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Friday 25 March 2011

So Blooming Annoyed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good evening my lovelies how are you all? Glorious weather again today my son even text me when he was at school to ask me put the roof down on my car when I pick him I did altho I think its still a bit too nippy we had a fresh breeze coming off the sea so maybe wait a bit longer before I put the roof down again lol.
Anyway I know I said I would be on tonight as Fridays are now my family night but I'm feeling rather peed off & just need to rant!! Its not very often I do have a fact on here this could be my first I always think that compared to what some people go through then I should stay quiet. This however really does bother me, to be honest I feel really upset & if I wasn't so angry would prob be crying.
My daughter has come home from school & apparently there was a little mishap.....yeah right little my ass.
The school phoned to say that a child in the class had scratched Natalie & that they were really sorry & they have to inform us of any little mishaps......well shall I show you Natalie apparent little mishap???
This is on the bottom of her arm....

This is the top outer part of her arm..........

This is her stomach (excuse the scars she has them everywhere she's had over 20 operations in her life so far)..........

This is the top of  arm on the inside........
So what do you think of my baby's LITTLE mishap??? This is why I'm so damn angry!! She doesnt hurt anyone cus she cant, she isnt nasty to anyone cus she cant speak, she does nothing so why did this child attack her?? Why on earth wasn't she been watched ? Natalie requires 24 hour supervision, she has to have a nurse on hand everytime she is at school so how did this child attack her if she was under constant supervision?
Its annoyed me & her dad so much, her elder brother hasnt seen it but her younger brother is angry about it, I had to tell him off for his language actually which doesn't happen often.
The school didnt even put any dressings on & when she got home from school the one on her stomach was still bleeding. Apparently this child only goes there on a Friday.....fine Natalie will NOT be going next Friday. They better pick up their act or she will stay at home indefinately!!!!
Thank you for listening to me rant on I promise its extremely rare I do have a rant.
Also thankyou for all your super fabulous comments on my sweet pea card below. You have cheered me up, even as angry as I feel so from the bottom of my heart I thank you & I love you all loads.
Huggles xoxoxoxox


Fiona said...

oh Vicky...that's shocking!! My hubby's adopted sister is in full time respite now but when she went for a week at a time or came back from her day care place she used to have marks on her too...once she had burns!! Who do these so called carers think they are?? They obviously don't care!! You should take this further as this is no mishap!!
Hope Natalie is ok.


Penni said...

This is absolutely disgusting. There is no way I would consider this a little mishap. She must have been petrified, poor thing. I cannot begin to image how you must be feeling.

Take care and have a good weekend together.


cebelica said...

Oh, hun, I'm so sorry this happened to Natalie. :( Kids can be really mean sometimes, especially to someone who is a bit "different" (sorry, I don't know how to say this the other way, please know I don't mean anything offensive or anything like that). At school they should be careful about such things and took proper care if it came to this. I can't believe they didn't even put any dressing on it. :S I hope it's the last time something like this happened to your little princess. Hugs!

Exclusively by Mel said...

Oh Vicky I'm so sorry to hear and see whats happened to Natalie!!
I can't belive they did not even dress her wounds, that's a disgrace!!
No wonder your so upset.
Love to both.
Mel. xx

Unknown said...

OMG!!!! This is unbelievable!! I mean, if there had been somebody there at hand, surely they could have stopped this other child, and yes, maybe she would have had a scratch but nothing like this. I would be flipping mad!!! And then on top of that not even putting a dressing on the wounds, they should be ashamed!! I'd sue them if I were you. Poor Natalie! I would call them next Monday if I were you and find out exactly what happened and how it happened. Give you Natalie a big hug from me, and here's a hug for you!! XOXOXO Frea

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

Oh am so sorry to see all this Vicky and can understand your sorrow and frustration at it all!! you do wonder at the school no dressing a treating the whole thing in a very poor manner. As an ex teacher in in Oz I am appalled and it horrifies at their protocol, sounds to me like someone needs to know about this .. Is there anyone who you can seek help and advice on dealing with it, as they have not done the right thing. Will pray for wisdom for you and help for you little one..
Love and praying for you for God's help in all this,
Shaz in oz. Oz.x

Tracey T said...

