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Thursday, 18 October 2012

My Apologies & giving up my craft-room

Good morning my lovelies we have another miserable day here.........where ever you are I hope you are warm & safe peeps.
Ok its just a post really to say a huge sorry to you all for not getting round to your blogs, I'm sooooooo trying lol.
As you know we are getting these gorgeous cats, well I am giving them my hobbit (craft-room), its getting converted into & we are adding runs so they have somewhere to play. We are also sectioning off 1 end to turn into a whelping area with incubators etc in, completely sterile so they cant pick up any nasty germs & wat-not. They will of course sleep & live with us in the bungalow, this is just where they will play & where mom can have her babies when the time comes.
So as I'm giving up my craft-room I am moving into the corner of the living room........not good lol but this is my decision I dont mind giving this up for my furry babies.
After speaking to my lovely sweet friend Pops & me picking at her brains lol I am going to get one of those work-box thingys............a wardrobe folding cupboard check me out how good am I explaining things.....not.. lol. Hubby was just gonna get me a large desk but how messy would that look & in the living room it would drive me round the bend. TBH I'm a messy crafter but like the home clean. 
Anyway it means I'm having to how hard is that but tbh I dont need this many stamps its silly I will never ever get to use them all as I keep buying new ones that come out & I also have a bjillion digi images...........which I soooooo love lol. So I'm mega busy trying to sort out crafting things...........what to keep & what to sell. The selling stuff is gonna help pay for this cupboard cus damn are they expensive grrrrrrrr.........wonder if I could sell hubster......or.....
HUBSTER FOR RENT cheap prices but will need him back in one piece..........he brings you cups of tea while you are crafting & he's lovely ;0)
Anyone interested............answers on the back of a comment box lol.

So my lovelies I am trying to visit you all & leave comments but when I'm late this is why, we only have til the 10th december before she comes (still havnt completely decided on a name lol) & with crimbo & the bungalow needs decorating............I need blinking help !!!!
Right off for a womble before the school run........well 6th form but its still the same aint it.
Tatty bye & thank you so much for putting up with me mmwah xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Unknown said...

Well Vicky you are a lovely mum to your furbabies dog lives in my craft room during the day right under my feet, being a labrador you can understand her nature. I am sure you will manage to keep your creations going with 'thingies' and 'whatchamacallit's' very well and it won't interfere with your creativity juices...take care..luv annie

Sue said...

It sounds like you have a busy time ahead but it will be worth it when you get your gorgeous new cats.
Take care, and don't worry about the commenting - I'm sure everyone understands.

Hugs Sue

angelwhispers said...

My word you are down sizing!!!! Good luck with that Vicky I'm trying to sort mine to move and my god I don't know where to start. I do love those wardrobes though and the fact that you can just close them up!! lol Let us know when you put your goodies up for sale!! Love Chanelle xxx

Unknown said...

HI sweetie, oh my goodness, giving up your craft room! You must really want this cat wow! I know exactly what you mean with those cupboard things, and I know hoe expensive they are, but the're gorgeous! Will look wonderful in your living room. Good luck on sorting out your stuff. Hugs Frea

Lisa said...

Hi Vicky, I have seen these craft wardrobes (not sure if that's the proper name but that's what I call them lol!) and would love one! I have a craft area in our dining room which is great because it means I can craft while still joining in with my OH and kids but the downside is I have to tidy away each time. Whereas if I had one of these craft wardrobes I could just shut the doors. I have recently sold a lot of my stash because I have more than I will ever use ... maybe I should put the money towards one of these. Oh you've got me thinking now.

Lisa x

Liz's creative corner said...

Oh hun you do make me laugh! love your sense of humour!!!!!

hope your crafty move goes ok, the units are lovely but know what you mean about the cost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

have a lovely day hunny, hugs Liz xx

Laney said...

WOW!! Vicky all this sounds really exciting for you ,a lot of hard work too!!I cant wait and watch the progress of your fur babies they are stunning

KraftyKoolKat said...

Oh sweetie I can breath a sigh of relief. When I saw your title I thought you were going to give up on crafting to put all your time and money into breading your adorable cats. It would have been such a waste as you are so talented sweetie.


Susanne said...

Hi Vicky
Oh my so much you have to thinking about..... Here comes my catnames:
X(Z)ena, Zimba, Zmilla, Zelda, Zachie, Yoda, Gemini, Tindra, Jezzie, Sunna and Kimchi.... I love cats with z,s and ch....
God Luck and have a nice day!! Hugs Susanne

Christina C. said... reading your posts..tooo funny!!!! Looking forward to seeing pictures of your new and exciting venture!!!
Sounds like you will be very busy renovating your craft room.

Donna said...

Sounds like a big job Vicky and I hope you can get it all done in time. I always admire crafters who are lucky enough to have their own craft room but I guess it does lead to hoarding...good luck hun :) Donna ♥ x

Angélique said...

I have read your message and I hope you have a wonderful time with your new family LOL. Ohh they are cute.

Elise said...

Oh gosh, it sounds like you have a ton of things to do before kitty gets there! You're a true animal lover and a most WONDERFUL one too .. giving up your craft room for her! Awwwww .. soooOOo sweet of you! :)

You crack me up about renting your hubby!!! LMAO!!! Keep us posted on the progress .. hope everything will be an easy move for you! :) You are such a doll Vicky!!!

Super Big Hugs to You!

Martina said...

Oh, I am not envying you!! I have no craftroom of my own and it is my biggest wish for years! I have seen these wardbrobes...looks okay for me, but these things are all not available here in Austria, so no chance for me! As a cat-lover...I have some of my own, I am happy to give them such a great place and I am dying to see the babies in the future!!! =)

Shazza said...

my neighbour has a Workbox, they are great. x

Donna Mosley said...

Hi Vicky, ooh! you must be so excited hun, she is so very beautiful. Aww! all those cute lil' kittens running around. Payton Leigh will love 'em. :o)

Donna x

Alina said...

lucky cats, and you're amazing, Vicky!

Deb said...

good luck with the reorganizing, hope it all comes together quickly, can't wait to see pics of the new fur baby!

Lotta said...

Oh I create in mess too, so I understand it will be difficult but nessisary. Big hugs Lotta!

Unknown said...

Now there's true love for you! Giving up your own room for those cute, sweet kittens. Hope they'll give you an extra hug for your sweet gesture dearie! Big hugs, Ira xox

June Nelson said...

Hello me darlin, I have a crafty box wardrobey thingy and to be honest I dont like it"!!! everything you want you have to stand up and get, unless its just me lol, but its ok I still think you will miss your craft room though, come and live here shug, we wwill swap lol, bet you cant wait for your kitten, they are magnificent!!!! cant wait to see piccies of her playing in your house, oooh how exciting!!! take care ma lovely love ya lots big huggies Juen xxx

xxxtglxxx said...

Awww.... well Vicky, I just checked out those Kitties on that site and they are gorgeous hun! :)

Its a sacrifice, but sometimes you have to just follow your heart, and this is such an exciting venture! :) Cant wait to see the pics ;)



Marianne's Craftroom said...

Hi sweetie, just catching up too. Ooh giving up your Craftroom, but those storage workstations do look amazing. Hope you will tell us when you are selling stuff because of course I don"t have enough stamps, lol! Keep us all updated and we want pics too.