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Friday 28 June 2013

My Roller Coaster Week...........yes finally lol....

Howdi doodi my lovelies how are you all? It is absolutely bucketing it down here............its raining that much..........urgh......where's Mr Sunshine, huh hiding under his duvet me thinks ;0)

Anyhoo's I'm finally here to tell you about my, or should I say 'our' rollercoaster week. I will try keep it as short as poss..........there are quite a few pics as well.........but the words tell the real story so dont get skipping lol.

Well on the 10th June Megan went hospital for another scan, it was now 10 weeks since she lost all her fluid & yet Arjay was still hanging in there...........hanging tough as well. Now however his lungs were showing that they were quite small & not developing & this was a concern. Todays scan is to check on his lungs again. When the doc scans her his lungs are still small but now also his head is showing up as oval & looking as though it has been squashed a little bit. Fluid is about 6mm which is extremely low,a baby needs at least 20 mm to be able to move & stretch. Obviously because of the scan of Arjay's head the doctor warns Megan about the possibility that Arjay could be brain damaged in some way. However Megan says she's ok with that & she wants him no matter what!!! The doc wants to see her again Thursday 13th June for another scan because of these further developements. He has however put some weight on, he is now just over 2lb.

Wednesday 12th at about 9pm Ben rang to ask if we would have Payton because Megan was getting strong pains that were coming & going about every 3 minutes. So few minutes later they were dropping Payton off at mine & off they went to the hospital. We got Payton settled back off & into bed & I told him she could stay at ours that night so as not to disturb her again. At around midnight Ben text me saying that everything was fine, it wasn't active labour & things were still closed...........if you know what I mean lol. They were both tired & stressed & Ben had got to get up early the next morning to go to work...........they were getting sick of being in & out of hospital now.......its been every week for months.

Anyway the next day, Thursday 13th, Megan was back at the hospital for another scan. She told the doctor about the pains & the doctor explained that they were braxton hicks but because there was no fluid surrounding the baby she would be feeling them a LOT worse. So the doc scanned Megan & couldnt believe what she was seeing. Not only had the fluid built up to 27mm, the most its been for weeks!! His lungs were now larger than his stomach, which is what it should be & his head was nice & round. She thought she was looking at a different baby, she really couldnt believe it & told Megan that she could now see her once a week instead of twice a week. The doctor said that things can only get better from here. We were over the moon, it was like winning the lottery, well what we would imagine winning the lottery would be like lol. It was like a huge weight had been lifted off all of us, we constantly worried all the time & now we could relax...........we all could now sleep peacefully & have a good nights sleep.....................

................until that is until 2.20am that night/morning when my mobile phone started ringing. I answered it & Ben was asking if I could have Payton because Megan was getting bad pains again but these ones she just couldnt put up with & wanted go the hospital. I told him of course I would & I would wait at the bottom of my drive for him to come up.
Now Ben & Megan live just down the road so in car it would take a minute to get to mine & then onto the hospital from mine which was only about 10-15 minutes away...... He said he had to get Payton out of bed first but he would be up real soon. I put my dressing gown on & waited at my door watching out for the lights of Ben's car then walked to my gate to get Payton. When he got to mine Megan was screaming in pain which she had never done with all the pain she had had so far, so I was quite worried about her & Arjay. I got Payton & her changing bag & told them take care. Ben turned his car around & on his way past shouted to us to ring maternity to tell them they were on their way.......

