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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Cuttlebug Folder sample-thingy-ma-jig!!!!

Good evening all hope you are all well. I had a day planned in my hobbit today tidying & sorting.....well gues how much I've a darn thing!!! My angel of a daughter had me up all night so I never got to bed AT ALL, no sleepies for me altho I did sneak 2 hours this afternoon lol. So today I didnt have the energy to tackle storage issues & come up with new nifty ideas. Altho I have come up with 1 for my ribbons which are starting to overflow the drawers & I've just put a new order in for 50 more, not 50 rolls might I add lmao just lengths of 2-5 metres but I will show you that once the items come to do the project. Anyway last night I told you about something I had done concerning my Cuttlebug folders, or should I say embossing folders. This idea came to me a few weeks ago when I had my monthly subscription of Papercrafts magazine through the door & as always it had a free gift, here it is.......
Sorry for the dull piccies I've took these photo's on the kitchen bench & couldn't be bothered to get the daylight lamp sorry!! This is what I got free they are crimbo templates....which I've still never used!! Anyway when I started making cards in March this year my hubby brought me a Cuttlebug & then started getting embossing folder & other paraphanalia altho except for my nesties I've not brought any for about 2 months. I always forget about my cuttlebug which has now been replaced with the Bigshot which I think is SOOOO much better, it rocks!! I always forget to maybe add a bit embossing here & there. So when I received this with the mag I thought....'ooooh I could make 1 of this for my embossing folders & hang it on the wall right next to my workstation so I start to emboss more without having to search through my drawer & look through all the folders 1st.

I thought if I had all my embossing folders in eye view of me everyday I may use it more & also deciding which 1 to use could be easier. So yesterday I got to work, I have still got about a dozen more to do but they can wait til tomorrow!! I cut tag shapes out of a template I have on my laptop & cut them out in red card & punched holes in the tope of every 1 to then slide onto this opening metal ring....I've got loads of these & had them for ages, I cant even remember why I brought them lol. I then embossed each & every 1 & so that I could see the pattern easier & clearly I then just inked over the pattern with a black ink pad.

I then attached a sticker to the reverse to tell me what each folder is called. I keep all of my folders in a drawer like a filing system & once I have finished this folder-hangy-thing (dont know what call it lol) I will then attach a number to every 1 that will correspond to each embossing folder in the drawer that will also have the same number attached. Because I have kept all of mine in the packaging I can just put the number on the actual packaging & not the folder.....altho to be honest if I hadnt come up with this idea soon I think it wouldn't be long before the packaging went on a trip to MarBIN lol its only cus I've not had them long lol.

I have a plain tag on the front so that I can decorate it if I want to you know to make it look pretty hanging on my craftroom wall lol. As you can see some of mine are not perfect but cus I was actually in the middle of other jobs I was trying to rush & its only me who sees it so who cares lol. I do actually think this is a canny idea but I'm sure that some of you more experienced crafters have already other ways of storing your crafting things....I'm just on my learning curve of storage solutions lol
Well thats it from me I just wanted to pop on to show you this like I said I would, I actually nearly forgot to be honest I'm thinking my heed wants its pillow soon.....well after another cuppa that is lol.
Hope this as at least been helpful to a few of you, if it has let me know it really would make my day lol.
Thankyou for stopping by, night night all, sweet dreams & take care.
Lotsa huggies to all that stop by
Vicky xxx


Doreen said...

Well clever you this is a great Idea and one that I will be using if you don't

Lorraine said...

oh wow this is a seriously clever idea i should do this thanks for sharing xx

CraftyC said...

Hey Vicky, think I've come out in sympathy. Gone 2am, still not got to bed. Zoes had a massive nosebleed in her sleep which did eventually wake her. Think everything including my bathrooms towels are covered and I cant go to bed till she's settled. A great storage tip to. Sleep well!

martina's kaartjes said...

This is a great idea, to 'list' it up like that !!! thanks for sharing. Got this for my Distress Ink too, it's very clever.
Greetings, martina

angelwhispers said...

Lovely idea Vicky! Hope you have maganged to get some sleep!! Love Chanelle xxx

Marley said...

Wow this looks great.. think I have to make that too LOL. xxMarley

Poppet said...

Great idea Vicky, I have texture plates for the big shot and never use them because they are on a shelf. I have a few days off work and I think I may just pinch, sorry I mean take inspiration from your idea. (hee hee share and share alike, eh). Thanks for the tip. :-) xx

Angie said...

Hi vicky i've been meaning to do the same thing
for yonks my folders are also in a draw and do get forgotten about. using tag shapes is a good idea might borrow that one.
Hugs Angie x

Val said...

Hey Vicky - this is such a good idea. I have to go searching through my box every time I want an embossing folder, and I must admit my cuttlebug gets used mostly for nesties, and I do put my tim holtz stuff through it as well.

♥Gemma♥ said...

Hiya Vicky
Thanks for sharing such a fantastic going to tell the ladies at my craft group about this and im defo going to have a go!
hugs and xxx

Caroljenks said...

This is a fantastic idea Vicky - I always 'forget' what folders I have.....till I empty the drawer out cos I can't find the only one I can remember!

Thanks for sharing - and I hope you've caught up with on your sleep!

Carol x

Anonymous said...

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