No wonder you're annoyed my love - this is awful. I would have thought that the school should have a written report on what happened, particularly if Natalie is supposed to have someone with her all the time. I thinking I'd be speaking to whoever is in charge! Hope she's OK, bless her. Tracey xx

Judi said...

Oh my goodness Vicky, I can see why you're mad as hell, I would be too! How can your daughter possibly have been hurt like this if she's supposed to be watched all the time - I would go in there and really give them a peace of my mind! I'm assuming that your daughter attends a special school of some sort, and obviously 'normal' behaviour, for want of a better expression is not the norm, but this sort of thing is TOTALLY unacceptable, and rather than keeping her out of school next Friday, I'd be inclined to insist that the other child be kept away.

Sending BIG CYBER HUGS to you and Natalie.

Judi xx

Sheena said...

That's outrageous Vicky - I think the school need to address the behaviour of the other child - that has been more than a little mishap, especially as it was not just on her arm. Take care, Sheena xx

Mandy said...

Hi Vicky,
You rant away..I would be angry as well,that is not a small mishap and from what you say about the nurse always supervising then for that to have happened,she couldn't have been watching and it has taken more than one go to do those injuries...I know how you feel as it happened to my daughter at pre-school they said that a new little girl had got a bit carried away with my daughter and had cuddled her a bit to tight,but they had told her not to do it again,well when I got Katy undressed for her bath that night she had a bite mark on her chest,stomach and top of her leg when iI asked her what had happened she said that they had lined up to go out at break time and some one pushed from behind and she had fallen into this little girl who turned and bit her,suffice to say Katy didn't go back for a few days and then only after they were told that I had taken pics and anymore problems I would have to take it further as they had a duty of care to protect my child and they had failed..I hope your daughter has not been too affected by all of it...Big hugs to you all...Have a lovely weekend...
Mandy x

Vanessa (aka V'ness, Nessa, oldschool) said...

That is disgraceful...poor Nat!
I'd be flippin mad too!!!
My ass would be at that school so fast!
I am sure you will take care of it...sorry you are put in this situation...bites!

Kirsty said...

Hi what an awful time for you
I think you need to make a complaint to the education body responsible
Thoughts are with you Kitty x said...

OMG - I can't believe this is a "mishap". If you'd sent her to school in this state there would be big questions asked - I think I'd be questioning this further. They have a duty of care towards her and clearly there was lapse in it!

Your poor girl. I'm so sorry that this has happened to her.

Sending you all huge hugs.

Claire x

Vicky said...

OMG! I would of gone nuts hun! on earth did it happen and I can see why you are so angry..I'm angry just seeing those awful marks!! Being a nurse..I know my patients are asleep most of the time..We as heath care professionals have a code of conduct and the patients advocate and that's the same in teaching too..this is not good!. I would insist on inquiry to find out what happened. Sorry now I'm ranting grrr.....
I hope Natalie is feeling ok now and you have a lovely weekend hun...and enjoy your new LOTV stamps :o)

Sending big hugs to you and Natalie, Vicky xx

gina g said...

OMG Vicky this is disgraceful I'm bloody fuming just seeing the pics hun I hope your going to take it further! I just cant believe that they let this happen, and your poor Natalie it must have been horrendous for her the poor might I think your quite entitled to rant hun you rant as much as you like.
I hope Natalie is ok darlin and give her a big hug from me and I hope you have a lovely weekend with your family. luv gina xx

Squirrel x said...

Oh hunny, I am lost for words - your precious child so badly treated, it is appalling. The school have some seriously big questions to be answered, and I would be inclined to actually consider bringing charges against them - this is in no way a little incident, it is nothing short of assault. Does this other child have anger or control issues? It might be worth trying to find out if any other children have been attacked in this way. Sending you the hugest of hugs and extra special gentle ones to your Princess. Squirrel xxx

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness! I would be ANGRY too, I'm angry and it's not even my child :O) I would call whoever is over that school and insist something be done right away! That is totally uncalled for! When my daughter was in high school, a high school bully blacked both my daughter's eyes, had to take her to the doctor it was so bad. They didn't even call me at all, I was sooo mad. My daughter had never been in a fight before, of course, she said Mom she looked worse than I did, she could defend herself. This other girl had been bullying kids previous and sounded like quite a bit. They did kick the girl out of school, but my daughter looked horrible! My daughter did not get kicked out because she was just defending herself and standing up to a bully.