So I'm holding Payton on my drive & Craig rings maternity to tell them. He had just come off the phone, we hadnt even had chance to close our front door when Ben rings saying Megan is saying' the baby is coming, dad what do I do? I'm not gonna lose this baby' he wass in a panic. So Craig asked him where he was & he was about 2 minutes away from ours, so he told Ben to turn around & come back ours & we would ring for an ambulance. I put Payton in her cot, she was crying her eyes out but there was nothing I could do I had to go outside & wait for Ben & Megan. Before I knew Ben turned his car & was parked in my drive, I opened Megans door & she was in sheer agony, she couldnt move, she couldnt even sit up straight she was in that much pain. Craig was still on the phone to the operator from ringing for an ambulance & she needed more information so he handed the phone to Ben. She told Ben to lie Megans seat back as far as he could & then look to see if he could see the baby at all. He looked the best he could as Megan had pyjama trousers on & told her she could see the baby. He looked at me & said 'Mam I cant do this', he was in a panic bless him so I took over & he stayed on the phone to the operator. I went over to Megan & tried calm her down telling her to breathe & told her I was gonna take off her trousers & underwear. She wasnt bothered as she was in so much pain, she couldnt even move. When I took her trousers off I could see the baby's bottom. Remember that Megan is only 29 weeks pregnant, so the baby is still in the breech position. I shouted at Craig to grab blankets & towels, we have a big fleece blanket that we keep in the living room so he brought that, which was good. I put some over Megan & some ready for the baby coming out. I then told her to do what feels natural.........seconds later out pops my grandsons legs & bottom into my hands, his head however was still inside....... I kept his lower body supported at the spine & wrapped to keep him warm & told her to just breath. Little by little Arjay's body was coming out a little bit more, his head was still not out though & I couldnt check that the umbilical cord was not around his neck though I was pretty certain it wasnt as there was a lot of the umbilical cord already out in my hands. The ambulance pulled up outside just as Arjays head came out. I had felt him moving in my hands before his head came out but now there was no crying or anything from him. I wrapped him in a towel & then the blanket but still held him there because of the umbilical cord, I just held him supporting his back & head & trying my best to keep him warm. The ambulance technician then came & clamped the cord & took Arjay away into the ambulance with the towel wrapped around him. The techinician said he was trying to breathe but his airways was blocked & they had no suction for babies............that I was NOT impressed with. So he just kept rubbing at his chest, tipping him down to try let gravity do its job..... We then got Megan out of the car & both she & Ben went away in the ambulance, main concern being Arjay & getting him medical attention ASAP!!! So the blue lights went on & the ambulance drove off. I then started to clean Ben's car, luckily he had covers on the seats for when he's in his work clothes, so they took the brunt of it. Luckily mum is a good cleaner & you wouldnt even have guessed what had happened by the time Ben came to pick up his car lol.

So my grandson was born 14th June 2.45 am, in the front seat of his daddy's car (pic below) delivered by his nanna............ He came into the world in style I suppose you could say lol.

Here is Master Arjay Pass born 14-06-2013 weighing 3lb 1oz, this is his first ever photo. This was taken within his first couple of hours, he's not been washed or anything obviously.
Sorry for some reason the photo is uploading like this, he is actually lying down, I've tried 3 times to upload it the right way but Mr Blogger is insisting it should be this way ggrrrr......
Arjay was poorly & the hospital close to us cannot look after babies born 32 weeks & under so they were waiting for a team come from the RVI in Newcastle to take him through there. They got him trnasferred to their incubator & once stable enough transferred him through to the RVI. Ben & Megan would go through once the doctor had discharged Megan & then she would be re-admitted into the RVI. 

He arrived at the RVI hospital at 6am but the journey had took its toll on little Arjay & he was now really poorly. It took them 3 hours before they could get him stable.
This is the first photo of Arjay in his incubator at the RVI, Royal Victoria Infirmary.
His next 48 hours are critical & all we can do is hope, pray & will our little fella to fight like he has been doing & pray he comes through this.

On the saturday me & Craig took Payton up to see her little brother.......
Arjay 36 hours old. Have you seen how much hair he has!!!!!!!!!!!!

His daddy (Ben) stroking his head, this one is to help you realise how small he is.

He did get over the 48 hours with flying colours bless him, he's a strong little fighter & every day he does that little bit better. He even started to have 5ml of Megans milk down a gastric tube. However about 24 hours after he vomited green bile & he had green bile in his stomach. So blood tests were done & he was tested to what was causing the problem.
This poorly little fella needed an operation because he had an hole in his intestines :0(

He had his operation 23rd June luckily his bowels were fine as there was a worry they would have to remove part of his bowel.

