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Friday, 14 September 2012

My Crafty Heart DT Card - Look no image

Hello peeps how are you all today? Well as you can see from the title I have a card with 'No Image' today, yeah I know unusual for me!
Todays card is for My Crafty Heart using a few of Teresa's yummy things that she has in her fabulous store.
Yes I've done 'No Stamping' what so ever, even the sentiment is digital lol. I just fancied doing something different for a change.

The oh so gorgeous papers are indeed Prima 'Romance Novel' & splashed acrylic paint on all the edges. 

The plaster corner is Melissa Frances, these are so so pretty.

Here is a closer look at this beautiful flower. I have used the Cheery Lynn 'Stacker Die 2' & tbh I wasnt sure what the flowers would look like but I thought why not lol. They are fabulous I think I've put about 4 layers on this & then clipped together with a brad. Expect to see more of these peeps lol.
Lace & doily are from my stash.

1 layer I put through the notebook punch. Both hearts have been heat embossed & then cracked & inked a bit to distress them. I'm actually quite pleased with this considering it has no image......

Ingredients used...........
Sentiment - Whimsy
Prima 'Romance Novel' - MCH
Pearls & pearl hearts - MCH
Melissa Frances Resin Corner - MCH
Cheery Lynn Stacker Flower - MCH
Marianne Corner die - MCH

Well why not pop along to My Crafty Heart to treat yourself, go on cus 'your worth it' mmwah lol.
Well I'm slowly catching up with you, I will be there lol. Thank you so much for all your lovely sweet comments you all totally rock mmwah.
Toodles xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Challenges I'm Entering.............
Bunny Zoes Challenges - Distressing
Tuesday Alchemy Challenge - Peace, Love & Happiness (new challenge blog)

To the brave person who left an anonymous comment last night on yesterdays post. Anyway as regards to Natalie believe me when I say that with my family I DO NOT seek attention, they are my absolute life &I NEVER tire of them, in fact I cant get enough of them. This is MY blog & if I want to talk about my daughter then I can & I will. However I would like to thank you for taking time to leave me a comment obviously it got YOUR attention didnt it? Altho if you are lonely why not email me & I will have a chat with you. Also just for you I would like to post a piccy of 1 of the most beautiful girls in the world.............Natalie in her new chair that she finally got the other day.............. By the way Natalie is absolutely fine, as you can see below, she just doesn't like bedtime lol, never has done for 20 years bless her lol.
Doesn't she look sooooooooo comfy, I tell ya this chair is so squishy soft, she loves it!!! Its also finally nice that they make disabled aids more fashionable & not ugly now lol.
So thank you again to the person who left the comment, they say if you dont have anything nice to say...........then dont say anything at all!!! 

The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.


Irene said...

OMW what happened to aweful!! Just like Pops once experienced, how sick and mean are those people??
If you dislike something on a blog well.....just stay away but zipp it please!!!!My dear friend in Holland suffers from severe astma and writes about it on her blog, she got remarks like "I thought it's all about cards, what do I care how often you are in/out a hospital" can you believe something like that???
GRRRRRRRRRR enough of this, I LOVE the stunning card with no image, great job Vicky and your sweetie looks soo comfy in her new chair!!!

Have a nice weekend, it's autumn in Holland BRRRRRRRRR, Irene

KarinsArtScrap said...

well no picture today but I'll forgive you because it's very beautiful Vicky [ lol ].

And Natalie looks very comfy in that chair, she looks great.

greetings karin

alethea said...

Wow, I love your card.. it doesn't need an image cos it's just beautiful with the shapes and sentiment and embellishments!!
natalie is looking very comfy in her new chair.. hope that hse is a lot happeir today... Some people have nothing better to do than interfere in other people's lives so you keep doing what you do here on your blog because we love to read about it!! Hugsxx

cebelica said...

I didn't see the message you were refering to in this message, but I gather it wasn't anything nice. I'm really sorry that someone would leave bad messages to you. You are a truly amazing, kind and sweet person. Just don't pay attention to such people. They are not worth even a second of your time. Sending biiiiiiiig hugs to you and Natalie!!!

And as for your card, it's probably one of the most beautiful cards I've ever seen. Really! Absolutely stunning! Hugs! xx

KraftyKoolKat said...

