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Friday, 8 July 2011

Not so happy birthday

Hello everyone  I just thought I would quickly pop this post on here.
My fabby hubby has brought me for my birthday 10 Bildmalarna stamps & spent over £100 at bunny zoes which he hoped would of come today........but I also got a pre-order so that will take longer.
Anyway today is my birthday but unfortunately it doesnt hold happy memeories as it was my birthday 3 years ago my dad got rushed to hospital & I was told he has a matter of days of his life left. I stayed with him the whole time, slept, well sort of slept in one of those uncomfy chairs....we managed to pursuade them to let him home so he could spend his last days at home surrounded only by his family....we nursed & cared for him. He died 7 days after my birthday.
So as you can imagine I'm really upset today & keep crying....... I was EXTREMELY close to my dad we were best of friends.
So I'm signing off the internet & putting my lappy away so please dont think I'm ignoring you I will see how I feel later & try catch up with all my commenting, if not I will catch up with you all tomorrow.
I'm gonna scedule my post for ces in the morn & then I'm gonna spend the day cuddled with my family & kleenex.
See you soon xxx


Loopylou. said...

oh vicky my lovely.Kerpping you in our thoughts, happy birthday and sending you huge Lou and mo sqooshes to let you know we love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

KarinsArtScrap said...

hi vicky, I know how it's like my mother died 4 day's after mine birthday and 13 days before my sisters birthday, so she died in the middle.
but for us is that already 22 years ago, she died young 56.
hope you feel a little bit better later, but anyway have a happy birthday with your family.

greetings karin

THERESA said...

Lots of hugs and luv, my friend, we understand, cannot be easy!!
Happy Birthday , hope that being with your family will bring some ointment to rub on that sore of yours.
Hold on there, we are all here for you!!!
lotsa luv

lynne said...

Its so sad your birthday is tinged with sadness.
I know what feel like from loosing my sister. We were pregnant and due at the same time so it made my sons birth a sad day instead of the happy time it should have been.
Its will be made worse because of your ill health lately. Have a lovely cuddle up and leave that laptop closed!
sending you lots of love!
Lynne x x

Jo said...

(( HUGE HUGS )) xx
Birthday love being sent to you today hunni.

Jo xx

Elaine said...

I am so sorry Vicky that I didn't know it was your birthday, but I'm sorrier still that you will spend the day in tears.
Of course it's a lovely tribute to your Dad and how much you meant to each other but I'm sure your Dad is looking down at you from above and wishing you wouldn't be so sad today.

With big loves & hugs
Elaine xxxxx

Unknown said...

Oh Sweetie!! I'm so sorry that you are so sad...But i know the feeling!! I had my birthday yesterday, so we are a day apart!! *lol* HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweetie!! If it's any concelation, i think it ment the world to him, that you where there, and that he could spend his last days with his loved ones!!! When my father passed away, it was in a hospital... I wish he would have had the chance to fall asleep at home...Wishing only the best in life sweetie! Lots of hugs to you & your family!!!

Exclusively by Mel said...

Hi gorgeous,
Sorry your Birthday is making you feel sad. xxx

Unknown said...

Hi Sweetie, I'm so sorry hun, what is supposed to be a happy day will always bring back that sad memory. You should move your birthday, after all, it is a day that should be celebrated with your family, so call me stupid with silly ideas, but I do believe that is precious, so why don't you move your birthday back 9 months, after all, life starts the day you're conceived. That way you can mourn your dad and celebrate your birthday the way you're supposed to, AND the way he would want you to. I know I know, me and my silly ideas..... just trying to cheer you up a little. Big hug, XOXOXO Frea

Janette said...

Awww sweetie, it's never easy is it...some years are worse than others take care and keep your chin

Teri said...

Oh bless! You have such a generous hubby! Wish mine even knew what crafty stuff was, let alone buy me anything crafty.
Hope you have a good day, despite the sadness hun.
MWAH from me!
Teri x

Debs M said...

thinking of you x

Jan Ltc said...

Hi Vicky, hope you are ok and come to enjoy your birthday once again. Your Dad wouldn't want you to be sad hun. Try to remember the happy times. Easier said than done I no. Anyhow I'm thinking of you and sending hugs xx Jan

Powerful Search Engine said...

Hi hunny I hope your goodies arrive real soon and my thoughts are with you and yours at this hard time of year for you xxx Happy Birthday sweetie xxx Huge hugs Pascale xxx

Heidi said...

Hallo Vicky lots of hugs and cuddles sent your way, Heidi xx

cardmaking bird said...

Oh hun, I'm so sorry that your birthday doesn't hold happy memories for you. I'm very close to my dad, so I can't even imagine how awful it must've been for you. And I'm sorry to hear that your pressie didn't arrive in time - that's very unlike Bunnny Zoe's. I wish I'd known it was your birthday cos I would've sent something....but keep an eye out for something belated!! Lots and lots of love, hugs and birthday wishes. Marie xxx

cardmaking bird said...

