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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Would love to have your opinion plzzzzzzzzzzz.......

Hello all my lovelies. It is absolutely glorious up here in the north it is soooo warm I've even had my double doors open on my hobbit, its lush. Been trying to get stuck in with the garden a lot of things need rescuing after the poop winter we've had. In between my craft room & the conservatory is decking with a small pond set in it, well to be honest its more of a water feature lol. Either side I planted a grass, one of these that grown really big & bushy. I planted them 4 years ago when we first started the garden after moving in. 2 years ago my hubby built the conservatory & the plants got knocked about but they survived. If you look at the far end in this piccy you can see the tall pride & joy...........
This was taken early last spring before my craft room got extended, you might have to enlarge the piccy to see the grasses prop....soz its the only one I can find at the mo lol.
This is my extended craft room....look at my lovely grass tho now.....

You can just see it next to the barbeque.............. :0( I am gutted.......(Excuse the bag over my chimney it needed resealing lol....all this decking has got be re-stained.....any takers???)lol

Anyway onto your opinion sorry to bore you peeps lol. Now I've been buying odds & ends over the last month ready for my 1 year anniversary, 1 year since I started blogging & crafting......yes a year ago I seem to remember having lots of seems to be in a different kind of paper now tho.......strange really some say websters on ya think its the new £50 note???
Anyway without trying to give too much away......I dont want to ruin the surprise now lol. Say I had a set of pens or paints or crayons etc etc but I had used about half a dozen but the set was large & nearly all of it was unused. Would anyone accept it as part of a candy as its not all brand new in that set???
Answers please on a comment postcard in the tab below.........think this gorgeous weather has gone to my heed.........ner I was already doolally lol.
If you could give me your honest opinion I would sooooo appreciate it.
This set is a good one & I REALLY dont want to throw it but its not right its collecting dust either.
Thank you for your time my darlings will have to go get tea ready now will see you all laters
Toodles xoxoxo


Teri said...

Oooh, me! Me! I'll take it!! LOL
Don't worry about it not being totally new hun, like you said, most of it is and that's what counts! I'd be happy winning any candy at all, LOL.
As for the grass - is it a Cordyline thingy? If it is, then it may not have survived. Some are from New Zealand (flax) and may live, as they get it cold there too. Some are from Australia and are less hardy so would snuff it at the drop of a hat!
I used to have a HUGE one, gorgeous and stripey, but got cheesed off with it in the end. It just got too large. Then I gave in and bought a wee one, very dark burgundy, but it snuffed the first winter.
Cut back the dead stuff and see if there is any new growth hun - if not, chuck!! Gotta be ruthless - you should see my bare garden now, ready for all the veggies that I hope are going to grow!!
Sorry about the long comment! Deary me!! Feel free to delete!! LOL
Teri xx

cardmaking bird said...

Awww, it's all deaded!! Looks like a lovely garden otherwise!! What a BEAUTIFUL day today, so lovely to have the sun shining again. Took the dog out for an hour, I don't think he knew what was goin' on!! LOL! As for your question, if it's something that's expensive for people to buy like copics or something and by using them a teensy bit, you've not really detracted from their value, then I personally don't see it being a problem. And also when you're detailing your candy, just spell it out and then if someone's got an issue then they can 'jog on'!! Hugs, Marie xxx

Lindsey said...

Yes definately! I'm sure all of us would offer it a good home!
My grasses look just like yours hun, I've been out this afternoon to see if I can rescue them but I think they are well and truely gone :-( it has been a frosty winter this year and I never think to wrap them up. Oh well off to the garden centre! Your garden looks gorgeous by the way!
Linds x

THERESA said...

It looks so stunning, so green, it's been dry here in South Africa and we are on water restrictions in the area i stay in, so, that is like a piece of heaven to me, your grasses is fab!!!
Love the extention, sorry so far from you , lol, could have done the varnish, used to it.....hehehe
In answer to your question : Any candy is good, what is half used is also fine, remember it is something one did not have, so will just be a blessing!
Congrats on your one year blogging, i am about three month's off, will also have some candy then, so do stop by..:))
lotsa luv

Moni said...

Hi Vicky, I would love to have them, I dont mind they are used. I know I would use them properly. :)
Anyway your garden is fab and grass too, and great pisc too.
Hugs,moni said...

So not volunteering for the staining job and no good asking me about plants - the sum of my knowledge in that area is zilch! I'm the woman who can kill a houseplant at a glance! :)

As for your candy - I think it's totally fine. If peeps don't like it they don't have to sign up for it do they??

Claire xx

Loopylou. said...

omg, can you do mouth to mouth ressucitation grasses??!!!!! lol!! it does look a bit droopy!! and for the pens/paints things hun i am sure people would love to have them included,i know i would!!!!! lol!! hugs Lou xxx

cebelica said...

Hi sweetie! I see you've been spoiled with a nice sunny day, hich is great!:D
As for your question goes ... I know lots of people wouldn't mind if some of the pens have already been used. And besides, as Claire said, if theyhave problem with that, they don't have to sign up for the candy.


Sue said...

Hi ya hun
what a gorgeous garden you have, do miss mine the one here is like postage stamp!!!
Oh i will come n stain it only if i can use creasote (spelt wrong) luv the smell of that!! lol

As for ya question i would happily take them lol, seriously hun i dont think peeps would mind at all if some had been used, more so if they dont have any!!
I have nowt, zilch, nuffink!!!!!!! pmsl, sue,xxx

Penni said...

Oh I would love the pens - I'm sure most people would be pleased to receive them.

Love your garden.


