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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Finally its up up up.................

Good evening everyone. I've been busy tonight, very busy. I've had 1 of my DT cards to make then I've had to cut my eldest sons hair cus he has his works crimbo party tomorrow & FINALLY after spending over a week ill I have our crimbo tree up & decorated.....wooooo hooooo.....I've just gotta tidy the living room back up which can wait til tomorrow though now........ Thought I would show you my tree & at the bottom a bemused dog cus he is not sure whats going on as he wasnt here this time last year bless him lol.
It is soooo hard to take piccy's of a crimbo tree isn't does actually look sooooooo much better IRL

There are actually blue lights & white lights but the pics is not showing them up very well :0(

Yes hubby was playing on his xbox whilst I was doing the tree lol. Next to the tree is his crimbo prezzie that I got him, a touch-screen pc thing lol I have got him something to open on crimbo day though as well....every year he has his prezzies early.....he's like a big kid lol....actually I'm just as bad lol. You can just see a white box on the floor by the sofa well that was a surprise prezzie off my hubby for me for crimbo day however I was at docs yesterday & a parcel came while we were out. This morning I went to pick the parcel up from Royal Mail thought it might do me good get out, also I have missed driving lol. Anyway Craig told the company to write xmas on the parcel so he would know not to let me open it (sorry I do hate the word xmas but thats what they wrote...yuk) When they handed the parcel to me it was wrapped in pink plastic with the words 'Shoe Fashionista' all over it.....mmmmm wonder what it could be????????? lol Bless him he was not impressed when I got back lol so he said I may as well have them now lol. Its a pair ofsuede knee high boots that you can also wear just above the knee.....I absolutely love boots especially knee highs I live in them nearly I think lol & the ones he got me are sooooo gorgeous they really are....unfortunately his surprise was ruined tho...ooops!!!

This is bemused Charlie our youngest Yorkie he is not quite sure whats going on lol. Sorry about my leg being in the was cold today so on went woolly tights & Ugg boots.....darn weather. Altho I am praying for a white crimbo cus I think its soooo beautiful for crimbo day & it would make my kids happy as the eldest has only ever seen it white once on crimbo day & Jake has NEVER seen a white crimbo.....isn't that just so awful, well I think so anyway lol.
Well thats it I'm off to bed I have Natalie to get off to school at 7.30 in the morn for her last day & I have 1 more DT card to make in the morn then that is it til after crimbo......altho I still have loads of stuff to make still for other people....arrrgggghhhhhhh!!!! I need help!!!!!!
Well night night peeps take care & keep warm see you tomorrow.....I'm still catching up on commenting I'm afraid but I will be there soon.
Loves ya all
Vicky xxx


Sarah A said...

Your tree looks bootiful Vicky, hope you had fun decorating it ;-)

I thought you were trying to show off your new UGG boots in the photo lol, they look nice and toastie warm!

Sarah x

KraftyKoolKat said...

Tree looks fab. Glad you seem to be on the mend Hun. Shame you spoilt the surprise over your boots.

Lorraine said...

your tree looks beautiful and i bet your boots are gorgeous plus you get to have them now yay xx

denny said...

looks gorjuss vick hun it is hard to take a picy hun i took one of mine and looks much better in reality my lights are purple and purple n gold baubles but looks on picy blue lol xxxxxxxxxxxx