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Monday, 4 July 2011

An update with some cute puppy photo's

Good morning my lovelies no card I'm afraid as I've still not had time to craft. I did 2 12 hour shifts on Jake's bedroom Friday & Saturday & then ended up in bed yesterday so didnt get a thing done & my lappy & crafting has been really neglected. I am getting round to everyone slowly.....very slowly so bare with me I will get there......I'm doing it in bursts in between other things lol.
Anyway the puppies are now 2 weeks old so hubby & Jake took photo's yesterday so I thought I would show you the little cutie's. I cant believe how well mum is doing, they are getting so big she's doing a fabulous job looking after them all....
I think this one is catching

They are getting so big & WHEN they are awake they now have their eyes open bless 'em.

Yesterday they were even trying to do a little growl in their sleep, I didnt hear them as I was stuck in my bed.....yes I'm a stubborn bugga but when it comes to doing stuff for my family I will put that before anything lol.
What doesnt help is cus Jake loves his energy drinks, Monster & Relentless lol.........I think it helps him play on his computers for longer cus he certainly doesnt use that much energy lol.
Anyway as a lot of you know I got him graffitti wallpaper for his room for 2 of his wall. Well Jake has designed his own graffiti to go on 1 wall & he wants a brick look wall in grey so guess who is painting individual bricks on his walls..........yep moi, not painted bricks before but up to now it is looking ok still more shading to do on them & still the rest of the wall to do & then the wall on the other side. I've also had to transfer his graffiti sign to the top of the wall & now I've got paint each individual thing on that lol.
I thought I would show you the reason I'm so absent the last few days.

Yep this is a close up of the bricks, obviously each one has to be slightly diff as no 2 bricks are ever identical & in a few I have even put cracks.......more shading has to go but they are no where near finished yet.

See I have all this wall to do yet. There is dust all over his consoles & tv & unit from where I sanded the woodwork down before glossing it lol.
His room will hopefully look awesome once its done & perfect for a teenager. Black, grey & white with graffiti...........what teen wouldn't love that lol.
Well I'm off to do some more bricks now will be back to blog hopping later.
Thanky ou so much for your comments on my card on saturday they mean a lot my lovelies. I will also catch up with my e-mails later as well as there are a few of you who I havnt had chance to e-mail yet....sorry.
Lots of squishy cuggles xoxoxoxoxo


Pop's Cards said...

Hey gorgeous, I thought our puppies were coming yesterday spend all day in the puppy room and a restless night and we are still waiting pmsl, look how much they have changed already bless hugs pops x x x

Chrissy said...

So full of cutness and pure delight, the little sweeties...who was the father..cause their colourings are so like my dog, and he turned in a shetland pony by the time he was 3 months old.
I missed the birth announcement..
Jake will love his room for sure, very cool.Look forward to seeing it progress, and the end results.

Teri said...

Jees! You're a glutton for punishment aren't you?!! MUCH rather you than me - I wouldn't have the patience to do all those bricks! Mind you, the daughters want their room doing out with huge swirls after the wall gets rebuilt, so watch this space, LOL
Those puppies are adorable!! Cute or what??!!
Don't go overdoing it hun!!
Teri xxx

Debs M said...

gorgeous puppies, that wall is looking great x

Faye said...

Lady, aren't you supposed to BE TAKING IT EASY???!!! Cute puppies. xxx

Angie said...

Hi Hun aaahhhhhhhhh so cute all sleeping they are lovely. You are doing a brill job on his room i don't think i'd have the patience to do all that.
Hugs Angie x

Unknown said...

Awww.... what adorable puppys...They are just so darn cute!!! Holy cow girl...You haven't thought of starting a carrier in interior design??? What an amazing wall you are making for your son!! He is one lucky boy!!!!

crafty amy said...

You should be taking it easy!! Hiya sweetie it is good to hear from you :D Those pups are adorable and I bet they will soon be a handful running around and playing.
That wall looks amazing! I bet your son will love it and if not he doesn't know how good he's got it.

Hope you are feeling better soon and get some results so you can start moving forward.

Huge hugs

Amy xx said...

OMG these are soooo cute I might just have to come steal one!!! :)

Fab work on Jakes room, it's loking like a grand scale work of art. Take care of yourself, hope you feel better soon.

Claire x

THERESA said...

Those brick sure looks good, way to go girl, like your style!!
Love the puppies, just too darn cute.........:))
Take it easy and look after urself!
lotsa luv

KraftyKoolKat said...

Real brill brick painting and shading sweetie. Please take care though hun. Real cute puppies, I can't get over how much they have grown. Keep well.


tiggertastic said...

oh bless they are getting so big hunny

good luck with the wall

sarah xx

Janette said...

The pups are sooooo gorgeous, oh I do love puppy wall is amazing, you clever girl, be careful not to overdo any stretching though...been there done

heidy said...

Ahg what a cuties Vickyand that wall is stunning!
Please do take care hun!
Hugs Heidy

Sandra H said...

Vicky they are So adorable :) Sandra H

Doreen said...

Oh those pups are just so cute,the wall is looking

Loopylou. said...

awwww they are so unbeliveably cute vivky, i just want to rub their little tummies!!! and jakes wall looks awesome hun well done you!! hope you are feeling ok hugs Lou xxx

Donna said...

Oh my word they are so adorable Vicky, you must be totally smitten! Go you for hand painting bricks on the walls of your son's bedroom...there's dedication for you and he will be thrilled to bits when it's finished :) Donna x

Donna said...

Awww they are totally gorge Vicky, you must be smitten with them...too cute! Go you for hand painting bricks on your sons bedroom wall...there's dedication for you...he will be chuffed to bits when it's finished :) Donna x

KarinsArtScrap said...

your puppies are doing well vicky.
they are looking wonderful.
your brickwall looks fabulous too.
great job you are doing for you son.

greetings karin

CraftyC said...

Wow Vicky, sure your not an interior designer? Lovin those bricks, they look fab. Don't overdo it though, look after yourself. Puppies are way to cute!!

Sue said...

Hi hun
awww how gorgeous do those puppies look, adorable, wow ya wall looks fantastic hun, ya clever chick, go careful dont over do it, sue,x

Лиса said...

Такие хорошенькие, маленькие, забавные

Astrid said...

hi Sweetie, nice story makes me smile, and those puppy's ohhhhhhhh adorable. And your wall fabelous.
Take care of your self hun.
Hugs Astrid

Elaine said...

Gorgeous little puppies, they are just so cute!
Not in a million years would I have the time or the patience to paint all those bricks but it will look awesome when you've finished it.
I thought YOU were supposed to be taking it easy huh??

Hugs Elaine xx

Unknown said...

Oh so adorable! :O) Tooooo cute! I miss having a dog. I can't have one where I live now, and I have always had Bostons & Boxer's. Oh and this makes me miss them even more!!! Give them hugs!!!!

Exclusively by Mel said...

They are so cute Vicky.
Your doing a fab job on Jake's room!
It's going to look superb!
Love, Mel. xx

Heidi said...

So so cute, quite adorable! so much going on in your home and you still find time to do a bit of brick laying (smiles) hugs heidi x

coldwaters2 said...

OMG Vicky those pups look so cute, adorable and totally beautiful you are so very lucky.
Lorraine x

xxxtglxxx said...

Gorgeous puppy pics Vicky! :)

... so adorable!



Susie Sugar said...

How adorable they are still getting lots of cuddles aren't they!!
The wall/room is looking fab , don't work to hard
Hugs Susie xx

Angela said...

Vicky his wall look AWESOME hun. After this you will be a pro as it already looks like you know what your doing. I can't wait to see the rest of the when your done. Good luck and don't work too hard as I know you haven't been feeling great here lately.
Sending you hugs,