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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Thank You

Hello my lovelies how are you all today? The weather is glorious up here today perfect for a stroll along the beach.....even tho I wont get chance to do that lol.
I dont have anything exciting for you I'm afraid its just a post to say a huge thank you to you all for your get well wishes for Natalie. Unfortunately she has rapidly gone down hill & we ended up staying in the sitting room with her all night. Colds affect her so badly extremely quickly so what was a few sneezes on Sunday is now full blown flu & now on her chest as well..... Lots of rubbish which is causing her to be sick should of seen my bath this morning full of sicky towels from in the night..yuk!!!
Anyway she has fallen alseep on the sofa now bless her she must be shattered, I know me & dad are, so goodness knows how Natty is feeling.
Anyway I just wanted to give you an update on my poorly angel & while she is sleepies I'm gonna do some blog hopping to come see your creations. So I will see ya soonies my fab friends.
Huggles xoxoxoxoxox


gina g said...

Good morning hunni aww I'm so sorry to hear that Natalie is worse! my brother has the same probs with my niece, anyway she has a lovely loving mum and dad in you two from the sounds of it lets hope she improves soon.Take care. luv gina xx

♥Gemma♥ said...

Oh im ever so sorry sweetie i must of missed the bit you said Natalie was poorly......i hope she gets better very soon!! Its awful isnt it to see your kids feel so helpless, dont you?!?!?
Make sure you & hubby get some rest too!!
Keeps us updated on how Natalie is if thats ok!
hugs and xxx

Kym's Crafty Cards said...

Vicky, oh poor Natalie. There's so many lurgies going around at the moment but when you have a medical tendancy for things to get worse quickly it proves quite a nightmare. We have this scenario with our eldest who suffers from brittle asthma ie if he has a bad attack he can go downhill within half an hour and we've nearly lost him twice due to the asthma. Hope Natalie manages to get some quality sleep as it certainly zapps you. Make sure you and hubby get some quality rest as well as there's no good you getting run down as well. I'm a right one telling you what to do eh? Needless to say I've been told to take things easy as I had my oral surgery to remove me of a root canal infection. It was awful and I look like I've either been in a boxing match with Mike Tyson or I've had Botox go wrong!! All being well the swelling will go down in 3-4 days so I'm glad I took annual leave until Monday!!! take care and sending you all lots of cyber hugs. Kym xxx

Meesh said...

Oh Vicky! I hope Natalie picks up soon! I bet you're all totally knackered :( Give her a huge hug from me... don't get any yucky snot on yourself though! LOL! I'm sure she'll be fine soon, chick, but ain't it a worry when they're sick?! Get some rest while Natalie's zonked, these things are normally worse at night time... as if you haven't noticed!

Loadsa hugs,

Meesh. XXXX

Teri said...

Oh you poor babies! I hate it when the nippers get ill. My eldest gets everything going, and it usually send her sicky too - yuck!! Luckily she's old enough to get to the bog in time, unless she's in the middle of sleep in bed, then its a lovely job to clear up, ugh!
Hope all is well for you all soon hun!
Take care,
Teri xx

Mona`s Bittelille Scrappekrok said...

Hi Sweetie!

So sorry to hear that your little angel is sick. I really hope she gets better soon. It`s no fun watching our young ones beeing sick and there is nothing you can do about it. Big warm hug from Mona

angelwhispers said...

Oh dear bet your all so knackered!!! Poor Natalie she really does get it ruff when it hits her!! She really is so lucky to have such a fantastic family but really get some sleep and leave the blogging!! She needs you more! Lots of love and hugs to you both! Chanelle xxxx

Tracey T said...

Hey there - sending big hugs to you and Natalie and hoping she's better soon. Try to get some rest while she's sleeping - I don't want you getting ill too! Love, Tracey xxx

Vicky said...

Sending big hugs hun and I hope Natalie is better soon sweetie ~ and make sure you have some rest too :o)

hugs Vicky xx

coops said...

aw sending big hugs for natalie.i hope she starts to get better soon :D

xx coops xx

cardmaking bird said...

So sorry to hear about poor Nats. I'm thinking of her and you and I really hope she's better soon. Just you and Craig make sure you're getting your rest too. You're a wonderful mum (and dad - not forgetting you!!) Sending huge hugs (and give Nats one from me!) Marie xxxxxx

Lorraine said...

oh huni i am sending lots of big hugs and kisses poor darling i hope she is feeling better tomorrow bless her,at least she has the best mum and dad ever to take care of her me thinking of you all take care xx

Anonymous said...

hi vicky. just wanted to pop in and say hi. im so sorry you baby is sick. praying for her to get better very soon, and for you to have the strengh you need. see ya! hugs.

cardmaking bird said...

Ohhhh look. Congrats Vicky, you've been featured here:
Hugs, Marie xxx

coldwaters2 said...

Oh Vicky I am so sorry to hear about Natalie I do hope that she recovers quickly it must be an awful time for you all, take care.
Lorraine x

An Occasional Genius said...

Big hugs for you all, hope you get some sleep soon & Natalie gets better xxx

KraftyKoolKat said...

Sorry hunni I wasn't about yesterday. I am visiting your posts all out of order. Trust me, I can't do anything right! Sorry to hear she has got so bad.