over her mouth & the other is of the tv while she is lying on her bed. She still has her joggers on bless her lol.

She is watching a princess dvd cant even remember what its called. I then went onto & ordered her another half dozen dvds lol.
Thankyou for stopping by & listening to my plea if this just reaches a few people then its been worth it. I give thanks to everyone who already helps with this charity & I thank anyone else that will help in the future.
Happiness really is priceless no matter how much you think your card is worth in a shop or on a website its worth soooo much more to them kids & their families.....your cards are worth their weight in gold, they are priceless!!!!!!!
All my love & heartfelt thanks to each & everyone of you that has listened to this post.


Lorraine said...

hi Vicky what a wonderful post and thankyou for putting piccies of Natalie on your blog bless her I think she is loving her new tv in her room she looks so happy it reallly has put a big smile on my face these photos are precious seeing how happy she is.You and your hubby must be so thrilled it really make it all worth while doesn't it.
Have a wonderful evening
Lorraine xx

Lorraine said...

OMG please forgive me I got so wrapped up in the post and Natalie that my rudeness kicked in I am so sorry I did take notice of your beautiful card but my fingers got carried away while I was typing lol I will kick myself,I love the image its so perfect for boys and the colouring is amazing I love how you have shaded in the creases of his jeans its so clever
speak soon
hugs to you all xx

Teresa said...

Vicky, this is such an emotional heartfelt post coming straight from your heart bless you.
I hope many a crafter after reading your story and others will send a card to put a smile on these childrens faces and by doing so the parents will know others are thinking of them.
I definately will be doing so.
Thank you for high lighting the need for such a simple ask.

Teresa x

Grenouille Greetings said...

A fabulous card into which you obviously put a lot of effort. I like the imaginative touches of the Ben 10 extras. A good cause, too, Vicky. I think it's lovely of you to participate.
Hubby and I are supporters of a local hospice for life limited children called CHASE. There is too much suffering in the world and if everybody gives a little something - what a better place it would be!
Your personal story moved me and somehow made what you do for Post Pals an even greater gift.
Thank you for sharing!
Hugs, Lesley

meeshka said...

Awww, Vicky, bless you :) I'm sitting here with tears running down my face... AGAIN! Thank-you so much for writing all this, about Natalie and your struggle. I'm sure... and I hope your story will touch everyone enough to make them want to do something. Children are so innocent and don't deserve to suffer in any shape or form, but sadly these things happen :'( The least we can do is make them a card and write a cheerful, encouraging message in it. It's such a small thing to do for those poor little kiddies.

I hope everyone reading this visits Post Pals and puts the banner on their blog! Let's all pull together and do something that's so precious for these families! :)

Thanks again, Vicky... You're so wonderful!


Meesh. XXXX
Matthew will totally LOVE the card you made for him and the Ben 10 keyring :)

Anonymous said...

hi vicky! you now what? i think you are an amazing women, mother, lover(just kidding) no but for real, i think you are, i dont now you personaly but somehow feel like i do. you are AMAZING! LOVE YA! just felt that i needed to say that. i have actyally make this as one of my new years resolutions to make at LEAST one card (hopefully more) a month to send to a child. i found out about this webside when i was at the hospital with my son, while reeding it i started to cry, even now wrighting about it makes me tear up. i was supposed to do a card to a girl who was almoust 2, but when i went and read about her updates i was too late. that morning she had died in her mothers arms peacefully, a few days before she had said her first word witch was MOM. ok long post but i too feel this in my heart, if i can do something, anything, to make a sick child get a smile on their face then ill say ABSOLUTLY!!! hugs a big kisses to you vicky!

SusieLou said...

Ok Hun, now that I've wiped the tears from my face and composed myself....thank you for being so passionate about something so important - you'd be a great ambassador for a charity.

I am going to try really hard to remember to check this site out after Friday and get a card or two sent. Take care. Susie x

cebelica said...

How sweet of you to create a card especially for Matthew. I came across this site yesterday (I also found a link on one blog) and decided that I will send a cord to one (or maybe more) child. This is the least I can do. I can't help them in any way, but I can make them days brighter and (hopefully) make them smile. You know what they say - laughter is the best medicine. :)

I know we don't really know each other, but I think you're a very special person. I admire your strength and optimism. Through your writing I can see that your daughter means a whole lot of you and that's very sweet. Maybe she can't run around with other kids, maybe she can't have endless chats with you etc. but that doesn't matter, she is a very special lady. She may be relaying on you, but imo that only makes the connection between you stronger. :)

If you let me, I can make a card for her and send it to you. Would she/you like that? If yes, then please send me your address to my e-mail and I'll have a card for her on the way asap. :)


KraftyKoolKat said...

This card is lovely and you are a lovely person to think of someone else when you life is so busy with your own little princess. I read the whole of your post and I was in floods of tears half way through. I will certainly be sending some cards to these children. Thank you for including photo's of your princess and I can see she loves her room. Who wouldn't?


cardmaking bird said...