Oh sweetie I am near to tears that someone could be so awful to you. Please do not stop speaking about your lovely family. The person who was so awful doesn't have to come and visit and read. They are probably jealous of your creativity and also you having a lovely family around you.
Your card today is very different to your usual style but proves how versatile you are. Full of loveliness!!!

Give Natalie a big gentle kiss from me. She looks so comfy in her new chair.


Doreen said...

This is gorgeous Vicky,what a great

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Fabulous card. It is such fun to try smething different isn't it. Love all the gorgeous layers. As for the anonymous blogger, how dare they. When you write a blog you can write about what you want. I am stunned that people can be so horrible but too afraid to say who they are. Well I think Natalie is gorgeous too and my word, she does look comfy. You write about your family all you want. I wish I knew who these awful people are cos they would get a piece of my mind. Have a great weekend xxx

Marlies said...

A beautiful elegant card with a lovely sentiment! Gorgeous!!
Natalie looks realy comfy in her new chair! hugs, Marlies

heidy said...

Hi sweetie,this is awefull,If they don't like what you write ,so skip to another blog,but don't say those things!
It's your blog and you write what you want!
You have a beautiful family and your proud of them,so thats the most importend thing!!
Sorry for the bad english.
Your card is so beautiful,love it!!!

Tkat said...

this card is superbly fabulous! love all the details! and the flower -- it's a perfect accent! :)

Carla S. said...

Gorgeous card, Vicky! You have so many wonderful details, there is no need for a colored image! Just lovely!
I'm so sorry that someone left you a mean-spirited comment. You just carry on. It's nice to see Natalie looking so comfy in her chair! Hugs!

angelwhispers said...

Hi Vicky another fabulous card the papers are so lush and loving the sentiment!!!!

So sorry to read your post sweetie can you believe people who write these horrible things and don't have the courage to put there name to it!!!

I always love looking at your blog as your work is just so inspirational and so full of love which shine's through you and your family!!!

I also love to hear about what's going on with Natalie, your family and Payton so you carry on girl like you say if they don't like it just stay away!!!!

My word what a lush chair Natalie has she looks so comfy and its nice to see she is feeling much better!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend Love Chanelle xxx

Sue B said...

Oh this is beautiful Vicky!! what a wonderful quote. I love those scrummy papers and embellies… the heart, lace and flower are absolutely gorgeous… so many wonderful details to this card… I love it.. :-)
what a lovely photo of Natalie! :-))) and she looks so comfy in that chair.. isn't it fab!!
Ahhh some people are SO ignorant… making stupid and offensive comments… they must have very sad life if they have nothing better to do!!!
Sending Big Hugs
Sue xxx

Unknown said...

Oh Hun it's such a great shame that there are such mean vindictive people in this world - especially ones with more time than sence on their hands! I truly love your blog and the fact that you give us an Insite into your own family life is a wonderful and welcome touch! Please keep your blog just as it is sweetie!
Love n hugs xx Cara xx

Sue said...

This is stunning Vicky. I LOVE everything about it. Your attention to detail is wonderful and so inspiring.

Good for you for saying your bit at the end of your post. I don't understand why some people are so uncaring. I love to hear you talk with such fondness about your wonderful family so don't change a thing!
Hugs Sue

Inkypinkydelights said...

Oh WOW I love this card! Well I just love everything about it. Judy x

Sarah said...

This is beautiful Vicky. I am so sorry to read someone has taken time to leave you a nasty comment, I hope it hasn't upset you too much, some people just like to inflict pain. Thank you for joining us at Allsorts this week for my Layers challenge x

Elise said...

HI Sweetheart, I am FUMING that someone would leave an un-nice comment to you too! :( What buttholes! ughhh!!! Well Natalie sure DOES look mighty comfy in that chair, and I was going to say .. that chair DOES look verrrrry comfy!!! hehehe!!! What a beautiful girl she is! :)

Now as for your creation .. OooOH my GOSH! Is there anything that you CAN'T do?!! My goodness gracious, this is absolutely BEYOND GORGEOUS!!!! The colors, the shabbiness, the way you placed everything .. sigh ... soOoOo DIVINE! Loooove it!

ps .. glad you'll keep talking about your family on your blog .. cause I really look forward to hearing what's new and how everyone is doing. :)

Big Hugggggs!