Yesterday me & grandad were going to go up again see our little fella but I wasn't well enough I'm not sure if it was a bug tbh so couldnt risk passing that on. Hopefully will be well enough in the next day or two & go see him.

Megan & Ben finally got to hold there son yesterday 28th June, for the first time, they were soooooooo unbelieveably happy about that.........I was so excited & over the moon for them.

Thats the finished blanket I made him. I ran out of wool on the original & when Craig got me some more it didnt quite match up so I spent 3 nights making my little grandson a new one ;0)

Isn't he tiny...........but let me tell you his spirit, will-power, love & strength are big & strong & this little fella is gonna be fine. He's a fighter & I always knew he would be ok, we will call it granny's instinct. He is going from strength to strength. He's even off his ventilator now & just on low flow oxygen.

So there you have it, this is the reason why time has been escaping me & not having time to do everything I want to do but I dont mind cus I do the important things, the ones closest to my heart & thats with my family. I would give up crafting in an instance for them, they are my life & I love them sooooooo much.

My son & daughter have a new little baby boy & I am such a proud nanna, they are all being so strong about it & they have come together & faced this as one, head on. I've been through this & things like this will either make you, or break you!! Its the making of Ben & Megan & I couldnt be more proud of them than I am right now. I love you both mmwah <3 p="">

If you have lasted to here well done I'm so sorry it was a long post but I told you it was a roller coaster lol. The docs are so proud of Arjay given what he has been through, 10 weeks without fluid when most babies would have not stayed in & then to be delivered in the front seat of a car in the middle of the night by someone who had no idea what she was doing lol. Now he is already off his ventilator & on low flow oxygen, he's just awesome!!!!!!!!!
Do you know my son text me a couple of hours later saying 'I still cant believe my mam delivered my son' I read it out to Craig & then said 'Oh yeah I did didnt I', it just hadnt sunk in what had truly happened. Do you know though I have to say I'm proud that I delivered my own grandson & its something magical that I will never forget. 

Thanks for listening & thanks for putting up with me. Welcome to new followers & I will be round to you as soon as I can.
Squishy hugs & funky thankful love to you all mmwah xxxxxxxxxxxx


Ella's Design said...

What a rollercoaster indeed, Vicky! Welcome to the world little Arjay and I hope you continue to grow from strength to strength! Many congratulations to you all on your little miracle and may the days ahead be happy ones! Hugs and best wishes, Lisa x

Tracey T said...

Oh my word, Vicky! What an incredible week you've had and how wonderful that you were able to deliver your grandson. Sending you all lots of love and I'm sure the little one will continue to make good progress. Hugest of hugs, Tracey xx

Donna said...

Wow what an emotional roller coaster Vicky, I was literally holding my breath all the way through your post and its brilliant news that Arjay is doing so well. Congratulations to you all and well done for being such a clever totally rock! :) Donna ♥ x

mags said...

Hi Vicky
Well, I have just finished reading this and have tears in my eyes. Huge congratulations to all and what a little fighter he is and so gorgeous too.

Eileen said...

awwwwwwwww congratulations Vicky.... A new nana and a midwife.... He looks beautiful. 3lb 1oz is a good weight and I'm sure he will go from strength to strenght
Eileen x

Vanessa (aka V'ness, Nessa, oldschool) said...

Congrads to you all!
Much love!

Jacki Daniels said...

Well firstly congrats on becoming a grand parent again and secondly thank goodness he's doing well poor little mite what a start to lief luckily he has loving parents and grand parents rooting for him and well done for helping bring him into the world not many nanna's can say that can they

Sandra H said...

Aww Vicky thats amazing your story is incredable and l'll need to address you as Matron Vicky, the photos show this little fella was a fighter and to say how things changed so quickly is unbelivable l'm truly pleased all turned out for the better its truly a worry but you have a happy ending here lots of hugs and kisses to all and well done and thank you for sharing this xx

Jo said...