Blimey, Vicky - I'm now crying my eyes out!!!!
Part of what you'd written about Natalie really hit home for me because I've got a feeding tube in my stomach and have to have most of my liquid feed and meds through it but when you were talking about having to put the ENG tube in, I felt so upset for Natalie because I remember having to have that done and every time it got blocked and had to be replaced, I hated it so I can't imagine having to have it done every day, poor thing - although I know that's only one thing that she has to go through. Life can be so cruel but Natalie is so lucky to have parents like you. And thanks for sharing the pics of her enjoying her new telly - you can tell she's happy - her eyes are smiling!!!
Anyway, back to the point of your post - I will DEFINITELY be joining in with post pals - I've got loads of cards just sitting here, so it'd be nice to bring a child who's going through such a awful time, a bit of joy, even if it's just for a moment. And then I can make some that are more specific in time.
And before I forget - your card is wonderful!!! I think you can tell you've put your heart into it - I think the colouring is one of your best!!!
Crikey, super long comment from me but at least I've stopped crying now!!!
Lots of hugs, I'm so happy that I've got to know you through blog land. Marie xxxx

KarinsArtScrap said...

vicky your daughters room look fantastic, I can read english but this is difficult for me.
it's along post but I see your daughter smiling than I know it's alright.
Your card looks great and also your coloring.

greetings karin

Heidi said...

Your post is beautiful Vicky. I've tears in my eyes. Natalie is lucky to have you as her parents:) Gorgeous photo.
Life can be cruel and you never know what tomorrow will bring. I feel so blessed and lucky for my 3 kids. I can't put myself in your situation but I can imagine how it must feel.
You're amazing Vicky and I'm so glad you're my blog friend:)
Your card is so cool! Love the papers and colour. The image is great and your colouring is fantastic:)
Take care sweetie.
Hugs, Heidi:)

Diamond Doll said...

Hi Vicky, Natalie couldn,t have more devoted parents than you and your hubby, i welled up reading this post, i admire you both.
Natalies smile says it all.
I have sent cards to postpal before a couple of years back now someone on the docrafts site highlighted it.I know when i went on it before i got a little upset but then i thought if making a card can make them smile then that is all that counts.
Big Hugs
Trish (-:

kaylou said...

Hi Hun
I am so sorry I havn't replied to this sooner.... it's because I didn't know what to write....You and your Hubby are doing an amazing job and it is a hard a really hard job to do... I only did it for 12 years in the day centre and I know all the funding side of the system 'stinks' , you either get no help at all or you get other people abusing the system and getting what ever they ask for....
Reading this has brought it all back to me and remembering who I used to look after especially a little lad who I used to PEG feed through his stomach.... (Oh no I'm blubbering in to the keyboard now..)
Thanks for posting this Hun and take care
((((hugs ))))
Kaylou xxx

Elina said...

Oh, this is wonderful post Vicky. I just have to say that you are amazing woman! I think Natalie is so lucky to have you as her parents. Hugs to you and to Natalie too.

Your card is amazing. That image is lovely and you have coloured its so nice way. Love every details in you card.

Have a wonderful day!
Love, Elina

Rach said...

good morning honey,
sorry i didn't pop by yesterday.
Natalie is just beaming on that picture, I love the bed that you have done for her with the canopy with the lights and the fabby pink t.v... though she hasn't had the best start in life, she has two amazingly careing and loving parents.. x
YOur card, is amazing, love all the detail you have added, the extra thought that has gone into this shows ten fold, i am sure that it is going to be loved..
big hugs to you sweetheart, xxxx

Lindsey said...

Oh my goodness I've gor mascara dripping down my face. I don't really know where to start writing this comment, you have had such a hard time of it but still you seem to be one of the most positive people I have ever come accross. I can't believe what you have been through and the fact that you had to pass and NG tube three times a day makes my blood run cold. When I had to do this we always had to get an Xray before putting anything down it and yet you guys were left to get on with it. Shocking. Oh and the wheelchair.....don't start me on wheelchairs!
I can tell from how you write that you absolutely adore this young woman. She looks so happy on her bed with her pink telly and her pink tracky onn bless her! A girl after my own heart! I think me and her would get on great!
That charity lookslike a great cause and I will definately hop over and take a look after Karate tonight.
Big hugs!
Will be back later to look at the rest of your blog but for now gotta dash!
Linds x

sandra said...

After reading this post-YOU ARE HERO WOMEN to me!!!
Natalie is just happiest girl on planet because she have you!
I don't know what more to say?
I don't have idea what you are going threw,I can only imagine!
And must say that I don't know how would I manage to function if I would be in your shoes?
So that is why I admire you for manage bring so much love and optimism in your lives!

This card is extra special!
I love it!
Take care!
Kiss Natalie for me!