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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Die Storage & my junk room lol

Hello my lovelies how are you all? It been a beautiful day here in the North East today.............mmmm NOT lol its been very wet & miserable :0(
I am showing you something different tonight. There is this blog called Shop At That Craft Place & my lovely teamie Suzi is on the there. Well they want to see Die Storage, so I thought I would pop on my die storage to help support this blog.
Now this is quite heavy post & I thought I would show you a few other storage things.......& storage problems lol.
The bottom half of this wall I covered with Magnetic Sheets & this is where I store my dies, altho I have to admit that I'm running out of space & currently I have quite a few on my bench next to this wall lol.

These are my bookcases next to 1 of my benches & when I saw I was running out of room on my wall I then stuck A4 Magnetic sheets to this as well. Currently my hobbit (craftroom) is under-going a re-decoration/overhaul so will be able to make more room for my other dies lol. I used to store them in cd cases but I found that there were so many I neglected as I can never remember what I have tbh. This way they are right there in front of me at all times, it helps to give me inspiration as well. All my Tim Holtz dies I just keep next to my die-cutting machines, but they too need storage at some point.
This is how I keep my embossing folders stored. I have 2 A5 ring binders full of polly pockets & I store each of my embossing folders in them. I got these ring binders as they can be decorated up if you want by making your own cover. Cuttlebug folders I can get 2 in every polly pocket, larger ones I just place 1 in.
If you click on the pic it will enlarge so you can see better.

Now remember me saying I have to sort my rubber stamps out & find some way of storing them all but its a huge job. So in order to make this job lighter I am going to give stamps away for candy as I sort through them. Well I thought I would show you my stamps as a lot of people have asked how many stamps I have..........please dont make me count them.
Ladies I dont know how you cope all of you who have been doing this for years, I've been doing this 2 years & I'm struggling to find stroage for everything.
Now all my wood blocked stamps go on 2 of my walls.......this is going to change tho as hubby is gonna fit some wall cupboards so all these stamps need storage..........that tho I have solved & will show you when its done. Excuse the mess peeps, this is my inking bench on 1 half & then sewing on the other half. Inking is only done on the mat tho & I keep antibacterial wipes in there. I also keep baby wipes which you can just see on the plastic drawers, they are for cleaning my stamps when I've used Memento, I figure if they are kind to babies bottoms they will be kind to my rubber lol.
This is going to be my new stamp storage. Altho I have no idea how long it will take me to sort lol. I am going to store my stamps in empty cd cases some of my stamps are already in cd cases but there are still a lot more to do.
The photo's on top are of my kids when they were younger, Ben was 14, Natty bout 12ish & Jake about 9 years old............gosh how they grow so quickly!!!

Each cd case I stamp or I will print out a pic of the stamp & then each cd case will be numbered. Then they will all be catalogued so all I do is look through the catalogue under a certain artist, find the one I want then look to see what number it is.

This is my current Magnolia stamp collection, well its half of it anyway. This is what started the cd case idea. Someone on ebay was selling these cases, they are the length of a dvd case but the width of a normal cd case & I fit 2 Magnolia stamps in every case. I've had these cases for over a year & just brought a cheap cd case to store them in. As you can see there is another unit ready when I put the rest of my maggies into cases lol. These are just standing on the floor at the min in fromt of the small bookcase.
I have 3 boxes of stamps to sort through. The one with the yellow envelopes in are all the stamps I have brought from Sweet Pea Stamps, yes some are still in the envelopes they came in & sit un-inked. The white box contains a lot of Sugar Nellies, LOTV, a few WOJ's, more Maggies & a the 1st full collection of Sylvia Zet stamps that were released.

The 2 bottom plastic drawers are both full of stamps, about 1 third of these are new & un-inked. Yes there is more of those Flippin Stamps in there as well, so you can expect more of those in future candies lol.
This is a set of drawers under my die-cutting bench & as you can see I've been EXTREMELY lazy & the middle drawer is full of stamps where I have just dumped them..........there is all sorts in there!
This is the plastic zip bag from my bedding set when I brought it & the bag came in handy to put stamps in lol, again me being lazy

These are most of my Crafts & Me stamps. If you click on the pic you will see the I'm doing different storage for these as usually these are larger stamps. I stamp 4 images onto an A4 sheet of card, write the artist down, I will also write down the name of the stamps. I then laminate it & then I can place all the stamps onto the sheet as I put EZ mount on them all these then slide into a polly pocket just incase any work loose. This will be stored on my bookcase.
All these pics were taken a few days ago & this was the state of my bench that day. Have you seen how dirty my window is lol. This is where I make my cards because of the window light & also cus we spend most of our time in the conservatory so I can still see everyone when they are in there. Also the dogs come in to see me & hubby brings me cups of tea out bless him lol.
Its currently needing a redoration as well as more units etc. So you see why I need to have a big sort out of my stamps & why I will be offering stamps out as candy.

Well my youngest has just got back from the gym so we are going to watch a dvd. I will be round to catch up with you all after & in the morning. Thanks for popping by & looking at my storage & my junk room lol. I will 1 day get it sorted.........goodness knows when that will be lol.
Sorry for the piccy over load peeps :0)
Huge hugs to you all mmwah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Carla S. said...

Wow, Vicky! I can't believe you have this many stamps from only two years! No wonder you need a few storage solutions! You've got some great ideas that I think I'm going to give a try. It's the big wood-blocked stamps that are the biggest problem to deal with. Thanks for the post and all the pics! Love to see other people's crafting spaces!

Sandra H said...

Gosh Vicky, That's some haul you have there Great storage too! you have so much crafting items do you remember what you have?!! you could open a how long have you been crafting? it's great that your showing and sharing your storage and lots of ideas too to take from it ........stunning!! x

Kasey ~ in Oz said...

WOW, that is one awesome space to organise! Have fun with that
Vicki. I have a friend who has some map drawers for her wooden block stamp storage. fabulous, you can label the drawers and they are shallow and huge!

Where do you get your magnetic sheets from? The ones I can find are too thin and weak to hold the dies firmly.

Kasey ~ in Oz

misteejay said...

Ummm, and I though I had a lot of stamps LOL

Love your storage ideas. My first course of action is to first get everything out of my craft room so that I can organise some storage so that everything can then go back in.

Toni xx

Love crafts forever said...

OMG!!!!!! Vicky now i will see your room in my Dreams!!!!!! so much of good stuff, just awesome.
Hugs Nat

Sue said...

Oh my goodness!! You are so organised, I love the different storage ideas you have. Thanks for sharing

Hugs Sue

Debs M said...

wow wish i had that much space never mind all those crafty supplies!! great pics x

Suzi Mac said...

OMG!!! I so want to come and play in your craft space hon!!! I love your die storage system, your craft space looks amazing. I love all your fab pictures. Thank you so much for sharing with us over at Shop at That Craft Place.
Suzi x

Christina C. said...

I love seeing how other crafters store their goodies. I have one wall covered with a pegboard and have all my dies hanging on hooks so I can see what I have, otherwise they are out of sight and out of mind! Thanks for the peek into your craft space!

Shelby said...

OMG girl you have a lot of stamps!! I thought I had accumulated a lot...can't wait to show my husband these pictures!! Great craft space and I really am loving all of your stamps and dies.


Eileen said...

Really smiling here Vicky. I thought I spent a lot on this hobby but oh my word, those stamps must have cost thousands of pounds. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh I won't tell your hubby :)
I'm also smiling coz to take pics of my crafting room means taking pics of the sitting room and dining room where craft is slowly taking over. I keep buying more storage units but then I fill them.
I bet there are loads out there in blogland who are in just the same position.
Thank goodness for digi's as they don't need space :)
Have fun with your sorting
Eileen x

Annie Rose said...

Well, that settles it... I'm coming to play at YOUR HOUSE! :) This is awesome! I love seeing other people's craft spots. I love your magnetic walls... great idea. No wonder you create such beautiful art -- so much inspiration!

Annie Rose

Grenouille Greetings said...

Goodness me!!!!! I love how you store your embossing folders and I have a box that looks just like your bag of stamps yet to be sorted but its at least twice the size. I must, must, must do better! Thank you for sharing, Vicky! Hugs, Lesley

Chrissy said...

Hi! know that bottom drawer where you have tossed them in[naughty]well that is the size of my whole sad..I am astounded how many stamps you have, oh! so spoilt for choice, I think I would get awfully confused..[liar..I want it all]...great storage ideas, I use DVD cases for my stamps....they are ok, I have dies in them too..
Thanks for sharing..