OMGosh, I'm finding it hard to put in2 words how totally amazing you and your family are. I was choked up reading that post, but also truly inspired at the strength shown by you all. A lot of people could learn from you and your nearest and dearest, me included, and I pray that little Arjay goes from strength to strength and that everyday the sun shines a little brighter for you all. Much love and sincerest congratulations on everything you have all achieved, Jo xxxxx

Jennifer Scull said...

oh my gosh.... y'all went through the wringer and came out so much stronger! God is so very good indeed! so many blessings in this beautiful story of yours....thank you for sharing every single moment of it with all of us! the pix are perfect, as are each one of you.

you are right, that little guy is quite the fighter! nothing is going to keep him down! praying that things just keep getting better and better for all of you!

hugs back at ya! :)

Teresa - My Crafty Heart said...

Hi Vicky hun, You must be so proud of everyone and they must certainly be very proud of you, what a wonderful thing you have done hun and something you will never forget. All the very best to Arjay, he is a little cutie and yes, what a lovely lot of hair :)) Have a great weekend, Biggest of hugs, Teresa xxx

Pat K said...

Congratulations Vicky...and yes, you are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful story. I have tears running down my face as I type....God Bless little Arjay and may he continue to thrive.
Big hugs to you all. Pat K xx

Shazza said...

wow how amazing!! Congratulations on the birth for your grandson, hope he continues to fight and well done to you :-)

Marjolein said...

You're the best Nana he could wish for!!!
I'm happy and thankful that God has saved his life and that you were there to help your children the way you did!!
Miracles do happen.
Bye from the Netherlands,


ps. your new grandson looks strong and special already! Enjoy the time you're given with them! Times to treasure.

Irene said...

OOOOOOOOOOOH Vicky, miracles do happen and this is one of them!!!! Huge congrats and an even bigger cuddle from Holland, you and your grandson rock!!!!!!

xx Irene

Kasey ~ in Oz said...

I've just read your post and got a little emotional, shed a few tears and then smiled through them. Yes you could say your last few weeks has been a roller coaster, but what a ride!

Congratulations to Ben and Megan on the amazing birth of Arjay, and to little Payton poor little darling all that drama surrounding her and now a new little brother.

And WOW to you Vicky, how awesome to have been there to take part in that miracle.

Wishing you and your now slightly larger family a slightly less dramatic future!

Hugs from Australia.


Shelby said...

Now that is one hell of an awesome story!! A big congratulations to our son and DIL and Arjay seems like quite the fighter. And who knew a fantastic crafter such as yourself was cross trained as and OB-GYN!!
Blessings to all of you


Vicky said...

OMW...What an amazing story hun!!...and well done you!! Hope all is well and keeping my fingers and toes crossed for wee Arjay...he is so gorgeous sweetie...:o)

take care and sending big hugs Vicky xx

Debs said...

Oh Vicky that's amazing hun - huge congrats to you and your family.
God Bless you all - especially baby Arjay - what a fighter.
Take care
Debs xx

Peggy said...

WOW! I can't believe what I am reading. Congrats and what a story to tell him when he gets older. You must be so proud.

Sue said...

Oh my goodness Vicky! I am honestly crying with joy here and have just had to explain to hubby why!
Arjay is certainly a little fighter and you are one super Nana for sure.
He looks so tiny and totally adorable. I am soooo happy for you and your wonderful family.
Take care,
hugs Sue xx

An Occasional Genius said...

Oh my goodness Vicky, that's a super duper scare the pants of you kind of roller coaster ride but what a feeling of achievement at the end :-) Congratulations to all your family on the birth of little Arjay. You are all amazing! hope Arjay keeps going from strength to strength, love n hugs to all x

Trina said...

Look at you, Vicky, delivering a baby and all! Glad that all of you are doing well considering the circumstances!

Trina said...

Look at you, Vicky, delivering a baby and all! Glad that all of you are doing well considering the circumstances!

monny2 said...

