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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Collall All Purpose Glue At Fabulous Prices

Hi everyone, how are you all?

Now I know a lot of crafters like me lurve..........I mean LURVE Collall All Purpose Glue but we are finding the 1 litre bottles hard to find at a price thats right. Well after much.....MUCH searching from myself & my uber faberoony hubster we have found an amazing store that sells this glue & man MANY others at amazing prices. Not only do they sell the 1 litre bottles but they sell the 5 litre bottles & if you are like me I like to have plenty of stock in...........well what crafter likes to run out of the important things that we need & use when we craft.

Collall 1 Litre Glue for less than £10 + p&p = BARGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Collall 5 Litre Glue for less than £30 + p&p = BARGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok you are gonna want to know where to get this from dont you........well I will tell you. Come closer then............
The store is called Opitec & their website is here if you click on this it will take you straight to the Collall Glue. They are based in Germany but have headquarters in the UK as well. Now although all products come from Germany they only take 3-5 days to get to your door.
Now I've had quite a few things from Germany in the past & I really can vouch for their fast delivery..........its better than ours lol.

You can order from their German site which has more products apparently, this is what the lady told my hubster just 10 minutes ago. The Germany site is the more up to date site as they are still updating their UK one. On their UK one it asks what school/firm you are ordering for but they actually sell to the general public, this bit is if you want to become a registered member.

This store is amazing, I have not in anyway been sent any samples or been asked to do this post. I really am telling you all to help you find the glue you want & at the prices you would prefer.

Go over to their store & see the prices for yourself & postage is only £5.90...........even to the UK, unless you order over £250 worth then its free lol. Seriously my lovelies you will love their prices.

Go on over & say Stickywithicky sent you as they didnt realise our crafty world was so big & didnt realise we lurve this stuff & is excellent for our crafty needs.

Ok I'm off now to let you go shopping............well go then ;-)

Lotsa hugs Vicky xxxxxxxxxxx

I've just placed my order so if you have any trouble let me know.


Ella's Design said...

Hi Vicky! I too have ordered form Opitec in the past as we run workshops, so the large glue bottles are ideal. I have to say that I found their service to be excellent and as you said, delivery was only a couple of days from ordering! Hugs, Lisa x

Wendy Nicola Jackson said...

Oh wow, you are a treasure sharing this for all to benefit hunny. I'll have to find out if they'll post to NZ. Big hugs, Wends x

Unknown said...

U must be very excited about this glue, writing such a long post about it, LOL I've been asked about good glue, but I think it's such a boring item to stock. :-)

Hugz, Sandy
Owner & Operator @Live & Love Crafts