Riet said...

What a wonderful card Vicky.

Hugs Riet.xx

Sandra H said...

Hi Vicky, Your card is stunning goes to show you don't always need an image as you have proved here, its wonderful, l like all of the different parts to it the lace is adorable and the heart and the sentiment is stunnng the corners, pearls, doily, flowers well just everything its beautiful truly it is and a lot of thought and effort has been put into it and its a pleasure to view your incredable work your so talented, Please don't get too upset about this awful person, Natalie is a lovely daughter and we all who have children love talking and writing about them so you carry on doing just that and blogs are not only for crafts they can be for anything you want them to be its your personal space and its brilliant that you share all your lovely family news with your fellow bloggers, Natalie looks totally relaxed and her chair looks so comfortable so carry on doing what you do best Vicky and keep posting about your lovely family and your amazing creations take care and keep smiling:) xx

Fleur said...

A stunning card Vicky, and I'm so sorry you had such a horrible comment, I don't know what was said, thankfully people like that are in the minority and just aren't worth the time of day
HUGZ to you all
Fleur xXx

Donna Mosley said...

WoW! Vicky, this is absolutely amazing hun.Love all the gorgeous details. Ooh! Natalie looks so comfy in her new chair too. Sorry to hear you've had somebody leave a horrible comment hun, thank god that most bloggers are lovely and you are one of the best hun and we love to hear about your lovely family too. :o)


Donna x

Eileen said...

What a gorgeous card. Well it has to be it's a Vicky creation :)
Love the sentiment.
As for the idiot who left an offensive comment... some people just look at blogs to upset others.
After 30 years as a health visitor I know the LOVE and sheer hard work that Natalie creates and the drain on your time and energy but all worth every minute of it.
Don't change a thing we all love hearing about Natalie and the rest of your lovely family.
Eileen x

Susie said...

I love your something different! Love the colours and layout and everything.

It's lovely to be looking at your blog again....I've neglected you (and lots of my other bloggy pals!).

Sorry and annoyed that you've had someone behave so negatively, but so chuffed to see your response and I LOVE that ending sentiment!

Take care, Hun. Susie x

Faye said...

Vicky, I love you and I love your blog and your posts. And I love your cards. This one is FANTASTIC. X

Corrinne said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I adore all of those details - just stunning :) I welcome you to join me at Tuesday Alchemy's newest challenge:


Dena said...

Hey girl! Thanks so much for the congrats for my daughter, she is just tooooo happy about nursing school.
This card is sooooo stunning! Wow! Fabulous job without using stamps. Love that crackled look on the sentiment!
Whoa! I'm not sure what was said to you, but what is going on with people these days? I don't get it, sooooo rude!
Natalie looks so cozy in her chair! What a beautiful girl you have!!!!
Have a great weekend Vicky,

Chrissy said...

This is gorgeous vicky, so many beautiful details, you dont really miss an image as it is so pretty, fabulous flower..fabulous sentimnet..fabulous card.
And Natalie, bless her, she looks so happy in her new chair..

And to the nitwit who has nothing nice to say....
"sticks and stones"..[hmmppff]


JenniferD said...

Wow I am loving your awesome card with lots of layers! Talking about your family on your blog just makes us feel like we know you and can see where some of your inspiration comes from!Love it!

cheryl said...

oh Hun,how could any one,ever leave you a nasty comment,makes my blood boil if you want to talk about,your family then talk away for me I love it personally as blogging is not just about cards its about,how you feel,what you are thinking,and if anything goes,wrong or you are feeling upset,you write it on your blog,and its friend,s and other amazing people like you that,bring us so much love and kindness to our little world. So next time that,idiot leaves you a nasty message ignore it hun,they have nothing better to do with there time,we all love you for who you are,and okay off soap box now sorry just makes me so angry. Right card is simply stunning,your detail always blows me away as for Natalie gosh how,comfy does she look in her chair,bless her heart take care hunny all my love massive hugs Cherylxxxx glad she is okay Hun xx

Teresa - My Crafty Heart said...

