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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Could anyone help with a bit of advice plzzzz

Good afternoon peeps I could really do with your input. I currently have an Epsom printer I've only had this 1 about 6 months but I've always had Epsoms just because of the cheap ink cartridges. I originally brought a printer years & years ago for my business when I was a DJ & also for the kids, they use computers that much at school that a printer is a must now....its like needing a pen & ruler lol. Do you know how we joke on about when they used to have to write on a piece of stone kids in the future will soon be saying...'do you remember when people had to write on paper'!!!!!!
Anyway I'm thinking its about time I invested in a laser printer but I'm not sure what to go for so if anyone out there knows of a really good printer that doesn't cost the earth to run lol.....I need my craft money lol. If you could help me out that would be just fabberooney.
Thank you soooo much.

Hugs to all
Vicky xxx


Teri said...

Sorry hun, wish I could help. I know laser printers are fabulous quality, but they are NOT that cheap, and the cartridges are pretty expensive too. I used to work with Office World many years ago, they used laser printers in the copy centres, and they were bloody expensive even then. Things might be cheaper by now, but I won't hold me breath!!
I use Epson now, just a standard Stylus Office combi thing with fax, scanner, printer and copier. Got it in a sale at Tesco for £50. I use quite a lot of ink, usually a whole set a month, but I find them cheaper on ebay than in the shops.
Not much help am I?? LOL
Have fun with your search hun!
Teri xx

Ksenia GypSee Art said...

Hi, Vicky! Do you know what you are going to use it? I am no expert, but we've upgraded to laser only for me to find out that for most craft application I need an inkjet one. So whatever you do make sure you reserch it first...

tiggertastic said...

gosh i have no idea, i just brought a printer for home a kodak one and it is the first time i have had a printer running for 12 years lol, i always pinched works

cardmaking bird said...

When I last bought a printer (quite recently) I went with a Dell cos I thought it would be easier to hook up with my computer and in that respect - and the quality of prints, etc it's brilliant BUT the downside is the cost of the ink - in argos, both cartridges are £55!! I went direct to Dell, but they were still £35. I really wish I'd done a bit more research cos I would've got the Kodak one £80 in Argos and the cartridges are only £20 for both - which would be a huge saving over time!! Hope that's helpful. Marie xx

Croms' Cubby Hole said...

Before you lash out on laser - the ink used in them does not allow for nicely coloured imaged if you're using digis. I have both an epsom and a laser and would go with the epsom every time for my craft work

Jo said...

sorry hunni, can't help with laser printers.

I have an epson too, it's quite new, a BX310FN (pressie off my mommy) and it's FAB! crystal clear for digi's too.
Not had to buy any ink yet, but think it's around £12 - £15 per cartridge.