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Sunday 20 February 2011

Work In Progress!!!!!!!!!

Good evening my lovelies how are you all? Have you had a nice weekend I hope you have sweeties!!
Well I have no card tonight as I've been busy all day in my little hobbit (craft-room). Yesterday I ended up really ill all day apparently it was a few side effects from the was awful I kept walking into things when I was walking & when I sat I kept falling was funny when I walked into stuff I would end up laughing at myself lol. So yesterday I spent the day in my jammies & by 8pm I lay in bed with hubby & spent the rest of the night watching dvd's & Jake would come in every now & again & lie on the bottom of the bed watch the film with was dont want to know how many times we've watched it lol. So today I am feeling better so I've worked my ass off this afternoon trying to move stuff in my craft room & have a good sort out at the same time.......I didnt realise how much shoite I had I've filled a bin liner with stuff I dont want & I've only got half way thru it. Why do we keep so much tat? I hang my heed in shame!! Now I'm sitting back in the living room Craig has made me a cuppa & I'm chomping away on a wubble wecker gives me energy.....ssshhhh thats my excuse anyway it was the same excuse for the lion bar I've just had too lol.
I thought I would show you my craft room in progress now its messy & there is a big pile fo stuff in the middle of the room still to be sorted.....I have another 3 big boxes from the conservatory to take out there tomorrow. I've had enought for today tho....I've been on it since dinner time I stopped an hour for tea as hubby made it bless him. Anyway here are some piccies....
This is as you come in the doors. The pine drawers have got to be painted yet to match up with the slim metal ones. They are fab for a craft room actually as they are only £15 from Ikea & you stain, varnish or paint them how you want.

This is to the right side & this is 3 bookcases put together, which is still to be organised I'm just kinda plonking stuff on there & then rearranging as I go lol. The pile of stuff in the middle is still to be sorted...

This is the left hand side. The unit on the left was actually a beech cd unit that I brought a couple of years ago but I painted it & distressed it to go in my bedroom to hold little perfume bottles & ornaments & stuff, my bedroom is shabby chic so it went well. Now I'm going to use it to house all my stamps....they are staying in the conservatory til last lol. Craig brought me a new cd unit from Argos but it goes really well with the furniture in the conservatory so I've gave it to him for his Xbox 360 & Nintendo Wii games lol.

I have rails on the wall at the bottom to house my punches, all small punches tho are stored in the wicker basket on the bench in front.

This is my designated cutting area. The 2 slim metal drawers next to each other house all my A4 card, 1 set holds all different coloured card & the other set holds all cream & white A4 card sorted by GSM. Yes I'm one of those that likes everything to have a place & a label.....I know I'm sad lol. See my craft robo next to the cuttlebug....its hard to believe I have one of those as I dont blinking use it.....tell a lie I used it once the day hubby got it me when I 1st took up once in 11 months is shameful isn't it?? I am gonna try use it more tho. The slim shelves on the walls holds all my wooden block stamps....most of which are still unused!!!

I was in the middle of putting away the rest of my score boards when I took piccies lol. I finally got around to putting sticky labels on all my distress inks today I've been meaning to do it since I brought this rack about 5 months ago lol. The little drawers are from the £1 shop.......guess how much!! How did you guess that?? My jars of sweeties sit on the top lol.

This is the other end of my hobbit which is on the left as you come in the doors.....this is my designated jewellery making area. I really must start making some again I'm just enjoying paper crafting so much tho!!

This is an idea I had about a week ago I had left over poles from when I put some up in my kitchen but only had 1 pack of hooks & I didnt want to go Ikea just for hooks so I thought of a different way of attaching all my ribbons......altho I need go back Ikea anyway as I've ran out of poles...I only had 3 & all my ribbon doesnt fit on.

Before the christmas I ordered a load of these clips....cant remember the name of them. I had already a load of keyring in my jewellery stash so I cable tied the keyring to the poles (yes I raided hubby's shed for the cable ties lol) I then started folding my ribbons & putting the clips on them & then hooking them onto the keyrings. I'm not very good at explaining sometimes so it might be better if you just click on the piccy to enlarge lol.

This is the last piccy this is a pearl bracelet & earrings that I make to symbolise Lung Cancer, I sell them to raise money for Roy Castle Foundation which is the only charity totally dedicated to Lung Cancer alone. If you click on the pic to enlarge you will just be able to make out the name what I call them.
Actually I will put another pic on to show you better.

So this is now the last pic lol. With every bracelet brought I give away a pair of earrings. They are all made with white imitation pearl & crystal beads & with 'Hope' charms attached. On the tag which I made & printed myself is the name of the jewellery. The lung cancer jewellery is called 'Joro Gems' the Joro represents 2 important people....the JO are the 1st 2 letters of my dad's name John, who lost his fight against this disease 21/2 years ago....the RO are the 1st 2 letters of my brother's name Robert who is still fighting this disease, he is just 34 years old. They both had different types of lung cancer, my dad unfortunately had the worst kind....the most progressive kind. My brother however has the slowest growing 1. The one my brother has is not even caused by smoking its from scarring on his lungs...well thats what they think anyway!!
So the JO & RO came together as 'Joro Gems'.
Well thats my craft room in progress I will post piccies of the finished thing & if I think of any more storage idea's or tips I will post them on. I love my ribbon storage they used to be in big plastic drawers on wheels that went under the bench but they were that full I never saw half of what I was sometimes whatever I grabbed 1st. We are hopefully going back Ikea this week to get Natalie's wardrobe I've seen such a gorgeous big wardrobe in there that will go floor to ceiling its very yummy....while I'm there I will get more poles lol. I've also finally found wallpaper for my Jakes bedroom & Natalie's bedroom they are lush its took me 5 months to find Natalie's cus I'm so fussy & got it off the internet the same as Jake's as soon as he saw his he got me to order it straight away incase they sold out lol. I will show you a quick peek they only got delivered can carry on with Natalie's room this week.

This is Jake's which is perfect for a teenage boy....I love it!!

This is Natalie's but let me tell you its soooo more beautiful IRL the silver is all glittery so it really sparkles when the light catches it.......she has her own bit of bling on the wall....honeslty its nearly as gorgeous as my princess...
Well I'm sooo sorry if I've bored you but if you have got to the end xoxoxox to you well done lol.
Thank you so much for popping by I'm gonna catch up a little bit if I can keep my eyes open long enough as its nearly midnight lol. If not I will see you all in the morn altho I have managed to visit quite a few this morn before I started lol.
Anyway tatty bye peeps loves ya loads & loads.
Huggles & kisses


Fiona said...

Oh my goodness...this must have taken you half the night to type all this. Your craft room looks amazing...I am so jealous, my craft room looks like a cupboard compared to yours!! The wallpaper you have picked is perfect...never seen anything like that graffiti one before!!


Diane said...

Wow! Your room looks amazing,it looks like a store!!! You lucky girl!
Hope you feel better,get well!!!

Angela said...

OH MY GOSH, is that a craftroom or what. I wish I had that much space, but not so much in a kitchen and laundry room where all my stuff is. On day I hope to close in my carport and make it my space. A girl can dream can't see. I'm so glad you are feeling better.

Chrissy said...

WOW!! What an awesome room you have got.It will be amazing when its finished.I have a tiny space, through my own choice. I have a spare bedroon that I set up once, but I got too lonely{ big sook} and came back in main room.I like to see whats going on while I work.
Really look forward to seeing the progress as you make it.

cebelica said...

My goodness Vicky, your craft room is fab!!!! So spacious! I hope one day I can have a room just for my crafting needs too (wishful thinking lol).

Nice work on the earrings and bracelet. I love the hope charm at the bottom of the earrings. Beautiful! I should get back to jewelry making too! I have some projects I need to complete.

Natalie's wallpaper looks great. I love the chandelier! And I agree with what you said about Jack's wallpaper - it's perfect for a teenage boy!


Rach said...

fabulous room honey, looking very well organised. love how you are storing your ribbons, that is an awesome idea..
love your jewellry too, and a brilliant name for it. perfect. xx

I'd best not let my son see that paper, he would love it... xxxx

KarinsArtScrap said...

well vicky you have a beautiful craft room.
goodluck to sort things out.
your pearl bracelet and earrings, you have made them beautiful.

greetings karin

Judi said...

OMG! Do you live in a castle Vicky? Your craft room looks HUGE! Love how you've organised all your stuff.

Judi xx

Arts by Sara said...

I love your new room! And I am so glad to know another neat person who needs to have things put up with labels! I love your idea for the ribbon! Thanks so much for letting me into your world! Take Care and I hope to see your room when it is completely finished! The wallpaper for your children is awesome! Have a wonderful week! Happy Creating! Sara

Tracey T said...

I'm so jealous - I do my crafting in the kitchen! Your craft room looks fantastic, Vicky and I love the wallpapers for the kids' rooms. Hope you are feeling better today my love. Big hugs, xxx

Janette said...

OMG....all I can say is which way to yours....that craft room is amazing and I want it.....

