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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

A sneeky peekskie into my princess's palace.......

Good afternoon my lovely friends I thought I would show how Natalie's bedroom is coming along, which might I add is verrrrryyyy slow!! I've always wanted a 4 poster bed for Natalie but cus she has to have a special bed I've never been able to also she has tracking that runs over the top of her bed attached to the ceiling to hoist her up & out of bed......cus at 18 you can guess she is not the lightest even tho she is small for her age still lol. Anyway I had the idea that I would like a canopy built for her just to come so far out without getting in the way of the hoist & without altering the bed at all.....not that we could alter the bed cus its basically like a posh hospital bed instead of all the metal its wood & has wooden sides so she doesn't fall out. Anyway as you know I found one of them brackety things they have in hospitals to put the tv on well me & hubby have spent the morning attaching the bracket.....what a job that was let me tell ya but it was worth it to know its solid & above all safe & sturdy as a house.  Hubby also spent the last few days building a canopy to house the bracket as well as conform to my design pmsl. I thought I would post some piccies now that the canopy is up with the bracket & we have just attached her pink tv & added some cool lighting into the top of the bracket......she loves lights....absolutely adores them lol. There are quite a few pics tho but you will see why.

This is still not finshed its all got to be painted the 2 strips of wood are having shelves fixed to them which hub by is doing now. The top one is to put her Ipod Touch on which she got for crimbo & the bottom one is to put her minature Betty Boops on or her Me To You bear ornaments....I cant decide yet....its hard!!! I've also got to makes drapes to go down the side but we've got her fitted wardrobe on the other side of the room to do & decorate yet. The pink thing you can see is her old wardrobe. Its also not going to be pink & lilac anymore thank goodness cus I really hate it now lol.

The tv I think is gorgeous its 22 inches as the max the bracket will take is 23 inches, its also got freeview & dvd & ports to plug her Ipod into. The bracket is just fantastic it really is I cant wait to see her face when she comes home from school......I'm so excited I actually wish today would go quicker lol. Anyway the bracket is guaranteed for basically means that if in 10 years time the plates at the back of our tv change the company will send out a new fixing plate to accomodate the new style tv.....FREE. No matter what happens to this they will fix it....providing we have abused it obviously. It is fully turnable the tv can turn 360 degrees & the bracket can be moved up down & to each really is fabulous!!!

On Sunday night I was looking for some light fixture to fix to the canopy roof & I found these in Argos. They are LED & have 7 colour changing can also get them in white. We attached reflective card to the top to refect the light downwards....once the drapes are up & its all finished you wont be able to see the light strips just the glow.  The one above is showing blue.

It is hard to show in the daylight it is better at night we had the lights fitted last night & Natalie loved them she really did. We had them on a sequence so that each light fades out & the next coloures fades in....does that make sense lol.

This is to show you what the top of the canopy looks like, the metal bar type thing in front is the tracking for the hoist to slide along as it goes right along into the bathroom as her bedroom as an en-suite...gosh I could do with one of them living with this many males lol. I am so proud of hubby he has done a fabulous job & I know that Natalie already loves it & she hasnt even seen the bracket & tv so she is just gonna be over the moon tonight.
Well thats it I just thought I would show how the bedroom is going I've got to now find some material for her drapes & curatins at the window.....I havnt even got the wardrobes stuff yet or the wallpaper....I'm erm being rather fussy lol.......well to me she deserves it to be perfect.
Please come back later cus I have a special post that will need everyones please come back peeps. Thankyou for stopping by tatty bye for now peeps.


cardmaking bird said...

Errrrrr. WOW!!!!!!!!!! It looks absolutely amazing. Natalie sure is a very lucky girl!! You've made it like a disco bed with those lights LOL!!! I bet she's going to love it. You and your hubby really are the best. Let us know Nat's reaction when she gets home, I'd love to see her face! Hugs to you, hunny bun. Marie xx

Lorraine said...