Fleur said...

Oh my God Vicky, I am in tears reading this ~ it's absolutly disgraceful. Don't apologise for ranting ~ you have every right to feel like you do. You MUST take it further. I can't believe this was allowed to happen.
Thinking of you all
Hugz Fleur xXx

Susie said...

Oh Vicky, I can't actually believe that you've stayed so calm....your rant is VERY well justified, unlike their "little mishap"!! Hope Natalie heals up soon and that you are all ok. Susie x PS - You always amaze me with your attitude and how you think that what you deal with is small compared to others.xx

Christine said...

Oh, Vicky, this is horrid! Hugs to both you and Natalie. This is just so wrong, they deserve to have a strip taken off their backsides for acting like this is a small incident. I bet if this was *their* child, they wouldn't be so nonchalant!

CraftyC said...

Rant away Vicky, I totally sympathise and understand to an extent. When someone has a go at Daniel and this can just be winding him up on purpose, he gets the blame and the others get off scott free. I know they are all special needs but its always the one who's doing the bullying and coz he sounds off, he gets the blame. Don't send her next friday, I'm assuming this child has special needs to but like you say, wheres the supervision. Some things aren't worth the paper they're written on!! Had my rant to lol. Chin up and hope Natalie is OK and put in a formal complaint or it'll just go over their heads!

Doreen said...

Oh wow those wounds are terrible,I really think you need to make a formal complaint.Natalie is after all in there care.I don't see where the care is here.I do hope Natalie is

Donna said...

Well you have every right to be peed off Vicky, that is shocking. You definitely need to show those pictures to the school to show them it wasn't a LITTLE MISHAP. The child that caused this should not be attending the school until it's behaviour can be controlled a whole lot better. So sorry you're having to go through this hun. Sending you and Natalie lots of healing hugs
Donna xx

cardmaking bird said...

OMG, as I looked at those pics, my mouth was opening wider and wider until now I resemble a goldfish!!! Seriously though, that's really bad!! No wonder you're so upset and angry - I feel it on your (and poor Nat's!) behalf!! I spoke to my mum about it (I think you know she works at a day centre for adults with learning difficulties) and we both think that the school have handled it really badly, they should have dealt with it more seriously rather than calling it a 'mishap'! To all intents and purposes, Nat's been assaulted!! So I think you should go to the school and speak to them about that, as well as making sure that the person who did this had been dealt with accordingly and that if they are prone to this sort of behaviour, then they should be supervised at all times!! It'd be a shame to keep Natalie off school, I think the 'offender' should be kept off!!!! Blimey long post but hope I've helped somehow and I hope it's helped you to rant. You know I'm always here. Sending you and Princess Natalie lots of healing love and hugs. Marie xxxx

Chrissy said...

I am soo shocked looking at those injuries.That is absolutely deplorable....I dont card who the other child was or what state she/he was in, something has to be done about this.And that nurse {idiot} needs to be sacked.....How dare they claim a 'mishap' My God! if I lived there I would show them a mishap....ask my g/son, how Nana reacted over a stolen yoghurt....I all but finger printed the little beggars...but this is an outrage...Now I have a headache...Love to Nat..and your sweet self..take care

coldwaters2 said...

Oh my goodness Vicky how awful and it certainly is not a 'little mishap' how can they have let this happen. I do hope that Natalie is ok and I would keep her off on Friday's as well.
Lorraine x

fionalawlor said... angry with you! Thats bloody terrible! It looks like she was attacked by a dog :( Poor little one. If I was in your situation I would not be able to just leave it there, this should not have been allowed to happend.
I hope your little one feels better soon :)
*HUGS* Fiona x

Julye said...

Oh Vicky, that is totally awful hope Natalie is ok must have been very traumatic for her, don't you just love their little mishaps and how they close ranks and cover things up, downright neglect, I would be up at school demanding to know what the staff thought they were doing, but from experience I guess you would just be wasting your breathe.
Hope Natalie starts enjoying her long weekends!
Higs to all Julye

An Occasional Genius said...

Oh hon, I absolutely understand your rant & why you are sooo angry. You have every right to be, that's certainly not what I'd call a little mishap & especially as Natalie should have been supervised anyway. You must take this further, let them know they cannot get away with this & you have the photographic evidence so well done for that, now they can never dispute the injuries.