Love crafts forever said...

Hi Vicky. Wow, it's a very nice day you have up there, and here is very wet, and sometimes showflakes is comming down. Love your green grass.

About your crafty stuff, if it's anything to do with colouring, just send them on Vication to my House, and i will take care of them very well. LOL. No, honesty people love anything, if they don't have much.
Hugs Nataliya.

KarinsArtScrap said...

vicky I don't mind that is not brand new, or somethings are not complete.
If you put that on your blog that people know that.
I'am glad when I win some candy what it is I don't mind.
and if people have any problems with it than they should not participate.
and on the foto's i see you have a great crafting room.
I hope you can read my english.

greetings karin

angelwhispers said...

I'm not volunteering either with the staining job!!! Would love someone to come and do mine fencing as well!!! I have lost my grasses as well this year Vicky and I don't know why but everyone I have seen over the last few weeks are all dead too even my mother thought it was strange!!!

Any candy is worth having Vicky so stop worrying girl!!!

Love Chanelle xxx

Rosalee said...

One man's trash is another man's treasure! I've heard that saying a lot in the past and plus I've received used goodies in blog candies I've won. I think its perfectly fine to add something used to a giveaway. I'm sure anyone would be happy to receive used good's especially if they are Hope this helps.
Hugs, Rosalee

Ardilla said...

I 'll take it, Vicky!!!
I have no problem with used stuff :)

By the way, your garden looks gorgeous....

Tracey T said...

Possible candy? I don't think anyone minds if some of the stuff has been used. Grasses/cordyline? Hate to say it, but quite probably deed as the proverbial dodo. I've lost loads here over the winter but we are a bit further north than you my darlin'. Agree with Teri - chop them back and you'll soon see if anything green is coming through. xx

Keep It Sweet and Simple said...

First of all, I need you to pop round and sort out my jungle of a garden - I will supply tea and cakes!! :-) You have such a pretty garden there and fab craft room. Can't help you with the grass I'm afraid - I'm not allowed plants. They take one look at me and wilt!
As for the pens.. I don't see a problem at all. I'm sure whoever was to win them, would be thrilled with them.
Caroline xxx

Exclusively by Mel said...

Hi Vicky,
I am sure your candy will be wonderful. Used or not!
I have to say cardmaking bird put it brilliantly!! in her comments.
And I think your plant has had it!! looks like it may have been the frost.
Your so sweet to worry about the pens xx
Love, Mel.

Kym's Crafty Cards said...

Vicky, oh what a lovely garden. Certainly not a taker for the staining. My husband had to do over 100ft fence last year both sides as we have fence from the front driveway, along the garage, along the elevated garden and around the back to meet up with next doors. Hubby used my mum's sprayer and it was so much better for him. Not sure he'll come to do yours though!!!

As for candy, and this is my opinion, that people do not have to give away candy and if you don't like what is on offer you don't have to take part. I've won a few candy prizes over the years and I feel blessed with what I've got as I put it to good use for my cards that I make solely to raise funds for different charities. Yes, some items are new but I have been given things partially started eg peel-offs/decoupage etc but to me anything is a bonus and I will use it all. Any candy people offer is such a generosity and they will feel blessed if they are the winner.

Kym xxx

Chrissy said...

I'm in for worries what so ever!!

As for the in NZ they grow like weeds.I rush out at my daughters with hedge clippers and 'CHOP' after the winter...they just spring back over 2 weeks.Mind you...I chop roses the same way and get gorgeous displays in the summer.I chop anything....I think I have an obssession with hedgeclippers.. lol..just 'CHOP' them and then wait and see.

coldwaters2 said...

You have a heart of gold Vicky, I wouldn't think for a minute that any crafter would say no to the nearly new pens or whatever
Lorraine x

xxxtglxxx said...

Great pics, and lets hope we get a brill summer! :D

Your garden has 'tropical' potential I think ;)
My garden is a big ole' mountain, a river and some fields and they are flooded terrible today!

Now, I think it sounds like fab candy tbh - people sell more used stuff than that on ebay, and anyone who follows you would know whatever it was would have been looked after, and as you say hardly used makes it almost new imo. :)

Karma shows us when we make room by getting rid of old stuff, we are actually making room for new - and maybe those pens or whatever are ready to be used. ;)



Mandy said...

Hi Vicky,
Your such a sweetie,worrying about everyone,grasses included...Sorry can't help with those, mine have gone to a better life as well and so have my bay trees...In answer to your other question any candy in my mind is good candy,as some of the others have said if people don't like it they don't have to enter,so new or slightly used is good...
Mandy x

Anonymous said...

i have no ide about that grass either, but like someone already said, shopping it off sounds good, not to much tho.
and as for the pens. i cant imagine that some body would not want them. afteral. you are a soul whos kind enough to give something away, if someone has any coplains they dont have to be in the candy, right?
go for it! i now iw gladly adopt them.

An Occasional Genius said...

No idea about your garden my lovely (apart from the fact it looks lovely!), I don't do green fingers!!!! As for the candy, I seriously don't think anyone will object but if you put a little note on the post, then if they have an issue with it, they don't have to enter. I think we're all just very appreciative of the fact that you are doing this & very grateful for the chance to win fabulous goodies. You really do spoil us hon. Take care x

tiggertastic said...

i read this the other day and never left a comment, hubby was next to me and asked what fish, koi ? we have a little wooden pond (not much) bit like you lol, a water feature that ended up with a couple of fish in.

very pretty garden, and i love all the wood, but i am not staining it for you lol

as for the candy i would put them in hunny.

Sarah xx