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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Storage Tip/Idea

Good evening my lovely are you all this evening. No card from me I'm afraid I thought I would give you a break lol. I've been so busy today & what time I've had I've been commenting here & there well as much as possible lol. The men went fishing tonight & the eldest was out with his girlfriend bless him tho he made me a cuppa before he went lol. So its just been me & the princess tonight....not that she has been a princess mind lol.
Anyway I thought I would show you a storage idea I had 1 of them is my old idea but I've now changed to something so I thought I would show them both. Now I dont know if someone has already thought of things like this or anything similar I'm still on a learning curve lol. Now with us crafters comes the storage issue even those with large craft spaces have storage issues. Mine is not huge but is quite big & I need to store things sensibly & use every nook & cranny lol.
This is how I used to keep all my nestie sets
Its an empty cd case & I've cut a square from a A4 Magnetic Sheet it is adhesive on one side so I just stuck it inside the cd case & then simply put my nesties onto the magnet.
Now while this is a good idea I needed something on a larger scale & something close to hand. So as I am organising my craft room at the mo I thought it was the ideal time to rethink a few things.
I have arranged things so I have an area dedicated to cutting. So all my cutting machines are all in the same place. So I ordered about half a dozen magnetic sheets. Hubby attached a piece of white melamine to the wall & then I attached all of my magnetic sheets

You can see the white melamine at the end, I ran out of sheets lol. Now you could do this on a wall or a notice board or a canvas even. You could even attach some to the side of your bookcase, this is where my next lot of sheets are going as that will be for my XXL grand dies. I dont need to find storage for the cd cases now & they are at hand & I can see easily what I've got.

The dies like this one from whiff of joy what have the plastic guide as well is easily stored the same way.

You just place the plastic guide behind the metal die & the metal die will magnetise & hold them both in place so you can still keep them together.
This is how my wall is looking so far I'm still digging out dies out of my box but only got a few more to put on now lol.

I did actually think also of making a ring binder storage by placing a couple of sheets of A4 card together & laminate it then punch holes at the side for the rings in the binder. Then attach the magnetic sheet to one side of the card, I think both sides could be too heavy then place your nesties on. You could use any size binder you want to & that would also save you quite a bit of storage. If any of you do this I would love to hear if it worked or not cus sometimes these ideas that bounce around my thick skull dont pan out lol.
Anyway hope this has maybe been a little bit useful for you. Like I said I may be way behind with this sort of thing, but I'm a kinda crafting storage virgin so to speak rofl.
Well I will go now as my hubby & sons are back & sound might I add lol.
Thank you so much for stopping by & listening to me babble on you all totally rock.
Better go now as I'm drawing a plan for my fab teamies Sue's craft room it involves lots of cupboards then you basically throw everything inside out of sight & then just wear blinkers whilst in the room lol.
See ya soonies my lovelies take care & keep on smiling.
Tatty bye


Chrissy said...

Hi! Vicky, I'm still using DVD cases and I store mine in a DVD rack, stores up to 80 containers.The door is glass and I can see my labels clearly, and clear stamps are at the top so I can see them too.Waiting for my son to buy his new DVD cabinet he has 1200 DVD's, no social life but lots of DVD's, and then I can have his 2 glass cabinets the same as mine.
WHOO HOO, lets take him shopping as you cant get these glass ones here any more.My craft space is tiny, but organised,I use book shelves on their sides, which makes cubicles.
I love all your comments you leave me, Thankyou.... so much, you crack me up, I always end up laughing, as I do on your blog.

Poppet said...

Great ideas Vicky. Will give the magnetic sheets stuck to my bookcase a go then I won't find my nestie box in the bottom of the bag with the papers waiting for shredding. :-) xx

cardmaking bird said...

Thanks for sharing - great idea. I am v jealous of your fabby crafting space!! I have to put up with the dining room table and having my craft stuff all over the house!! Good job I'm not minimalist, it's a v messy hobby! Hugs, Marie xx

Jayne said...

Thanks for sherring ... i will try it....


KarinsArtScrap said...

great idea vicky, thanks for showing it too us.
how do you cut these?
with a knife or snip them with scissors.

greetings karin

Sue said...

Hi hun
brill idea much easier to see what you want, im desperate to do something with my room & stash, sue,x

Emma said...

Such a fab idea hun...your craft room looks amazing, am so jealous!!
Hugs Emma x

lynne said...

What a fab idea. Mine were in CD cases but David brought me home a pile of clear plastic boxes from his work so they have moved into them. Easier to pull out and put back in than the CD cases.
Your hobbit is going to be the best once you have done it all with everything to hand when you need it!!

Lynne x x

KraftyKoolKat said...

Great ideas hunni. Glad the boys got home safe. Lol!!!


Spigolatrice said...

it looks great! although I have never seen those magnetic sheets...

An Occasional Genius said...

Fantastic idea for nesties, wonder how OH feels about magnetic wallpaper?


tiggertastic said...

amazing idea and it looks like your craft room is taking shape quickly

Linda Peo. said...

Great ideas! I've been doing the magnet strips in the CD cases, but I LOVE your idea of the magnet sheets on the wall ....FANTASTIC!
Thank you so much for sharing!!!!
Linda Peoples

Littlehamsterz said...

I love this idea :) ingenious !