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Sunday, 23 February 2014

My New Handbuilt Craft Table

Hello everyone how are you all? Well still busy with the craft room though had a nice couple of hours with my family this afternoon as they had been away for 2 days in their caravan.........its a good job I've kept busy as I missed them like crazy. Friday night I looked at the clock watching the time ready for Paytons & Arjays bathtime............but they were not with me this weekend :0(

Anyhoo's we have been somewhat busy, actually will be glad when its all done as we are shattered now lol. Hubster made me a Craft Table for the middle of the room as an extra work surface if I need it or if Payton wants come sit in & draw ect...........
This is the craft table..............believe me when I say these photo's dont do it justice, its me favourite bit in the room, I love it!!!!!!!!!!
I designed the table from idea's I had seen on Pinterest months ago & my hubster built it.......might I add that he built it even with his hand/arm still in awesome is proud I'm beaming ;0)
This is the table before we painted it. Ok this table was made with 3 Billy Bookcases from my old craft room, I had painted the backs red to match my previous room. 
Hubster standing at the side admiring his handy work lol...........he goes for an xray tomorrow on his hand to see if its finally healed, fingers crossed. Although he's done well & got used to doing things with just 3 fingers on that hand lol.

We cut 1 Billy bookcase across the middle & that acted as the 2 ends of the table.
Excuse our yorkie Charlie being nosey, he doesnt like to miss much lol.

This gap is for a stool/chair to go, depending on the height. This needs a stool as it is waist height so I can stand or sit at it. We covered the sides & backs of the bookcases in cladding just to make it neater.

For the sides we used my 2 slim Billy Bookcases & again cut them in half to make 4 small ones, we used 2 of them this side........... & one on the opposite side leaving room to put your legs if you sit at the table.

This is the table all painted up, we decided leaving the shelves white would look a bit different & as people in my life know...........well I like to be different lol. The cladding is on the ends which cover the ends of the wider bookcases either end of the table.

The top is MDF & hubster also put an MDF base on the bottom & then attached wheels so it can easily be moved around & pushed to one side or have it in any position. There are more shelves but I've not added them all yet til I know where I want them.

I will include links below of the products used..............
 2 Slim Billy Bookcases for the sides cut in half (we only used 3 of them - for now )
1 Wide Billy Bookcase cut in half for each end.
Black Cupboard Paint - a note though this paint is very strong smelling so do it where you can open windows & doors. This table has had 3 coats on, the MDF top has had 5 coats on. I may give it another coat all over yet though, I'm still deciding lol.
Large sheet of MDF or what ever you use as a top, we used MDF & then we are getting a sheet of toughened glass to put on top so make it more durable & an easier surface to work on.

Now the wheels underneath we didnt buy as I currently have 4 sets of these drawers, from when I first started crafting, however we have stacked one on top of another to make 2 higher sets of drawers to save on space. So the 8 wheels that we took off before stacking we then used on the table. The only things we have brought is the paint, MDF & the cladding which was only 2 packs & its really cheap.

Well I hope you like my table, I wish the pics did it justice as its really awesome IRL & I'm so proud hubster built it for me. We just have to get a sheet of glass for the top & finish putting the shelves where I need them lol.
Thank you lately for your comments on my DT work I'm really missing crafting & blogging but its late by the time we finish & tbh once we've had showers we have been collapsing in bed shattered lol.
I will be round to catch up with you soon though, hopefully there is not much left to do now.........I hope lol. Though blinds have still to go up & I haven't even started making the valances eeekk, never mind I will get there lol.

Big huge hugs to you all, take care & tatty bye for now.

EDITED TO ADD TABLE SIZE - Table top width is 63.5 inches, Length is 59.5 inches & Height is about 32 inches. All writing in red blod are links to take you to products.


Annette said...

Wow. Just wow.
Love it.

Linda Levoir said...

That looks amazing Vicky, hubby did you proud there. Would love one of these, but sadly it would take up the entire space I have for crafting lol. Hope you're settled into your new craft room soon :) xx

Chrissy said...

He's the MAN! Vicky..Awesome craft desk and love the storage..cant wait to see your whole room all put together..and you are not allowed to move your craft space'm too tired.


Suzi Mac said...

Wow!! what a fabulous centre piece this is. Your hubby is amazing!! Vicky, you really need to hire him out (plaster or not!!) lol. Can't wait to see it all finished. It's going to be a show stopper.
Suzi x

Irene said...

Amazing, stunning idea and hubby is a DIY-star!!!

xx Irene

Donna Mosley said...

WOW! Vicky what a wonderful table and an even wonderfuller Hubby for making it for you.

Donna x

Sandra H said...

Awww Vicky your soooo lucky your crafty unit looks gorgeous l can't wait to see the finished room xx

Deborah said...

Fab table Vicky and you have a very handy hubby.

Deborah A

Beth Brovold said...

FABULOUS Vicky!!!! Your craft table is BEEEUUUTIIIFUL!!! WHAT A MAN you have there girl!!! Can't wait to see THE ROOM in all it's GLORY!!! Take care, Beth

Ustvarjalni utrinki Tamara P. said...

Fabulous make over
hugs Tamara

KraftyKoolKat said...

This is awesome sweetie. Your extra crafting table makes three of my only one. Lol!!! It is gorgeous, hope hubby's hand has still healed after all that work.


Carol S. said...

Do you hire Hubster ou?!!! Mine could not built that even if he had 3 hands! B....y Brilliant!!! Check out my blog Candy you could win. I am sure you could find a little space to put it!! Hugs, Carol S.xx

Tracy said...

Hi Vicky, aren't you a lucky lady to have an injured hubby to create this for you. It looks great and extremely functional. I wish I had a gorgeous conservatory like yours. Can't wait to see it all done.
Tracy xx

Kat W said...

This is absolutely stunning and so clever of your hubby! It would have been an impressive feat *without* the hand in plaster - I am so impressed :-)
And I want one!
Can't wait to see it all finished and I bet you can't wait too :-)
Big hugs, Kat xx

Wendy Nicola Jackson said...

Vicky that table is AMAZING! What a talented duo you and your hubby are. Plastered arm and all! Hope your room comes together quickly for you now and you can get back to what you love doing. Enjoy the snugglies with your gorgeous grandbabies when they're back. Hugs, Wends x