Sending hugs to you all & an extra big one for you & Natalie xxx

Sue said...

Hi hun
oh my word that is so much more than just a scratch, i would be totally going nuts as well hun, i hope you give them what for on monday, I do hope Nat is ok, hugs, sue,x

Angie said...

I don't blame you vicky i would be hopping mad to.
I'd be round to the school demanding an explanation on why this happened if she is supposed to have constant care. I don't know. Hope Nats not to distressed about it, although who would blame her if she is.
Take care hun
Angie x

KraftyKoolKat said...

Oh sweetie no wonder you are raving mad. This isn't just a little mishap, as you said they couldn't have been with her for this to have happened. This other child needs controlling. I bet Nat was so frightened the poor little lamb. I hope she gets over it soon blesss her.


Heidi said...

Hallo Vicky, sorry to hear about (and see) Natalies escapades, we entrust our children to these 'carers' and still this sort of thing happens; seemingly on a regular basis. It's shocking what we put up with, but you shouldn't have to put up with it, especially if Natalie is meant to have 24 hours continuous care, the person in charge of her at the time needs to be taken to task. She may not even be aware of the extent of Natalies injuries, in which case she needs to be told what she has allowed to happen to a child unable to defend herself!! Hugs to you Vicky, It is very difficult to imagine how cross you must be(I would be very mad), but do find out if there is anything that needs to be altered in a good way to ensure this doesn't happen again.Good Luck!! Heidi xxxx

Mona`s Bittelille Scrappekrok said...

OMG! Can`t even begin to believe how this is possible! I felt my hair rise on my arms and the chill down my spine when i read your story. I really feel for Natalie and for you. I completely understand your anger and i think this needs to be adressed to the proper authoroty. When it comes to our children there isn`t a thing we wouldn`t do to protect them and when things like these happens one just want`s to give the person in charge a big verbal slap. I hope she is allright now. Give her a great big hug from me. And a big hug to you to, hun. Take care. Hugs...Mona

Unknown said...

Hi x i am so very sad to see what your daughter and you as a family have gone through with this attack x And yes this is an attack x I wonder how the school would feel if one of their teachers received these injuries x I do hope you get some positive outcome over this, however I doubt it very much x so I am sending you and Natalie big big hugs and love x Leigh x

Lorraine said...

this is bloody outrageous i can't believe my eyes thats alot of marks on poor Natalie and i agree how could she have been watched properly if this has happened and they so should have put a dressing on it my god what has this world becoming if this sort of thing has happened what on earth were they doing having a nice cosy chat and coffee in the teaching loung it makes me so angry i can totally see why you are all so upset i think this is disgusting I hope Natalie is ok bless her.
Take care huni,so sorry for this its terrible xxx

Diamond Doll said...

OMG Vicki this is just awful and so upsetting for all of you, Alittle mishap my ### i think it,s disgusting how they left the scratch on her stomach they should have cleaned it sraight away and put a dressing on it. poor natalie bless her.You have every right to be angry.
Trish (-:

tiggertastic said...

oh my god this is so upsetting, it has had me in tears, what a nasty kid to do such horrible things to your sweet daughter. .... and as for the school saying it was a scratch - what are they on about, this is someone grabbing hold of your daughter with those kind of marks.

oh sweetie, i am just so sorry to read this, love to you all, and hope you get the roof down again soon :wink:

hugs, sarah x

xxxtglxxx said...

Thats so shocking Vicky! Appalling for this to have happened, and so upsetting for your little girl too :(

You are right to vent off, and would be right to pursue it further to find out how this could have happened.

My nephew was bullied badly at school, and the teachers made him sit out the lesson after it happened, as they didnt know what to do with the bully or him.

My sister home-schooled him eventually, and he is off to uni soon :)

Give her a big old cuddle from me.

take care



Janine - Ellabella said...

Ohhhh Vicky I´m so sorry to see all this and can understand your frustration at all!!
Thats so shocking!
I hope Natalie feels better soon. Sending you big big hugs...Janine

Susie Sugar said...

OMG darling this is dreadful no wonder you were upset,I hope you went back and gave them a piece of your mind, I hope Natalie is ok now and her scratches have healed.
Hugs Susie