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Friday, 11 May 2012

A Plea To Lovely Crafters

Hello my lovelies how are you? I'm not here with a card today instead I'm here with a plea to all you lovely crafters out there. Firstly tho I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who commented on my card yesterday I really appreciate it. I've not been on my lappy all day til now so this has been my only chance to do this. Anyway yesterday & last night I was trying to get around as many blogs as I could to come see you all, whilst on my travels drooling along the way over your fantastic need to make waterproof laptops I'm telling ya!! Anyhoo whilst I was roaming I came across a lovely blog & noticed in her side bar a cancer symbol. Now as most of you know my family has a huge history with cancer its VERY close to our hearts & when ever I see that symbol I have to click, so thats what I did & came across another blog about a lady with aggressive Breast Cancer & her cousin/sister has put a plea on her blog to us crafters. Anyway after reading it, dont worry the link will be at the bottom for you all, I decided that my card yesterday would be perfect to send to this lady so that is where my 'Boobie Love' lady is going.

So firstly I want to thank Krista for drawing an amazing image its an image that can touch so many peoples lives & has so much meaning in it. Even if we havnt been touched by Breast Cancer 1 in 3 of us will have been touched by some form of cancer in our lives. This really is an awful disease that causes destruction & heart ache where-ever it goes. Its not picky, its not racist, it doesnt care how old you are or how young you are, it doesn't care what your gender does not care at all!!!
However we DO care, there may not be a lot we can do to erradicate this awful disease but we can believe in the power of prayers & good thoughts. We can let a person know that we are thinking about them & sending them our love & that we are praying for them. This may just seem little but it means such a lot to a person that has to suffer this terrible disease.
So please pop on over to here & read Patricia's blog. Dont worry she hasnt babbled on like me lol. If you are still here then thank you you are a total gem, thank you for putting up with me its just something that means such a lot & I get very upset when I hear of others going throught this awful ordeal.
I will also put the cancer symbol on my side bar for a quick link.

Thank you my lovelies, see you all soon mmwah.


Lotta said...

Hi Vicky! It sure is a terrible decease and I know this lady will be happy to recieve your card. You are wonderful! hugs Sandra

Sue said...

Hi hun
lost my best friend to breast cancer she was 32!!!! will pop a card in the post hun, hope you well, sue,x

misteejay said...

As you say Vicky, Cancer touches everyone's lives...I'm sure the response will be super and I hope it goes to show that WE care.

Toni xx

Berry said...

Such a sweet message Vicky. I am on the creative Inspirations DT with Patricia so have sent Susan a card. I hope all our lovely cards give her a reason to smile right now Hugs rebekah xx

Mary J said...

What a thoughtful post, Vicky! Will go check it out!

Unknown said...

I've seen what this dreadful disease can do too many times already, your post really touched my heart and you're such a sweetie to send your gorgeous card to Susan, this gesture alone will warm her heart and give her more reason not to give up... You're a real treasure... big hugs, Ira xox

lynne said...

Hi Vicky,
I am very very lucky that i have not as yet lost a close relation or friend to this horrible disease but while i was ill that last time i was in the Oncology ward as i was to get a treatment for my illness that was a cancer drug and also a lot of my symptoms were that of Cancer sufferers so needed to have a bone marrow biospy. I can tell you that i had the biggest eye opener while i was in that ward. The devastation as you know first hand is awful and the women who i met in there as so so positive and deal with it all so well on the face of it but lying at night i could hear sobbing and whimpering as some lay crying and scared of the day ahead. It was so so sad. Anyway, just wanted to share my insight into this awful disease. I keep in touch with two of the ladies, one has Leukemia that is not curable and the other has a type of Lymphoma which has also spread. These friends of mine are so strong and i think about them both so much.

Anyway Thanks for sharing the link Vicky! Will be also adding the link on my blog to spread the word. Sorry about writing a novel!
Lynne x x

LaJanette said...

Hi Vicky;

OMG; I saw your SC card the other day and thought it would be perfect for Susan. Thanks so much for posting this and adding the symbol to your sidebar. It really does mean A WHOLE LOT!


heidy said...

This toutches so many lives sweetie!
Will go check itout to!
XXX Heidy