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Friday, 18 March 2011

Good evneing

Good evening my lovelies woo hoo thank crunchie its friday I sooooo love the weekends time to spend with your family....I miss the kids so much when they are at school altho Nats hasnt been for the last 2 weeks fingers crossed tho she will go on Monday if she's well enough as she is still coughing quite a bit. Jake we are not sure now if it is tonsilitus as it looks more like abcesses now at the back of his mouth/throat hopefully tho we will feel better over the weekend we have brought him a few things from the fingers crossed may have healthy-ish kiddies next week lol.
I havnt got a card for you tonight my plan is to have Friday night with my family as on a Saturday morning I have my CES card & every fortnight my Sweet Stampin one too so Friday nights is now family night woo hoo.
I've also been busy shopping as I finally kicked my printer into touch it did my head in & I was going through loads of ink cleaning it all the time so the vein in my heed popped yesterday & it went the journey. So we quickly went up Argoose & brought a new one with an extended warranty just incase it requires booting lol. Today I put clothes in the dryer cus I wont dry towels & underwear on the line & it was taking soooo long to dry the things so hubby told me go on the net & choose a new one. WOOO HOOOO my washer is an 11kg one so my loads have to get halved before they go in the dryer as thats only 6kg so now I've ordered a 9kg dryer which gets delivered tomorrow from the same company I got my washer off. Funny thing tho my hubby decided to have a look at the dryer afterwards & well the inside had collected fluff over a period of time so now it works perfectly lol......never mind I still needed a bigger one lol. So now the un-broken dryer is going in my craft room in the corner so I can save it for when my son gets a flat....up to now he has nearly all his flat furnished as I've been getting furniture over the last 6 months. I wish someone had done this for me lol.........I'm hoping he can manage to buy towels & stuff himself lol.
Well I'm off now I will catch up with you all tomorrow I still keep having probs with getting onto my dashboard sometimes it works then other times it doesn't......darn thing needs sacking!!
Anyway hope you all have a great weekend.
Love to all & take care


cardmaking bird said...

Awwww, Craigy is a diamond. We love you, Craig. LOL. You deserve it Vicky. Love and hugs, Marie xxx

KraftyKoolKat said...

Hi hunni. I hope you had a great evening with your lovely family. I hope the two sickies in your house are better son. Craig you are a lovely feller looking after my precious Vicky so well.