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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Sorry for being MIA

Hello my lovelies how are you all? Brrr isn't it so darn cold & we are supposed to have snow on the way, altho some peeps have it already. Better dig out those thermals!!
I'm sorry I've been missing from blogland I do have creations made but havnt had chance take photo's, I will try tonight to take some pics & get them on my blog.
I havnt been in blogland because Natalie is really poorly with her chest again, she was fine on thursday when she went the day care centre. However they did a fire drill not long before home time & they had to take all of them outside. They didnt have time to put a coat on Natalie & then while she was out there her taxi arrived so they still didnt have time to put a coat on her they said, although her taxi driver is lovely & I know he certainly would have waited if need be!!! So she travelled home with the coat just  placed over her. Yesterday she started to burn up really bad & started coughing & wheezing, it took us til 1am this morning to finally get her temperature down but she is so wheezy & constantly needing her inhaler.
To say I'm not impressed is an understatement, I know they need to do these fire drills but this week has been the coldest we have had & for Natalie to go outside without a coat on I think is ridiculous & now she has to suffer with it. She is so poorly bless her so obviously we are keeping her at home for at least this next week & words will be had with the centre!!!! 
I will try get around tonight to see your blogs as I am missing you but it may take me a while catch up with you all :0(

I'm off now to get tea cooked. Can you believe its the 1st December today, my goodness where has this year gone!! However santie will soon be here ;0)

Take care sweeties & keep warm & safe where ever you are mmwah.
Tatty bye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Oooh also I nearly forgot I have a new badge on my sidebar :0) I am now on the DT on
Copic Marker Europe, can you believe it, I still cant believe it & I get to work with such amazing talented ladies who inspire me daily. I am sooooooooo excited about it I really am. Go check out the blog to see the 3 other super talented ladies they also chose to go with their amazing team.


Unknown said...

Congrats on your new DT hun am so pleased for u! Hope poor Natalie is feeling better soon too, my little one is having a really hard time with her chest and is on steroids - she's lost so much weight! It hits them hard what ever their age doesn't it.
Luv n hugs xx Cara xx

Caroline said...

Hi Vicky I hope Natalie get's better soon and I think it's ridiculous sending them out with no coats on. Big Hugs hun. Caroline xxx

KarinsArtScrap said...

congratulations with as new DT member
A lott of feel better wishes for your daughter.

greetings karin

Donna Mosley said...

Aww! Vicky, sorry to hear Natalie is poorly, hope she gets better very soon. WOW! hun, way to go on the new DT. Soooooo well deserved. :o)

Donna x

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Awww poor love, how bad of them to be the cause of her being so poorly, not good enough. Hope she is better soon. Huge congrats on the new DT. Hugs xx

Irene said...

Vicky this is just aweful poor poor Nathalie! It's a shame what they did, were the people in charge also outside in the cold without coats??????
Hang in there and fingers crossed she'll be better soon!!!

Cuddle, Irene

Liz's creative corner said...

Aw Vicky hun, I hope she feels better real soon, no wonder your annoyed, what a stupid thing to do!

congrats on your new DT, I knew who to ask about copics didn't I lol,hugs Liz xx

Sue said...

Oh dear Vicky, poor Natalie. I am not surprised that you are not impressed with them for making her go outside without a coat on. She must have been freezing out there, no wonder she is ill. I do hope that she is feeling better soon.
Big Congrats on your new DT place, it is definitely well deserved as your colouring is stunning.

Take care of yourself too and I have my fingers crossed that Natalie is better soon.
Big hugs

Carla S. said...

Oh, Vicky! I am so sorry to hear that Natalie is feeing poorly again and for such a bad reason. I hope that she starts feeling better very soon. Congrats on your new DT! They are so lucky to have you!

Kraftylittlebox said...

Hope your daughter feels better soon, I can't believe they were made to stand outside in this weather either :((
Hugs Klair xx

May said...