Hi my lovely - first of all, I feel so sad that you had to endure reading a nasty comment on your lovely blog...I really do not understand at all, why someone felt the need to do that to you hun, I can only imagine it must be ignorance...Natalie looks sooo comfy in her new chair,she is so gorgeous and looks happy to be in it:) Your card is wonderful...the details and techniques are fabulous, so much love and feelings go into your cards and it shines through in each and everyone hun, This is so elegant and could even be an heirloom, Love it, Huge Hugs, Teresa xxx

Wishcraft said...

Oh hun, I'm really sorry someone upset you! I don't know what they said, but whatever it was - you just carry on as you are, and don't pay them any attention. Think how bad their lives must be, that they have to try and make lovely people miserable xxx

Your card is absolutely beautiful! Love all your gorgeous details, the flower looks fabulous.

Natalie looks lovely and comfy in her new chair :o) Hugs, Lisa x

Alyce Kit and Clowder said...

Wow vicky!!! this is absolutely stunning. I love the layering and the beautiful details and techniques....gorgeous! And I love natalie's new chair!!! How comfy looking!! Aww Vicky I can't believe someone would leave a nasty comment...people really do have nothing better to do so don't worry about them ok sweetie :) xxx

Unknown said...

Oh sweetie! Another gorgeous and amazing card! Love the sentiment, the colors and sweet details! Thanks for joining us over at Tuesday Alchemy this week! Good luck!
All good with Natalie and your gorgeous grand child? Have a fantastic weekend! Hugs and sunshine

Trish and Treasure said...

Hi Vicky,
Wonderful papers and great card design you have a beautiful design eye and this is so lovely to look at! I love the comfy chair for Natalie she looks happy. Have a nice weekend.
Hugs Trish xx

Unknown said...

Oh sweetie, your post went straight to my heart... I simply cannot understand that there are people out there who know nothing of life and the people in it... your words gave me shivers all over... Please simply ignore such people, actually they're not even worth giving attention to. You know that there are lots of blog buddies out here who are happy to listen to you and your stories and I'm happy to hear that Natalie is looking so comfy, please give her an extra big hug from me, will you hun? Now on to your gorgeous creation without the image ;-) Really love that quote and how you craquelured it (have I just invented a new word here, lol!) Sending lots of hugs, Ira xox

Deb said...

your card is totally gorgeous, I am in awe that you made such a beautiful card without an image!
I think you dealt with that mean-spirited person perfectly hun, your regular readers know very well how much love and attention you give to all your family. I think if people are leaving anonymous comments they are obviously ashamed of what they have to say!
Love your parting words on this blog post, perfect!
have a great weekend, Debxx

Eileen Ng said...

Awww, sorry to hear of such awful things...I don't see how any of that is their business. Someone obviously doesn't surround themselves with enough love and beauty. In your message I see that you're taking a different approach--"kill them with kindness!" You're such a sweetheart and it is clear that you have a lot of love to offer be it family or your beautifully crafted cards! It's a piece of art and I'm so delighted that you could join us this week at Tuesday Alchemy! Have a sweet, sweet day!


Unknown said...

I am so sorry you had to suffer the nastiness of someone who doesn't have anything better to do :(

Your card is totally gorgeous! I really love the shabby chic feel of it.
Thank you for sharing with us at Tuesday Alchemy
*hugs* Shell x

Shelby said...

This is so pretty! Really love the cracked glass look and all of the gorgeous embellies are awesome. Sorry there are whimpy people in this world who obviously have nothing better to do. However, your daughter is so sweet and the chair looks sooo comfortable.


Heidi said...

Your card is gorgeous Vicky!
Absolutely stunning:)
Natalie look very comfy in her new chair.
I'm sorry that you got that nasty comment. I don't know what's wrong with some people! Don't change a thing my friend, I love visiting your blog and there is a reason for that;)
Take care and have a lovely Sunday, hugs:)

Ally said...

there are actually no words for some anonymous blogger with nasty comments... you have said all that should be said, Vicky. It's your blog and you can write something about your lovely and happy daughter whenever you want and no normal person would ever think that you seek for attention of her.
She is a wonderful young lady and we can all see that you all love her to death and will do everything to protect her and make her life wonderful!

