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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

DO YOU REMEMBER THIS??????????????????

Hi peeps I have no card as I have a card for you tomorrow.......because its time for......
Thats right the challenge kicks off tomorrow & we have lots of FAB prizes  on offer so pop over there & check it wont be dissapointed I promise you.
Now remember when my hubby brought me this.........
Well I have had to say 'Bye-Bye' Yes my baby went bye-byes. Hubby, son & a few others decided to go fishing in hubbys boat, we only live vertially 2 minutes from the sea but to the bay to push your boat out its about 5 mins away. They had unhooked the boat off my truck & hubby went take the truck up to the car park where it sat til he came back. When he got back to the boat my yougnest had fallen in the sea & his waders had filled up & he panicked a bit so was a bit upset so rather than going out with my son dripping hubby decided to get the truck & bring the boat back in & just return home. The wind was picking up, the tide was turning.....very fast & this is the North Sea we live beside. Anyway the tide turned extremely fast the waves got higher............can you see where this is going yet?????????? YEPPPPP thats right 'death by drowning' went my ickle truck. Lifeboat got the tractor & pulled everything to safety & we had brought my eldest son a new car that weekend so he towed his dad back home. Luckily we have the van to fall back on so are not without transport. We phoned a local garage on the Monday they came & picked it up but unfortuantely things went we ended up with a 100 quid bill off them & then went thru the insurance who then deemed it 'A WRITE OFF'....yes sea, salt & cars just dont mix at all :0(
Anyway we finally got the cheque today from the pick-up truck, so thats going in the bank tomorrow so we went & brought another new, (well 2nd hand of course lol) motor today. I spent the whole of last night looking for cars. Hubby is selling his boat cus of what happened & so therefor I dont need a 4x4 now so instead I have brought a car in memory of my dad, its his fave car EVER.......but he could never afford a convertible 1 but with the economy the way it is at the mo up here in the North East we are getting some canny bargains......... here is my new baby.....

This is an exact replica of mine, I will put the real piccies on another time the garage I got it from has removed it from their website & its too dark take piccies lol.
So all is well that ends well & I was gutted to lose my truck I was more relieved that my son & my hubby were ok I dont care about a stupid truck compared to them....a truck can be replaced, my son & hubby cant!! So there is the little fiasco we have had the pleasure of this last 2 weeks.....
Anyway I'm off to have a nice hot shower & straighten my hair....I will be back to crafting tomorrow, 2 whole days without I'm getting serious withdrawal now. However I'm going shopping in the morn 1st for a Bigshot hopefully the shop will have 1 in stock now.......fingers crossed.
See you all tomorrow thankyou for popping by & hugs to you all take care
Vicky xxx


tiggertastic said...

oh my god hun what a nightmare, just pleased everyone is safe and well.
hope you enjoy the new brum brum and can get the roof down and pose.

hugs, sarah xx

angelwhispers said...

My goodness Vicky what a fright!! and to loose you ickle truck!!!! Glad everything has turned out just great everyone is safe and you have such a beautiful car!! Hope you get your bigshot today!!

Can't wait for the first challenge to post it's so exciting and so many fabulous designs with Amys beautiful sheets!!!!

Love Chanelle xxx

Emma said...

Silly men eh but sure glad they were ok. Loving the look of your new car...poser!!! Rofl ;-)
Hugs Emma x

Grenouille Greetings said...

Oh my!!! Just taking a little journey through your blog to get up to date and I saw this post! Lucky family! Thank goodness everyone was alright except the pick-up of course but, as you say, vehicles are replaceable - and what a replacement! WW Lesley