Do hope your brother gets through his illness

An Occasional Genius said...

Ok, my cases are packed, I've said my goodbyes......

Now when can I move in??????

What a fabulous room hon, truly I could live in there!! You have been working very hard, don't go overdoing it & falling asleep again now will you lol!

Honestly it's just beyond fabby & I love both the wall papers too, you are just a star xxx

Engineered wood floors said...

I"ll be eager to see your refinished room.Its truly amazing.

CraftyC said...

OMG Vicky, I'm so jealous. No wonder your cards are always so gorgeous. I'd be in my element working in there. Hope your feeling better soon and it don't take top long to get it all back in place. I may motivate myself to bin a few stacks of old stash myself. Goes back years and I never use Kanban. QVC is so yesterday lol!

Vanessa (aka V'ness, Nessa, oldschool) said...

those earings are fab too give & the meaning behind to you sweet friend

KraftyKoolKat said...

Wow sweetie what a fantastic well laid out room. I am full of envy. My OH thinks I have a lot of stuff but it is nothing compared to yours. I adore the two wallpapers you have bought they are both perfect for the two lovelys in your life. Sorry you have been poorly hunni but it is typical you laughing at yourself.


Unknown said...

HI Vicky, wow I really enjoyed the grand tour of your 'hobbit'!! Love that idea for storing your ribbons, now I just need to see where I can find those chain rings. The rest I will probably be able to find somewhere! Thanks for sharing, Hugs, Frea

lynne said...

Wow Vicky! I am coming to craft at yours!! My bedroom has turned into my craft room with all my storage matching my wardrobes/drawers! David has promised me that he would buy me the Original Craft Box in April for my birthday!! Would have your hobbit instead though!! Your stash is just so organised....and i am a label lover too, its all got to have its place!

Sorry to hear you had the side effects from the sedation, thats just your luck!

Take Care,
Lynne x

Sue said...

Hi ya hun
wow what a awesome workspace, loads of room, i luv the way you have done your ribbon, lots of fab storage, hope you are ok 2day, you must be knackered after all that sorting, sue,x

angelwhispers said...

Oh mu god and you've only been crafting a year god help you girl!!

It looks amazing and so many yummy goodies I love it!!!!

Enjoy finishing you beautiful room! Chanelle xxx

Meesh said...

EEEEeeeeeeek! I want THAT room! How lucky are you?! LOL! It's fantastic, Vicky!

Fab jewellery... what a great idea. XX

Hugs, Meesh. XXXX

tiggertastic said...

hi sweetheart,hope today you are feeling better - hugs to you hunny you have been though so much.

Avatar really is excellent, love watching that too

Really loving your craft room - going to show hubby and ask why mine does not look like that :grin:

Take care sweetness, Sarah x

Grenouille Greetings said...

I have a fabulous craft room. You, on the other hand, seem to have a fabulous craft shop! I can't believe how brilliant this is!!! My room has been organised so that it looks like a normal office (of course it doesn't actually look like a normal office because there is always tons and tons of craft stuff over every surface and the floor too but your room positively shouts "come in and play". I love it, love it, love it and your storage ideas are excellent! I have my nesties on magnetic strips on the insides of cupboard doors but they do fall off if you shut the door too hard. Your ribbon storage is fantastic. The whole room looks so fabulously organised and I can't imagine that you ever want to leave it! Thanks so much for sharing! Hugs, Lesley

Grenouille Greetings said...

AND - I love how you store your wood mounted stamps!

Val said...

Wow - I am going green. This looks fabulous - so much space and a space for everything. I store nesties and other similar dies in a CD binder - takes 400 - and it is filling up very quickly!

Heather said...

My dream is to have a craft room. I usually work out of the dinning room but have all my stuff stored in the spare bedroom that I share with others.

Christine said...

Flipping eck Vicky just hopped over from new TT playmate Krafty Kutz (Lisa)to have a nosey at this craft room gosh you aint have arganised..think I need some lessons in that..LOL I do have a craftroom nothing as organised as yours tho..defo green with envy..

smiles Christine xx

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness! I love your craft room.

Bits N Bobs said...

What I wouldn't give for a craft room like that.
At the moment I have to keep all mine in bags and boxes.
Tends to stifle the creativity a bit.
One day i'll have one as I've told the kids they aren't allowed to stay home after they hit 25 LMAO
Thank you. I thoroughly enjoyed reading and dribbling over all the pictures :)

scrapbookertink said...

Wow, I have decided after seeing this, we need to put our house up for sale and move LOL. take care, Doreen x