Hi Vicky, so sorry to hear that Natalie is ill... Bless her I wish her a speedy recovery.. How silly of the centre to let her out in the cold without a coat!! Or something to keep her warm!! Good luck with sorting them out as it's not fair on poor Natalie to suffer like this!! x x x

Congratulations on your new DT Team Copic Marker Europe... They are so lucky to have you!!!
Hugs May x x x

Sandra H said...

Oh l do hope Natalie recovers pretty quickly but she is in the best place now so give her a big hug from me! l saw your name as one of the new Dt Members at Copic Markers Europe well done but l'm not suprised your creations and colouring Vicky is always done to perfection well done!! xx

Denise said...

Hi Vicky.
Huge congrats on your new DT post - well deserved.
So sorry to hear your Natalie is so poorly - hope she feels better real soon and hope you give the centre a piece of your mind!!!
denise xx

Chrissy said...

Well, thats a poor of the centre Vicky, to say the least...heads should roll once again..sending warm cuddles to Natalie, hope she gets rid of this infection fast...and super congratulations on your new DT, so well deserved, but really, not surprising are so talented.


Mary said...

Poor Nathalie, send her some get well soon hugs from our part!!
Congrats with your amazing DT member of copics europe!! You're so talented, I really love your blog!
Liefs Mary

Elise said...

Oh my gosh, this is so UPSETTING! :( Unbelievable! I can't believe the gall they have to give such a sorry excuse. That is awful, and now poor Natalie is sick because of their neglect. grrrrrr!!! I hope Natalie feels better soon .. awwww. :(

Also, a huge CONGRATULATIONS to you for being on the Copic Marker Europe team! Wooot Wooot! They are absolutely LUCKY to have you with them .. your work is AMAZING and so are YOU!!! :)

Please take well care, and Big Hugs to you and Natalie ...

Teresa - My Crafty Heart said...

Hi My lovely...I am so sorry to hear about Natalie, When you have words with the Day Centre hun, try and put it in writing too, I just hope they listen and learn. Can you put it in writing to somewhere above the Day Centre too, like a Care Governing Body or somewhere? You know that I will be thinking of her and I hope she gets over this really quickly as it's not good enough that they acted like this on such a cold day, knowing Natalie's chest problems...Biggest of hugs to you and Natalie, Xxxxx

Ally said...

aw bless, you defenitely should have a word with the care center!!!! Hope sweet Nathalie is soon feeling better.
Huge congrats on your DT position on CME, you deserve it and I'm glad they have chosen one that really CAN colour!!
Huge hugs, Alessandra said...

Congrats on your new DT post. Poor Natalie, that is so very naughty of the centre! Fingers crossed that she makes a quick recovery.

Claire x

Grenouille Greetings said...

I'm very sorry to learn that Natalie is poorly, Vicky. I hope she feels better real soon. It does amaze me how silly some people in authority are.
HUGE congrats on your CME DT spot. It is very well deserved! Hugs, Lesley

heidy said...

Sorry to hear Natalie is that ill sweetie,hope she will feel better soon!!
And Congrats with yournew DT,you so deserve this!!
XXX Heidy

KraftyKoolKat said...

Oh sweetie how can they do this to your Princess. I do hope she soon fells better love her. Give a gentle cuddle and kiss from me.

Congrats on your new DT role sweetie it is well deserved.


Jude said...

Aw Poor Natalie, hope she gets better very soon.
Congrats on your DT, very well deserved, your colouring is amazing! They are so lucky to have you!


Unknown said...

Poor Natalie... This is not taking care of her, of course they could have put her coat on... Everywhere it's the same, there are those who work for money and those who work with their hearts... Hope she'll soon be doing fine again sweetie! Big hugs, Ira xox

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the Copic DT thats wonderful news, hope Natalie is feeling much better soon
Hugs Julie P

June Nelson said...

Congratulations me darlin and so well deserved too, cos your just the bestest lol, bless you I hope Natalie is ok, bloomin folks never think, it makes me so mad!!!! aww your little princess, hopefully will be better soon big huggies me darlinx