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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Have you posted all your may be too late!!!!!

Hello there all you lovely crafters. First of all I would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone for your kind messages & e-mails it really did mean so so much. Unfortunately until they find the route of the pain I have to suffer it but at least it is somewhat better than it was.....I'm just living on lots of drugs & have a hot water bottle attached to me lol. I have sooo much to do though so dont really have time to be ill.........
Anyway do you remember me saying that my darling hubby Craig had ordered me the new Spellbinder Grand Calibur??? Well guess what has arrived today............
Yep this was ordered on the 2nd December to be delivered by Parcelforce on a 48 hour express delivery!!! Whats blooming express about it???? They have hundreds of parcels waiting to be delivered, they are wayyyy behind on their deliveries & they dont think they are gonna be able to deliver all the parcels for crimbo!!! What I dont understand is why are they not telling people.....people are paying extra money for this service, a service that they can no longer keep up with!! When Craig questioned the driver here was his response...''If people are stupid enough to pay for express service then that is their problem''...isn't that nice of him! They should be telling people about this as a lot seem to think we have up til the 21st-22nd December to post parcels....truth is we dont whatever you have to post, post it now & keep your fingers crossed. There is more snow due so postal services will fall even more behind. The driver today has been given well over 100 parcels but he says he will go home with about 70 as he wont have time to deliver them all today so tomorrow he will have them 70 & whatever else the depot give him. I just wanted to put this post on to let you know, I wouldn't want you wasting money or thinking you still have a bit of time....crimbo is expensive enough without paying for services you will not receive......we have done it 5 times now & everytime being let down!!!!
To cheer you a little bit maybe, this little fella that my hubby saw wanted to say ''hello'' to you all.....

Isn't he a sweetie..........
Hope I havn't bored you too much & hope this info has been of some help to you.....
Will be back later with a card....I'm having to do it in little stages but I find it takes my mind off things & gives me some pleasure lol.....also I have so many things still to make for crimbo & birthdays lol.
See ya soonies peeps thanks for stopping by
Hugs to all
Vicky xxx


cardmaking bird said...

What a cutie little robin red breast!!! And thanks for telling us about the parcels - it's out of order that they're not telling people and are still conning them into paying extra thinking the delivery will arrive in 48 hours - what a cheek!!
I'm sorry to hear about your pain. I know how it can get you down - I have to take oxycodone every 4 hours for pain relief but at least I know why I'm in pain and have got painkillers that work for me. I really hope you get it sorted out and if you ever need to talk, you know where I am. Sending hugs. Marie xxx
P.S. Enjoy playing with your new toy!! It can go a long way to taking your mind off things. xx

Marley said...

Have fun with your Grand Calibur! I'm sure it is a greatttt machine.. cant wait to see what you create with it.. xx Marley

Lorraine said...

aww that robin is adorable and omg you have the best hubby ever this is like the best pressie enjoy it huni xx

Croms' Cubby Hole said...

Good luck with finding out the source of your pain and hope it doesn't take as long as my diagnosis. That's taken 5 yrs. Gorgeous pressie and cute robin
Take care
Hugs Helen xx

angelique (anlou) said...

hiya sweetie
that little birdie is so cute and fluffie
the next time you see him, or your hubby, say hi for me to him, LOL
you new machine is amazing hunni
goodluck with you drugs sweetie
i hope you soon don't need them any more
hugs angelique

Soep said...

wow wat een nice birdy hihih
mooie foto !
en wat een mooie machine heb je
laat je gauw eens een kaartje zien???
liefs,ans xx

Keep It Sweet and Simple said...

Hi Vicky, sorry too hear about the pain you're in - hope those drugs kick in and you're feeling better soon.
I know exactly what you mean about the parcels. A dress arrived for my daughter today - for a Christmas party that was last week!!
Cute little robin - I love watching them on my bird table. Seems like they are the only guys around right now.
Caroline xxxx

Angie said...

Hi vicky glad u r feeling a little better. i am soooooooo jealous you will have to tell me what the Grand calibur's like, my hubby asked what i wanted for christmas the other day and i said i can't think but after seeing this baby i'm thinking ummm! i posted my parcels on monday so we will have to see if they get there in time or not stay well hun
Hugs Angie x

Unknown said...

Hello sweetie, glad to hear your up and about!! Well that little Red Robin sure looks like he's gonna last the winter, he's a chubby little fellow!! Anyway, we're having trouble here too because out postal services are on strike, can you believe it?? And that right before the holidays :( So I'm keeping my fingers crossed for things to arrice on time for CHristmas too! Well, you enjoy your nice new machine, you deserve it! Hugs, Frea

Sarah A said...

Gorgeous robin, I love em, they remind me of my late Grandma!

Lucky you on getting your new toy, hope you are up to having a play with it and that your pain sorts itself out hun. Can't believe it took soooo long to arrive though, that is really bad, especially when it is craft stuff!

Sarah x

Lindsey said...

Hi Hunny, hope you are feeling much better soon, I haven't been around much so didn't realise you were so poorly. Look after yourself.
Loving the parcel, even if it did come late grrr! Thanks for the tip off, I think I should get a wriggle on!
Linds x

denny said...

you lucky girl wow xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx