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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Hi sorry for being MIA

Hi all my lovelies how are you all? Yes its me I'm back.......see you just cant get rid of me lol. I'm so sorry for being MIA I've been extremely ill & stuck in bed & not up to using laptop or copics I'm sure have cobwebs on them I've never neglected them for this long before. I am back on my feet now altho still feeling weak but I've also been diagnosed with a couple of things so I need to adjust to a new living style so to speak I shall not bore you all with details tho. I've still got more tests to have but I'm just glad to be out of bed. I have to say thank you to my totally fantastic hubby who has looked after me so well............he really is a total gem & the love of my life. He did offer bed baths but you know men...........yes indeedly doo..........naughty boy lol. When I did feel well enough to feel like using my laptop the darn thing had broke on me, thankfully I back everything up on a weekly basis on a portable external hard-drive so I dont lose anything if the unexpected happens.......phew!!! So hubster brought me a new laptop & I go & pick the one that PC World didnt have in stock.............yep thats me!! I'm totally excited about having it & just kept stroking it yesterday, I've gone girly & had a pink Sony Vaio, its my first ever brand new laptop I've always brought my sons & Craig new laptops & then I've just had their hand-me-downs lol. So I'm so excited about having a brand new all for me so yes its getting lots of strokes at the moment lol.

I have had 3 lots of fantastic news but I'm not sure if I can tell you about 2 of them will keep ssshhhhh for incredibly good tho lol.
However 1 of my fantastic bit of news really cheered me up & if I had the energy I would have been dancing away, arms in the air waving around like a complete loon.......... Ok let me tell you. The lovely & VERY talented Kitty had a super duper candy on her blog, some of you may have seen it on my sidebar, its still there actually lol. Anyway the candy was for £50..........yes I won it!!!!!!!!! Can you darn believe it, I'm still gobsmacked & still keep reading the email, I only found out today so it was truly a big welcome back to blogland.
So my darling Kitty from the bottom of my heart I thank you a billion times sweetie, altho saying thank you just doesnt seem enough but thank you thank you thank you.....pop on over to her blog she really does fantastic creations!!!

Well I think thats it, I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has sent me emails asking how I am its meant a lot, it truly has my friends. I'm still on catching up emailing you back but I will email you all back lol.
Will try my best get round later to your blogs if not I will def be round tomorrow.
Tatty bye for now my lovelies mmwah.

Squishy hugs to all love Vicky xoxoxoxoxo


Ally said...

Hi glad to hear that you are getting better! But pls take care, take it slowly at the mo, we will wait for you! Congrats on your fabby win over at Kitty's blog...she really is a good girl, I love her works!
Okay, that's it from me for the mo... have to order me a pizza, hubby is out with friends (they told me they'd go to the cinema...yeah...) and then off to my crafty space... want to play with my new pion papers...
Biggest of hugs, take care!
Love, Alessandra

KarinsArtScrap said...

hi vicky i'm glad to hear from you.
wel you need a lott of feel better wishes and i hope it helpes a litlle bit.
congratulations with your fantastic prize you deserve it.
and what a lovely and careful hubby you have.
and a new pink laptop you lucky girl hahahahaha.
hope you get every day a lttle better and hope to hear from you soon.
i have missed you.

lotts of feel better wishes and greetings from karin

Unknown said...

so glad to hear you r on the mend, I did the same when I got my new laptop, I had always got hand me downs as well, looking forward to seeing your lovely creations again.
Chris x

Martina said...

Oh Vicky, I am sorry to hear you are ill and feel so bad! I have missed you! I really hope you will feel better soon and that it is nothing serious girl. I am sending you a big huh all the way from Austria!

Maria Therese said...

Hope you feel better soon sweetie!!

Unknown said...

Oh Vicky im so sorry you have been poorly I wondered where you had been .
I hope all is well for you now Take Care Hugs Elaine

heidy said...

Hi sweetie just send yoy an email this afternoon lol!
I was a bit worried!
Sorry to hear that your not well but your feeling a bit better!

Your hubby sounds like mine lol!
Congrats on your win
Have a lovely evening hun!!
Big XXX Heidy

Anna said...

Hi Vicky, sorry to hear that you are, and have been sick. Hope you feel much better soon.
Looking forward to see some new cards made by you.
Take care. <3

Chrissy said...

Welcome back glad you are feeling so much better...I think you need to blow out one end of your candle honey, you cannot burn both ends forever...take care...and congrats on your candy win..


Jennifer said...

Awww sweetie, sorry you were unwell. We did wonder about you over on CES. Glad to see you back though, and don't over do it. Hugs xx Jenny xx

Catherine said...

I'm glad you are feeling a bit better and congrats on winning the candy!!! Oh and the PINK laptop.... so jealous..... lol...

Anne said...

Sorry to hear you`re sick, hope to se you up and about soon!:)

Hugs, Anne.

Joey said...

Awww Vicky wishing you back to full health real soon, its a bummer when you are so rough you cant get out of bed, I am sure your copics will forgive you though lol. Looking forward to hearing your good news and congrats on your win! enjoy the new lappie. Joey xx

Heidi said...

Well I am glad thaat you are getting back on your feet, missed you!! You are so lucky to have a caring and helpful hubby, but know what you mean about the bed baths, why do their minds (and other things) roam so quickly lol. Well done on the candy win. hugs heidi x

Jan Ltc said...

Sorry your so poorly Vicky hope you soon improve. Congratulations on your win. Gentle healing hugs xx Jan said...

Good to see you back - I had to pop on here a few times to make sure you hadn't dropped off of my reader list!

Slow down and take things easy - you need to look after yourself as well as everyone else!!

Claire xxx

Sue said...

Hi ya hun
so pleased to hear you are feeling better, hope the test goes ok. Good girl on backin ya computer up, glad you didnt lose anything, congrats on your new lappy & a fabulous candy win, enjoy your spend hun, sue,x

Christina C. said...

So sorry to read that you have been so ill....I knew something had to be up!!!!! Thank goodness that you are on the mend...can't wait to hear the rest of your good news!!! Welcome back!

Carla S. said...

Sorry to hear how sick you were, Vicky! I am glad to hear you are getting better, though. Hope all goes well with your tests. I have missed seeing your gorgeous creations! Congrats on your big win! Very exciting! Looking forward to hearing your other good news when you can share it.

Maria said...

glad to hear your feeling better. Get stronger so we can see your creations soon

Janette said...

Glad to hear from you sweetie, was worried when you were so quiet...not that your shut me gob....just glad your on the mend and congrats on that fab win....will now keep eyes open for your next bit of news...take care sweetie.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Unknown said...

Hi Sweetie, so sorry you've not been well! Glad you're doing a little better now. Do make sure you take care of yourself. Hugs, Frea

Debs M said...

well done on the candy and oooh new laptop!!

Hope nothing serious with you x

Christy said...

I hope you feel better soon! Enjoy your new laptop ;) Gentle Hugs!

angelwhispers said...

My word I'm so glad you have posted but then so sad you have been so poorly my mind was in overdrive thinking about you but I didn't want to keep emailing!!!

Then again I'm so jealous a pink lap top I bet you are in girly heaven!!!

Love & Hugs Vicky take care Chanelle xxx

Sue B said...

Aww glad you are on the mend Vicky!! I have been wondering how you were going on hun!!
Your new laptop sounds wonderful and Pink too !!! Ooh I would be stroking it all the time also !!! :-))
Take Care and get plenty of rest!!
Huge Hugs!
Sue xx

Karina said...

Hi sweetie, I already was wondering how you're doing as it is not usual not seeing one of your fabulous creations for longer than few days. I am so sorry you're not feeling well. Sending you lots of get well wishes your way and hope you will come back to your normal be soon. Missed your gorgeous artwork, and reading about your daily news.
Big hugs to you, and congrats for winning the candy! You deserved it! And I am already curious about your other news :o)

Judith said...

Good to hear you're back on your feet! - I'm a fairly new follower but a northern girl like you (South Shields) and enjoy your blog and you're gorgeous cards - so welcome back to blogland hugs Judith xx

Sandra H said...