And congrats hun - you won over at CLP!!!! Totally deserved - your card was lush! Mxxxx

angelwhispers said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie!!!

I hope you managed to have a wonderful birthday and lots of yummy pressies your DH really does spoil you but then you are sooooooo worth it!!! Love Chanelle xxx

angelique (anlou) said...

hiya sweetie
i wish you and your family all the best hunni, i know you were close with your dad
even so i want to wish you a fine birthday hunni
and what a sweet hubby you have hun
hugs angelique

arjette said...

Ooohhh I'm very sorry for you... I can understand that your very sad today........ I hope you're feeling better later on.. I wish you a lot of strength.. (I don't know if I say it right but you probably know what I mean, it's hard to express yourself in another language..)

gr. arjette.

Angie said...

Happy Birthday chuck, crafty goodies what a brill pressie. It's right to think of your Dad at this time of year but you need to concentrate on the good things you did together and raise a glass to him with a cheeky smile.
Take care
Angie x

Grenouille Greetings said...

Oh Vicky, I do feel for you. I lost my Dad seven years ago and I still miss him dearly. To have what should be a real cause for celebration so intimately tied to such tragedy for you must be awful. So snuggle with your family and try to take some comfort in the happy memories of birthdays past when your Dad was still with you. He may no longer be around in person but I'm sure your love for eachother will always be there and your memories of him will go on and on. Warmest of huggles! Lesley

thekolbes said...

Vicky, I understand completely. My Dad went to bed on Father's Day 8 years ago and never woke up. I still have a hard time that entire week. Hang in there

Squirrel x said...

Huge hugs to you hunny, take all the time you need to - you know you don't need to apologise to us! Hope you are back with us soon. Love, Sxxx

Lorraine said...

oh huni its still a good day just celebrate all the wonderful memories you have of being with your dad on your previous birthdays he would want you to have fun and of course HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUNI XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Angela said...

I know you are feeling sad, but I still wanted to wish you a happy birthday. Sounds like your husband is the best and always knows what you want. I do hope your day gets brighter and you can find some laughter in your family and in your memories of your Dad.

Chrissy said...

Thats alright sweet girl, I will just write this anyway, and when you pop back, you can find it. TRY.. to have a very happy birthday. With a hubby as sweet as that, and to spend on you,with no complaints, well something on this day has to make you happy.Go see the puppies, talk to your kids, think of all the happy times with your Dad.. and he's still there with you, he will be watching over you,pain free, and probably very happy.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you Vicky.. xx

Mary J said...

Oh babes. There are no words to describe how sorry I am feeling for you right now. I know you will cherish your happy memories of him. He was obviously a great man for you to have been best friends with.


KraftyKoolKat said...

Oh sweetie I am feeling for you. Next Friday 15th is the Anniversary of losing my Mum a year ago. As you know I also lost my Dad this year in May. Yesterday 8th July would have been their 61st Wedding Anniversary. Last year for their 60th they didn't celebrate because they were both in hospital in different wards and on different floors. I hope you manage to get through the next week hunni, you are in my thoughts.


Rach said...

hiya honey,
I saw your post yesterday babe, but didn't want to be the first to leave a comment... and to be honest i don't think that what ever anyone wrote would have made you feel any better... remember the good times hun that you had with your Dad, he wouldn't want you to be upset... hope that you had lots of cuddles yesterday... big big hugs from me.. Rach xxxxx

Jennifer said...

Hugs xxxx

Scrappellen said... sweet sweet girl, I am so sorry that I didn't know it was your birthday, and I know you were very close with your dad♥! I'm not that good in english, but I want you to know that I have you in my thoughts..and tell you that you're my favorite blog-girl!!:)
I can understand that your very sad , butI hope you're feeling better these days! I have benn looking at your dad on the picture, and I can see that he was a special and caring man!!
Wish you a beautiful day Vicky, with lot of good memories♥.
Hugs from Ellen

coldwaters2 said...

Oh Vicky I know how you feel even though it has been a long time since I lost my dad he is never far from my thoughts. It must be difficult at this time especially as it is your birthday as well, treasure your memories I am sending you lots of hugs
Lorraine xxx

xxxtglxxx said...

Hope you managed to get through the day ok Vicky :)

I totally understand how you feel, and sometimes you just have to ignore the hustle and bustle of the world and allow yourself a little space and time to think.

Shame your birthday gifts didnt arrive in time too - that would have put a little smile on your face. Cant wait to see what you get tho! :)

Have a fab week hun,

big hugs,


Kirsty said...

Hi must be heartbreaking. It takes a long time and it is horrible as you get older and the ones we look up to can't live forever ! He would be so proud of your blog I bet !! Thinking of you ! Go on let your hair down and celebrate your birthday and be selfish you deserve it ! Kitty :D