Oh my gosh Vicky, what a rollercoaster ride it was! Congratulations to you all on the arrival of baby Arjay; he is a honey for sure. He must be a strong little lad, he will grow up to be a big boy surrounded with lots of love.

Blessings to you all.
Monny. NZ

Laura Love said...

Congratulations on your newest addition to the family! What an amazing story! I think God worked a miracle getting little Arjay strong enough so fast so he would be ready to meet the world :) How exciting for you to be able to deliver your Grandson! Prayers that little Arjay continues to get stronger everyday! He is a little sweetheart and you have to be so proud! PS...when I think that I am having a roller coaster of a week...I will remember your story LOL!

Juls said...

Congrats !!! Such an emotional story, hugs to u & all your family!! X


Wow Vicky what an amazing story - you must be so proud. Love to Arjay and the family from CAZ x x

Annette said...

No words except 'wow'!!! This is something you will look back on and treasure (when things have calmed down!)

Unknown said...

Ohh, what a week you guys have had!!! But i'm soooo happy it all turned out fine!!! Megan is super truper too! Love the pic of her and the precious little arjay! She looks so glowing!! congrats on beeing a nanna for the 2nd time around!!! =) Have a wonderful day! Hugs and sunshine

KraftyKoolKat said...

Oh sweetie you have all been through the mill haven't you. I am so glad that they both are well and safe. What a fantastic thing for you to deliver your own grandson. Well done. Congrats to all concerned.
Have a good weekend
Big Hugs

Mau xx said...

Well Done Nana, What a story to tell him when he is older :)
Its all that love in your household that is the key to it all. What Gorgeous Pics, he is a real winner.
Huge Hugs to you all and lots of prayers for Arjayst know it :)))
Hugs Mau xx

Shanna Shands said...

Wow I know that has got to be really special. Big congrats and really glad he is doing well now!!!! Keep posting picks I love babies!!!

Dianne said...

Oh my you had me crying like a baby Vicky, what a little angel he is, what a wonderful gift for you to deliver him, well God bless you and that little angel, you and your whole family will be in my prayers, love the post and photos, thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week..

Wendy Nicola Jackson said...

Wiping up the tears of joy for you all! Couldn't keep a dry eye reading this post! So incredible your lil' Arjay has fought to live through all he's been through. How amazing, beautiful, incredible that you delivered that special wee man. That will be a bond that will link you so closely all your lives. Bless you amazing lady, for keeping calm and not panicking when your daughter-in-law and Grandson needed you most! You ought to receive a Queen's mention!!! I am in awe of you! Love, hugs and blessings to you all, Wends xxx

Sue Jones said...

Wow Vicky - i have tears in my eyes - you are such a hero!BIG congratulations to you all xx

Unknown said...

Call the Midwife! Oh Vicky, I read your wonderful, loving post with both tears in my eyes and shivers down my spine... Gosh, you and your grandson will have a connection that will last a lifetime... To do this for your daughter is so very very special... There's no doubt in my mind that Arjay will do wonderfully, for he senses how much he's loved and wanted. Congrats to you all, big hugs, Ira xox

Liz's creative corner said...

OMG Vicky, what a beautiful awesome story! so happy for all of you, he certainly has will power bless him and you must be so proud!
well done on your delivery skills hun, i'd be a wreck he he,

sending love and best wishes to you all, hugs Liz xx

Gibmiss said...

Hi Vicky
What a story... I am in tears.... I am so happy that little fella is ok..... You are an inspiration to every one you and your family... Congrats to you all....
Lots of Love
sylvie xxx

Anonymous said...

I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes, So happy that little Afjay is doing well after such an ordeal, Congratulations to you and your family, Praying that he will continue to thrive, take card sweetie
Big hugs Julie P

Mary said...

OMG Vicky, these must have been scary moments for you all!! Thank God it all end up right!! You're such a lovely, caring and brave nana!!
Baby Arjay is a fighter!! This special, and beautiful name belongs to a special and beautiful little boy, and he is!!
God bless you all.
Congrats to all, liefs Mary

Rachel said...