Trish and Treasure said...

I love your room!!!Thanks... I'm drooling over how organised and such a nice place to work & all your own!!!
Happy crafting!!!
Hugs Trish xx

heidy said...

Wow Vicky,this looks like a shop to me girl!!
XXX Heidy

Marianne's Craftroom said...

I love to see how people store stuff. What a huge amount of stamps in two years. I can't bear to take mine out of the original packing so store my stamps in folders with punched pockets. The small ones go in A5 size and the large ones like TH sets in A4. Have separate folders for SN, LOTV and then mixed where I have just a few or odd stamps. Good luck with the cataloguing. Like the idea of the embossing folder storage. The die storage likks good. I have magnetic folders with extra sheets inside. Wouldn't have enough wall space for all the sheets.


Omg Vicky didn't know you owned a shop lol,wow all fantastic thankyou for showing this
Hugs Dianne xx :)

Sue B said...

Ah you have some great ideas here for storage Vicky!

I am just the same... need to reorganise everything... just done my dies... bought some of those magnetic sheets and they are fab.. you can fit quite a lot on one sheet and see them easily !! ;-))

I can't believe how many stamps, dies etc. I have collected in just 2 years too... need to have a good clearout to make room for the new!!!

Hope you have a good day hun!
Love and Hugs
Sue xx

Teri said...

OMG hun! Now I am soooo glad that I work with digi's, lol. Mind you, I would so love a dedicated crafty space, sigh. In my dreams huh.
Wishing you luck trying to sort through that little lot! xx

Mau xx said...

LOL...Vicky you have certainly collected some stash in just two years..Its all amazing! I do think however that you have far too many stamps and I am willing to take all those Crafts & Me images off your hands so you can create some space :)) I know, I Know, I am soooo kind but I am always happy to help a friend out.
Huge Hugs Mau xx

Unknown said...

What an amazing post!! I love to get a peek into other crafters rooms!! Oh my goodness!!! You have more stamps thanmany stores do girl!!!! I'm stunned, it's a rubber haven you have!!! *lol*
have wonderful weekend!
Almost forgot o mention that you havae such sweet pics of your kids!!!

Lau W said...

OOOOOhhhhh WOW WOW !!!! just love your scraproom !!!! Want it !!! lol !
You have fab ideas for storage, cool !
Thank you for sharing with us !

Teresa - My Crafty Heart said...

Hi Hun, OMW what a fabulous craft room! I love your storage ideas and everything looks so well organised, it looks wonderful and so spacious. I love how you have those long shelves along the walls for all your bits. You have really inspired me to have a bit of a clear out this weekend...something I have been putting off! I have shown hubby your blog post and I think he might have to get his drill out too! Big Hugs, Teresa xxx

Anke said...

woah, what a great room with so many stamps. I'm speechless ....
I also like it when there are photos of the kids. Our Ben is now 17 years old and look here on my photo on my blog: since he was just 2 years old ... This is soo long ago ...
Hugs Anke

Sorry for my terrible English, but the school is more than 30 years ago ...

Kezzy said...

Wow wow wow your storage and your yummy craft space is stunning and all the craft inside is lush lush lush, wish I could come play at yours :-). Thanks for joining in at show ur stash at That Craft Place. Happy Crafting :-) Kerry x

Unknown said...

Goodness me Vicky!! Your craft area is awesome!! I'd feel like a kid in a candy store if I'd set foot in your room for a bit, lol! It looks absolutely delightful and I'm so happy for you that you have such a spacious room as well. Very neat storage ideas, Ikea would LOVE to have you ;-) Big hugs, Ira xox

Ally said...

this is freaking cool!! Love your craft room although it's not directly in the house. At least you can see them all while sitting at the windwo!
Hugs, Alessandra

KarinsArtScrap said...

great crafting room Vicky, lotts of things you stil need to sort out.
but it looks great.

greetings karin

June Nelson said...

OMG I need to come, I need one of these rooms equped with everything you have, you lucky lucky lady haveing all that stuff, my stamps fit into one little drawer lol, and that is with the ones you sent me lol, oooh im green with envy, its a good job I loves ya and you deserve every little bit and more lovely lady xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

KraftyKoolKat said...

Wow sweetie my hubby thinks I have a lot of stuff!!! I think you will need another house soon just to house all your stuff. Lol!!!!