Your card is lovely, Hun. I like the effect of the crackle part and the fact that there is no image on the card. Beautiful, just as aou are!!!

Tons of love,

xxxtglxxx said...

Please ignore that some mean and mealy mouthed people are obviously jealous of your talent, blog and boundless love and affection :)

I always believed that blogging was about sharing thoughts, ideas and bits of your life with others, and I always enjoy catching up with your posts hun!

That chair looks awful comfy! ;)

Beautiful card, its hard sometimes to leave an image off, its usually my starting point, so can be a real challenge for me, this is gorgeous!



PS - I never liked bedtimes either, and still think there are other, better things I could do with my time! lol :D

Pop's Cards said...

Hi sweetie this is just gorgeous, fabulous colours too, huggles Pops x x x

I got a few last week to, my work is utter shite, I use my kids to get freebies and just nasty stuff like that, I was on the point of giving up completely, I cropped it and posted it to facebook, then got another one saying how sad I was posting it to facebook, so that means it is someone i know and that makes it even worse in my opinion...

I have decided to keep blogging like you it is my blog, my work and if they don't like it they can fuk off, chin up there are some sad people about x

Dona said...

I love, love, love your blog and visit it often. Your talent is an inspiration and I get many ideas from you sharing your talent. Natalie looks beautiful and comfy in her new chair. You are proud of your family and love them and this is your space to be proud. You go Girl and keep it up. You Rock!! Thank you again for sharing your talent. (Oops, I almost forgot to say that your card is gorgeous.)

Unknown said...

Wow Vicki your card is OMG gorgeous, stunning and beautiful. It is off the charts amazing. The colors, the flower, the lace, the quote - its all absolutely perfect. Thanks so much for sharing with us at Tuesday Alchemy.

Hugs and smiles from your newest follower


June Nelson said...

The card is amazing me lovely as always image or no image, your work is super beautiful anyway, and sooo is Natalie, she looks lovely in that new chair, it folds around her, take no notice of ignorant people who know nothing about you or your family, or anything apart from being as hurtful as possible, they obviously dont know how much you adore your family do they!!!! bloody idiots!!! ooh it makes me so bloomin mad!!!love the card, loving Natalie in her new chair and loves you, you couldnt know a lovlier kinder lass, so there mrs anonymous, put that in your pipe and smoke it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Fabiola said...

très très belle et très élégante! biz

Kim. said...

Vicky I am stunned that people can be so cruel, I for one love to hear about your family and what you have all been up to. Natalie is an amazing young lady and I would so love that chair she has lol.
Great card, I am not normally a fan of non image cards but this is stunning. I really need to try that cracked embossed look it look lovely.
Kim xXX

Mau xx said...

Well First of all, I am glad I never saw the comment Vicky, It is however a shame that the pip squeak has got Attention...just what they wanted I guess! These are not only Card Blogs...they are to add and share whatever we like..whenever we like, and we like nothing better than you sharing your Gorgeous Natalie and family with us. She certainly is a Princess xxxxx and Looks amazing in that new chair. How comfy you look Natalie...shhh! I hate bedtime thats why I am writing this at 12.30am.
Love your card Vicky, your "Different" is as amazing as your norm.
Thanks for your welcome back,Your Loyalty and comments mean such a lot to me.
Huge Hugs Mau xx

Doreen said...

Hi sweetie, I love your blog. I love your creations and I love the stories about you and your family...especially Natalie. She is so beautiful in her new chair. Love the pic.
Cannot understand those ignorant persons. Unbelievable.
But forget this comment. There are so many lovely people who loves what you do and who you are.
My English isn't good enoigh to explain how I feel ... sorry
Love and big hugs
Doreen xx said...

Ack - some folk! Think you are right about loneliness it makes some people so bitter and unpleasant. Maybe that why their lonely though??! Just saying.....

What a wicked chair and oh btw I'm 40 plus and I still don't like bedtime - so Natalie is in good company!!! Infact maybe we could swap delaying tactics!!!LOL

Claire xxx

Unknown said...

So cute card. Beautiful design. I have worked for the Plastic card printing and designing company and i really appreciate your work.