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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Bald bare patches......& maybe babies!!!!!!!!!!!

Good evening my lovelies how are you all? Isnt this weather just soooo beautiful I've actually spent the afternoon out in it today.......yeah not relaxing unfortunately. No instead I've spent the day gardening etc with hubby. I've jet washed all the decking which took me 3 hours & now looks patchy where half of the stain has come off lol, but its ready for re-staining tomorrow. The conservatory has been scrubbed & hubby has cut the lawn & we've removed ALL of the dead plants & dead conifers.........I have sooooo many bare patches now I am gutted!! I like evergreens in the back garden cus then it looks beautiful all year round. I keep the containers for flowers & also we have a huge garden at the front as well which I can throw loads of flowers into lol.
Look at how bare it all looks....
Soz about the pics I've only just took them & we've got sea mist coming in so the telletubbie hill at the bottom of the street is dissapearing slowly lol. See all the empty bits.....yeah well there were conifers & grasses & things big bad winter killed them..........I knew I should of got artificial ones......

Removed the dead grasses from the back of the water feature so even that looks bare & we've thrown all the flower containers so there is barely anything on my patchy looking decking now lol.

The conifers down the side used to go along the back as well thats how many we have lost.....not impressed got them all to replace now.........damn garden costs too much. How is it we want big gardens then when we do get them we moan at about the upkeep........ This was all just mud when we moved in cus it had just finished being built so its took us 4 years up to now......we had planned to do the front this year & give it a good overhaul............mmmmm we'll see!!
Are you wondering about the heading.........babies..... Yes well my doggies went outside in the back yard, they not allowed in the garden without us. Anyway I had to give Natalie her meds so by the time I went to check on the dogs & get them in they were ermmmmm.........stuck!!!!!!!! Yes those damn dirty doggies should be ashamed.... Rang hubby as he has gone fishing & he thinks its so funny he laughed even harder when I told him she is walking like she has just got off a horse!!! ROFL So we not have to wait to see if we will be having yorkie babies.....thousand shames...........a thousand shames they should be feeling!!
He did it!!!!!

So anyway I'm shattered to say the least it was not good for the kidneys I'm suffering now lol so there may be no card from me tonight.....I will re-phrase that there will be NO card from me tonight but I will catch up with you all later on your blogs.
Toodles for now peeps mmwah
xoxoxoxox Keep On Smiling......uses far less muskulls (I know its spelt wrong its spelt how I'm saying it lol)

14 comments: said...

LOL - sorry this has brightened a carp week! He looks soo innocent :) x

heidy said...

Hi Vicky we also have a very large garden and my hubby spent almost all his freetime in it keeping it tidy,me i love to sit in the sun and do some colouring he he
Ha ha I love puppies!!
Hugs Heidy

Vanessa (aka V'ness, Nessa, oldschool) said...

good luck on the babies!!!

Karina said...

Sounds you were quite busy your hubby and you. As much work it is, the more joy you'll have when everything is done. And I had a good laught when I read about the doggies :o)))
Hugs, Karina

Tracey T said...

Your garden looks lovely to me - mine is a real mess! Well done you - I see you've got Top 3 at MAWT with your lovely Choklit card! I knew that one was a winner, it's so gorgeous. Huge hugs, xx

cardmaking bird said...

I think your garden still looks lovely! What naughty doggies!! If you do have yorkie puppies, put me down for one cos Tippy could do with a little friend!! Awwww, it'll be sooooo cute! Hugs, Marie xx

xxxtglxxx said...

LOL at your post Vicky!! :)

We put our eldest Kevin out to stud, and got a beautiful little pup a few months later. It took me about 2 days to look at him the same tho :D

Your garden looks amazing and all ready to welcome the spring - well done you. Now take it easy ;)



lynne said...

Hi Vicky,
Sorry i have not been by for a while. Had terrible few weeks with Kidneys and Sinusitis. Never knew that could cause so much pain...even with my kidney meds! Your garden looks so tidy! I love all your little areas in your garden, especially the hammock!! Between that and your craft room...i am moving in!
Hope your kidney pain settles, hope you dont pay for it tomorrow aswell.
Sorry but your dogs getting stuck did make me laugh! Look forward to hearing if babies are on the way!
Take Care
Lynne x

Heidi said...

He he those dogs:)
I have to watch them carefully here when It's that time of the year. Even if Fr√łya is much bigger than Fillip and he can't get into the right place, he sure tries. And you never know:)
Hugs, Heidi

Exclusively by Mel said...

Hi Vicky.
Great garden, at least it looks lovely and neat now!!
Ahh your fur baby is so cute!!
Mel. xx

fionalawlor said...

Your garden looks lovely! Thats exactly the way i want my garden to look lol absolutly no flowers as they mean....bees!! And im terrified of bees lmao hahaha
I got a bit confused reading about your doggies?! Do u have a boy and a girl dog? And it's the first time? lol I brought my Shih Tzu girl to stay with my parents and their Jack Russell and they were bloomin at it all weekend!! Hahahaha only problem is that my parents dog doesnt seem to realise that he has had "the snip" lol so he wasn't going to get anywhere hahaha we all had a great laugh at them especially when my girl decided that she would hump the boy dog rotfl!
Yorkie pups would be so cute tho! Im jealous lol
Fiona x

tiggertastic said...

so sorry to hear you have lost so many greens hunny - sounds like a big job to replace them. We lost a few down south as well - and i think to be honest we should have a big overhaul in our garden again - it is small and neat but needs time and effort spent on it, along with money no doubt lol

looking forward to an update on the dog situation - naughty little doggy

Sarah x

Chrissy said...

OH!! had me laughing..I know I should have responded to this post when you first did it...I have had the holidays, and just not enough me time...
Naughty Oh! dear..I laughed..My Harry opened one eye and just stared at me..if only he could understand the fun he's missing out

KraftyKoolKat said...

Naughty naughty doggies. Your garden is still super and I am sure knowing you the bald patches will not be there long.