OMG WOW WOW WOW it looks amazing i bet princess loves those lights i think i need some lol i love the pink tv too what a great bedroom she has,I wish i could see her face when she sees her beautiful room she will be so excited you have done a wonderful job i love it xx

Loopylou. said...

Vicky (..and hubby!!) that is just awesome! wow natalie is a very lucky princess to have such a fab mum and dad. I bet she will be so excited tonight when she gets into bed! huge hugs Lou xx

Teresa said...

Vicky, you and your Husband seem to turn your hands to anything, this is fantastic your Natalie should love it and a tele with everything a dream for anyone, a designer bedroom for your princess.
Teresa x

Grenouille Greetings said...

Fit for a princess! Wow, Vicky, Natalie is no doubt going to be over the moon! Hugs, Lesley

Vixx handmade cards said...

Vicky this is wonderful hun! I bet Natalie cannot wait till it's finished and so excited!
The lights look fantastic sweetie, you and your hubby are fab designers :o)

hugs Vicky xx

Poppet said...

Awesome Vicky, you and Craig should be very proud of yourselves. It must make your hearts expand with joy when you see Natalie's face light up. A DIY project that's full of love and there aren't many of those. :-) xx

Doreen said...

Hi Vicky this is so lovely.Natalie is lucky to have parents that care so much.
There is something on my Blog for you I hope you will

Keep It Sweet and Simple said...

Wow! This looks fabulous - your hubby has done a wonderful job. The canopy is stunning and I can see why Natalie would love those lights - whata great find they were.
Can't wait to see it when you have done all the drapes.
Caroline xxx

Frea said...

Hi Vicky and Craig, wow that looks awesome!! Natalie is gonna love her new room!! She's so lucky to have you guys as parents!! Hugs, Frea

angelwhispers said...

Oh my goodness!!! This is fantastic and what special parents you are and what a lucky Princess Natalie is to have you both I can feel the love everytime you mention your children Vicky you really are such a beautiful person!!

Hurry up with the photos of the finished room. Love Chanelle xxx

meeshka said...

Ooooh... Move over Natalie! I'm coming to live in your fancy new room! LOL! WOW! What a lucky lady, Natalie is... can you and hubby come and do mine, Vicky? Hehehe... Can't wait to see the finished job, it looks like it's gonna be a little bit special when it's all done :)

Give Natalie a BIG hug from me... the crazy lady who wants to steal her room. The hug is a sweetener ;) LOL.

Well, it's definitely fit for a Princess, eh?! Well done you and hubby for doing such a grand job!

Hugs, love and a big kiss for Natalie!

Meesh. XXXX

cebelica said...

What a lovely room; exactly the kind of room that the princess would want. Natalie is very happy to have such loving parents as you and Craig.

coops said...

aw it looks fantastic vicky.i love the lights and its going to look magical once the drapes are on too :D
well done to you and your hubby.your daughter is a very lucky girl :D

xx coops xx

KraftyKoolKat said...

Wow!! Hunni this is gorgeous. Your little princess really deserves this and she has the best parents ever in you both. I love the changing lights they are awesome.


Diamond Doll said...

It,s gorgeous Vicky, those lights are fantastic, your beautiful princess deserves the best.
Trish (-:

denny said...

hi vick hope your keeping well hun well i havent been about much hun sneaked on tonight to se wots happening in blogland and ive just notices you put sum picys of natalie s bedroom well hun it looks amazing hun awwwwwww i bet she is so chuffed and i love her telly bless her you and craig have done a fantastic job hun its beautifull mine shud be finished this weekend well i have all my little nic naks out now just waiting for a large set of draws and my headboard then my shabby chic bedrooms complete :) xxxxxxxxxxx

kaylou said...

wow the room looks gorgeous , those lights remind me of working in the 'Snoezelan room' in the day centre I worked in.... Natalie will absolutley love it... well done Hun.
Hugs Kaylou xxx

sandra said...

Absolutely amazing!
Well done!
I'm sure that Natalie will looove it!