Wow, my heart was in my mouth while I was reading that. Thank goodness everything turned out all right.

Congratulations! Much love to you and your family. xxx

Kelly said...

Oh Vicky what a ordeal for everyone! Your grandson is so handsome, very sweet and strong! I have included him in my prayers since reading your story. I wish you all happiness and peace with this sweet little guy!

Suzi Mac said...

Oh my sweet lord!!! I've been up and down that roller coaster with you just reading about the events. What an amazing journey Arjay has had. No wonder you are such a proud Nana. Sending prayers and wishes that everything turns out well hon.
Suzi x

Elise said...

Awwww Sweetie! You all have been through a lot!! Congratulations on the new blessing to your family .. sweet Arjay .. and I send lots of love, hugs and kisses your way!!! This little dude is strong .. and he'll definitely be showing improvements each and every day! I'm certain! :) Especially with a loving family like yours .. he'll be good to go in no time! :)

Much Love,

Tamara said...

Amazing story!!!!! I loved reading it. I was crossing my fingers all the way that there would be a happy ending. :)

Diffirent Shades Of Life said...

Just been checking out your beautiful creations and read all about you delivering your grandson....sounds like ou did an awesome job....what an experience.....sure you're will have fun telling little Arjay all about it. Congratulations o you all.
Sue ( your newest stalker ;)

Diffirent Shades Of Life said...

Just been checking out your beautiful creations and read all about you delivering your grandson....sounds like ou did an awesome job....what an experience.....sure you're will have fun telling little Arjay all about it. Congratulations o you all.
Sue ( your newest stalker ;)

Shelly said...

Wow what an ordeal, I'm sure you did a wonderful job, how amazing and very scarey. Congratulations on the birth of Arjay, hope he goes from strength to strength x

Anne said...!!!!!! This is the first time I've read this story Vicky and I am bawling my eyes out here! What a remarkable story and what a fantastic legacy for your grandson! I am literally dizzy with holding my breath reading it - he is going to be SOOOOOOO proud of his Nanna!! Well done you, and Congratulations to the whole family! xxx

Crafty Sandy's Cards said...

Oh Vicki, what a story to tell your gorgeous little grandson, I know the bond that is between you will be unimaginable as he grow, as I have a similar story with my grandson! I was at his birth which took 30 odd hours of pain & exhaustion for my daughter to finally give birth to her son, as soon as he arrived I said to the nurse there is something wrong with him he is too blue, I was told they all look like that!!! But later we had a call from our son in law to say it looked like Jamie had a hole in his heart and was being taken to RCH (Royal Children's Hospital) in Melbourne this was about 1am in the morning. If it wasn't for the marvellous Paediatrician that was on call we may have lost Jamie who was born with Hyper Plastic Left Heart syndrome (only the right side of his grew) he was christened at 2 days old and had a reconstruction of his little heart at 3 days old. This was the first of 3 operations over 2 years, the last operation when he was in ICU 12 hours after surgery he had a stroke, then a 2nd stroke 5 weeks later, 6 months later he had a TIA. My beautiful blond little boy had glasses, needed speech therapy and when he started school he has a Teacher's aid to give him that little extra help. All the things that happened to us 11years ago was such a wake up call and it does make you value life soooo much more.
My wishes to your little grandson and family for a bright and happy future. Hugs Sandy xxxxxx

Erin said...

Ohhh My days i just stumbled across your blog and i'm in awe and amazement at this story wow ... What a beautiful family you have .. Thnk you for sharing it
HUgs Erin

Cheryl Cain said...

Such an amazing story!! God Bless you all.

Grenouille Greetings said...

WOW, WOW, WOW! What can I say! It has been forever since I visited ANYONE in blogland but I'm so pleased I came to your blog this evening and I spotted the photo of Arjay in the side bar and clicked for the story. What a magnificent story it is and what a magnificent Nana you are! Well done, Vicky! I shall of course scroll a little while I'm here - I just wanted to say a big CONGRATULATIONS and send my heartfelt best wishes for Arjay and you all! Hugs, Lesley