Hi Vicky, Oh it was so nice to see your blog popping up and knowing your on the mend, anyway good to know your nearly 100% what a great candy win many congratulations and what a lovely surprise l'll pop over to her blog and check her out, can't wait for your 2nd and 3rd news l'll be popping back l have some good news too we are going to be grand parents again 2nd for us its so exciting l'll keep you posted .....take care and don't rush things:)xx

Berry said...

Sorry to hear you have been so poorly I do hope you are well on the mend! Loving the sound of your new lappy and huge congrats on your win!
Hugs rebekah xx

Mau xx said...

Its So good to have you back Vicky, I have actually called by a number of times as I thought it was just blogger not putting your posts on my dashboard at first.
Hope you can get sorted out with your health soon, Take care and hubby an extra hug for looking after you for us :)) BEDBATH.....tut-tut!!
Great candy win, Congratulations xx
can't wait to hear your fabby news.
Huge healing Hugs xxxx Hope Natalies ok now xx
Mau XX

Lotta said...

Hi Vicky! I thought it was something like that that pulled you away from us. I am just glad you are feeling better now. hugs Sandra

Silvie Z said...

Hello Vicky, I'm sorry to hear you've been not feeling well lately! Hope you are on the mend and all the test you have to undergo will be OK. Congrats on winning such an amazing candy! Lucky girl :-)
Can't wait to see you back with a new card! Take care of yourself!
Silvie xx

misteejay said...

Sorry to hear you have been so poorly but glad that you are on the mend.

Enjoy playing with your new lappy (that's when you can stop stroking it...that is LOL). I would love to have a laptop but I think it would be just a bit too handy and then I wouldn't get any crafting done at all hehe.

Big hugs
Toni xx

Marianne's Craftroom said...

So sorry to hear how ill you have been but glad you are getting better. New laptop sounds fab and congrats on a lovely win. Sending gentle hugs xxxxx

arjette said...

Hi Vicky!!!
Glad to see you're back again... I missed your great stories!! Sorry to see you have been so ill... hope the test don't bring you bad news.. take care!!!
And congratulations with your awesome prize, happy shopping!!!

gr. arjette.

KraftyKoolKat said...

Oh sweetie I have been so worried about you. Didn't email because I knew it must be serious for you not to be on here and thought you have enough on your plate. I do hope you get your health sorted soon. Well done Craig for taking care of you, yes I do know men and their bed baths. Lol!!!

Congrats on your £50 win. Enjoy your spend.


Sandi said...

so glad you are rallying back and congrats on the new laptop and great prize winning. Take care and go slow. hugs

Unknown said...

Poor thing you! So sorry to hear you've been feeling so ill, but I'm so totally happy for you about having a new laptop and winning Kitty's candy, this should make you feel a bit better? BTW, I love the sound of a PINK laptop! You've got such a darling husband, but then again you're a true dear, too. Big hugs, Ira xox

Fabiola said...

hello, contente d'avoir de bonnes nouvelles, reviens vite nous faire admirer tes merveilles et félicitation pour ta victoire, biz

Wishcraft said...

Just sending some hugs hun, sorry to hear you've been so poorly xx Enjoy your posh new laptop! Hugs, Lisa x

Vicky said...

Hi pleased you are feeling better...and I must say I was getting a tad worried!...just so pleased you are around again my friend..:o)

Have fun with your new lappy..and woohoo on the win lucky thing...!

Cannot wait to hear your other exciting news too...but please take it easy...!

sending big hugs...and do look after yourself my lovely...Vicky xx

Jude said...

Hi Vicky

So sorry to hear that you have been so unwell. Lets hope you will have the energy to craft soon as I miss your beautiful creations.
Anyhow, take care and congratulations on your candy win, well deserved!


Alina said...

nice to ''see'' you, Vicky, I'm sorry to read that you've been ill, take care!
have fun with your new laptop and congratulations on winning Kitty's candy!
have a great weekend!
hugs, Alina

Mary J said...

Hey honey! Just wanted to pop by and say HI! I miss your gorgeous creations but your health is more important.

Thinking of you

Mary xxxx

Lau W said...

oh i'm so happy to see you Vicky !
hope you is better now !
Hugs and kisses !